Course of Russian for Advanced Study | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Course of Russian for Advanced Study


Semester:  Autumn or spring
Hours:  180
Staff:  leading specialists of the Russian Language Department of the Kaliningrad State Technical University
Starting level: systematic course of Russian including preposition-case and
 aspect-tense systems of Russian, ability to simply communicate in Russian
Aims and tasks of the course: Studying Russian using the texts of Russian classics, correcting pronunciation habits on the basis of rhythm, intonation and sound features of Russian verse, developing reading skills and text understanding while reading original literature 
Contents of the course:  
1. Conversational practice.
2. Reading and analyzing literary works
3. Practical Grammar of Russian.
4. Practice in Russian lexicology
Forms of study: rhythm and intonation, lexical, stylistic and contextual analysis of  literary works, essay
Control methods: Final interview, essay of an analytical character