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International Programms and Projects

Since April, 2001 KSTU has participated in the TEMPUS-project FORESEE: “Formation of Russian Expertise to Skill in Environmental Education” (No. CD_JEP-22192001) contracted by the University of Kalmar (Sweden). The aim of the project is to develop curricula for three-level education and improvement of methods and skills of lecturers due to the EU standards studying. In the frame of the project there is practised active exchange of information and experience in solving environmental problems, practical placement of students and teaching staff at the University of Kalmar, and other members of the project consortium: Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven (Gent, Belgium), Fachhochschule Oldenburg (Niedersachsen, Germany), and Internationale Schelde Faculteit (Zeeland, The Netherlands). Co-ordination of the project is done by KSTU, represented by Dr. Serguey Kondratenko (, associate professor of the Ichthyology and Ecology Department.

The Department of Agriculture takes part in a Russian-German project devoted to the practical assistance to re-training of agricultural specialists considering integrated production processes in the Kaliningrad Region (No. RUS 10 03). The German partner is presented by the Faculty of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of the Christian-Albert University in Kiel; Russian consortium is formed by KSTU and some farms of the Region: “Avtotor-Agro”, Agricultural Enterprise “Chernyakhovskoye”, and “Sestryonki”. Dr. Ignassy Bryssozovsky (, Kandidat nauk, associate professor and the head of the Department of Agriculture is the co-ordinator of the project.

By the request of the Kaliningrad Region Administration KSTU joined TACIS project “Support to Waste Management in Kaliningrad Oblast”. (No Europe Aid/111529/D/SV/RU). The general contractor is the international consortium of RAMBOLL (Denmark) and ERM (Great Britain). For the group of Russian experts the project is coordinated by Prof. Alexander I v a n o v ( e - m a i l : i v a n o v, Kandidat Nauk professor of the Department of Economics and Entreprenur ship, scientific superviser of KGTU's resarch center for economic problems of accomplishment and waste treatment. The main objective of the project is in providing support to the waste management system on the basis of perfecting infrastructure and legislative basis regulating this sphere.

Scientific achievements of the Machining Technology Department served as a starting point for preparing a project of KIEFFEK - development of new machining technologies of high effectiveness and quality. 14 organizations from Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Israel, and Lithuania expressed their interest to participation in the project. The objectives of the project are defined as follows: to determine physical principles and peculiarities of cutting with the tangent movement of blades; to determine technological possibilities of changing the traditional principle of contact interaction between a tool and processed article; to develop new cutting instruments and innovative technologies with their promotion in the international market. Russian participation in the project is co-ordinated by Prof. Lev Guik (, head of the Machining Technology Department, Professor, Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honoured Inventor of the Russian Federation.