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Training of foreign citizens at Kaliningrad State Technical University

Traditionally KSTU has been the centre of the branch education for overseas students coming to our region to study. 50 years have passed since the time when the Kaliningrad State Technical University (former Kaliningrad Technical Institute of the Fishery industry) started to train foreign students. And the anniversary of this event is celebrated at the University in 2012. Foreign citizens have been an integral part of our higher school students for half a century. About 1300 overseas students from 74 countries have studied at KSTU since then.

The first foreign students having arrived at the Institute to study were envoys (representatives) of Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam, Egypt, Hungary, Cuba, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia.

In 1979 in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR to improve the performance of training and education of foreign citizens the Counselling Center for Foreign Students was founded. The Associate Professor V.F. Dubravin was appointed the first Dean of this Faculty. In 1981 the Counselling Centre was headed by the Associate Professor V.E. Volkov. Since 1987 till 2011 the Associate Professor (PhD in History) V.V.Galyga was the Dean of this Faculty. During the Soviet Union time the training of foreign citizens at the Institute was conducted according to the intergovernmental agreements. . In 1992 the State Higher Education Committee allowed the Institute to make agreements for the training of citizens from foreign states independently. In the same year the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens was established within the structure of the Faculty where students obtained the possibility to learn the Russian language for a year and improve their knowledge in Maths, Physics, IT, Regional Studies, Chemistry to be enrolled to the first course of one of the faculties. To develop the traditions of the University and to improve the training system of overseas citizens the Scientific Council of KSTU made its decision to set up the Centre of Pre-University (Undergraduate) training of foreign citizens in December 24, 2009 г. Larisa N. Kalinnikova (the Head of the Russian Language Department) was appointed the Director of this Centre.

In 1992 a group of 50 Chinese students came to take two-year courses mastering the Russian language. After completing these courses most of them became the students of our University. Since that time Chinese students make up a significant part of all the foreign citizens studying at the University. The total number of students from China who have studied at KSTU in different years is more than 170 students.

In 90-s representatives of Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Sierra-Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Colombia, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, Syria and also the USA and Switzerland started to come to our University to study. In recent years representatives of such countries as Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, France, Nepal, Turkey, Egypt, Afghanistan and many other near and far neighbouring countries have joined the ranks of students.

Students from Germany, France, Poland, Austria come to KSTU to improve their Russian language skills and to study at one of the economic disciplines which is accepted at their educational institution.