Historical Reference | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Historical Reference

KSTU is the oldest higher education institution for the fishery industry in Russia. Its history started in 1913 with foundation of the Fishery Department at Moscow Agricultural Institute. Till 1930 this department, later reorganized into a faculty, had remained the only educational unit training engineers for the fishery industry, and trained 182 specialists within this period. In 1930 the Fishery Faculty of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow became a basis for founding a specialized Institute for the Fishery Industry and Economy. The number of students increased from 270 in 1931 to 981 in 1941. Scientists of the Institute conducted active research, participated in the work of the State Planning Committee of the USSR and the RSFSR, technical councils of design organizations, and Ichthyological Commission of the USSR Academy of Science. In 1938 the Institute offered post-graduate courses, so it began training scientific and pedagogical staff and was entitled to accept Kandidat Nauk and Doktor Nauk dissertations for presentation.  Within 10 years the Institute educated almost 2,000 specialists, with 123 engineers in fishing, 375 mechanical engineers, 340 ichthyologists, and 140 economists among them. During the hard period of the World War II, the Institute continued its academic activity, the faculty carried on intensive research being of a great importance for the defence, economy, and science. The most important elaboration of that time was “The plan of the fishery industry reconstruction and development in the previously occupied territories of the USSR and its rational placement”.

A part of East Prussia with ice-free ports of Koenigsberg and Pillau were annexed to the Soviet Union in the result of World War II. Considering the favourable location of these ports, the Government of the USSR decided to develop fishing and processing industry in Kaliningrad. The Technical Institute for the Fishery Industry and Economy moved to Kaliningrad with a new title – Kaliningrad Technical Institute for the Fishery Industry and Economy. In 1994 the Institute was upgraded to the university status and became Kaliningrad State Technical University.