Course of Russian for Philologists | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Course of Russian for Philologists

Semester:  Autumn or Spring
Hours:   300-400
Staff:  leading specialists of the Russian Language Department of the Kaliningrad State Technical University
Starting level: systematic course of Russian including preposition-case and aspect-tense systems of Russian, syntax of simple and complex sentences, ability to communicate in Russian, skills in written Russian and oral speech
Aims and tasks of the course: Penetrating into the most difficult rules of Russian grammar, correcting and activating skills and habits of oral speech, raising linguistic competence in such spheres as linguistic analysis of belles-lettres, syntactic synonymy, principles of word-forming and etymological analysis of Russian vocabulary, Business Russian 
Contents of the course:  
1.      Correcting pronunciation skills.
2.      Difficulties of Russian grammar
3.      Linguistic area study
4.      Linguistic analysis of belles-lettres
5.      Syntactic synonymy
6.      Fundamentals of etymological and word-forming analysis
7.      Practicing Russian lexicology
8.      Business Russian
9.      Features of  Russians social behavior
Forms of study: practical classes, seminars, special courses, laboratory work, educational excursions
Control methods: Final interview, speech on a certain social or literary topic, understanding of original texts on social, political, cultural topics without a dictionary, writing official documents, completing official forms, summarizing lectures