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Information for foreign students

55 years have passed since the time when the first overseas citizens became the students of our University. In 2017 the anniversary of this event is celebrated at Kaliningrad State Technical University. 2000 foreign students from 86 countries have received their education at KSTU since then.

In 2017 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Preparatory Department for foreign citizens. At present the Centre of Pre-University (Undergraduate) Training conducts the training of prospective students from far neighbouring countries. This Centre was established in December 24th, 2009 according to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “KSTU” as a result of reorganization (restructuring) of the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens.

Training of national specialists for foreign countries is an essential part of the external economic activity of the Russian Federation. The degree of involvement of each individual University in the process of training highly qualified specialists is an important indicator of the rating level of that University in the world educational space.

The Centre of Undergraduate Training has been set up to contribute to the improvement of international status of KSTU, its competitiveness among educational institutions of the region and Federal Fishery Agency. The Centre aims to provide training of overseas citizens for their further education at the University or other higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation, to promote the Russian language in the world and to strengthen its prestige as a language of international communication.

The centre teaches overseas students Russian as a Foreign language; it provides students with training in the theoretical disciplines and humanities necessary for their studies at the KSTU and other higher educational institutions of Russia and CIS countries (technical, economic and natural science). The educational activity in the Centre is conducted by lecturers of the Russian language department and other faculties. Training is carried out in accordance with the curriculum and training programmes developed on the basis of “Requirements for the content minimum and training level of graduates at faculties and departments of pre-University education of foreign citizens (industry (branch) standard)”

Period (duration) of studies (programme of pre-university training) – 1 – 1, 5 years, lessons start as soon as the group has been completed. Foreign citizens become the students of the University after completing the course of education at the Centre of Pre-University Training.

To become a student of the Centre, it is necessary for students to submit the appropriate documents.

The duration of studies (the program of getting a Bachelor’s Degree) – 4 years, (the program of getting a Specialist Diploma) – 5 - 5,5 years.

The University provides training in the following areas and specialities:

Apart from this, the Centre of Pre-University Training prepares students for certification testing in Russian as a Foreign language; the Centre provides consulting services in the field of teaching Russian as a Foreign language.

Students of the Centre are provided with rooms at the University hostel. They have the right to use classrooms and training facilities, libraries and reading rooms, teaching aids and materials and also sport and cultural facilities of KSTU along with Russian students.

Watch the live of foreign students in our university

International Relations Department and the Centre of Pre-University Training of foreign citizens help students in getting visas, support them in solving problems and organize students’ life and their leisure time.

Please contact Larisa N. Kalinnikova, the Director of the Centre of Pre-University Training, for further information:

Russia, 236000
Kaliningrad, Sovetsky Prospect, 1
Tel: (4012) 995330, 995368
Fax: (4012) 995346