Course of Russian for Intermediate Stage | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Course of Russian for Intermediate Stage

Semester:  Autumn or Spring
Hours:   240-300
Staff:  leading specialists of the Russian Language Department of the Kaliningrad State Technical University
Starting level: elementary course of Russian including understanding, speaking, reading, writing; initial skills in language activity
Aims and tasks of the course: activating speaking skills and habits; overcoming a psychological barrier in language use and forming the understanding of a systematic character of language phenomena; correcting pronunciation habits, activating learned and new vocabulary (600 units), forming communicative skills for typical situations, creating a lexical and grammatical basis for the further independent language study
Contents of the course:  
1. Practical Grammar of Russian.
2. Correcting pronunciation skills.
3. Conversational practice
4. Fundamentals of etymological and word-forming analysis
5. Practice in Russian lexicology
Forms of study: practical classes, educational excursions, usage of video-, audio-tapes, slides; work with explanatory and etymological dictionaries
Control methods: Test in grammar and vocabulary, classes in lexicology and word-forming oral speech and an essay on a certain topic