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On June 6, the Pushkin Day of Russia and the Day of the Russian Language, the Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library held a literature flashmob called "Living Word" - residents of the city read Pushkin's poetry non-stop. Kaliningrad writers and scientists, students of gymnasium No. 32 in Kaliningrad, foreign students studying in Kaliningrad universities, and caring citizens, who love poetry, became participants of the action.
Last week, a global meeting of start-up entrepreneurs from around the world, San Diego Startup Week 2019, was held in San Diego (USA). KSTU was represented by the deputy dean for research of the Faculty of Production Automation and Control T.R. Nikulin. At the meeting of the professional community, our representative spoke about the work of KSTU technopark, about the aspects of support for student projects and about the forms of support for high-tech projects in the Russian Federation.
On 28-29 May, the Norwegian city of Alesund hosted a two-day Russian-Norwegian seminar on the development of civil shipbuilding cooperation. The conference was attended by representatives of more than 30 companies and organizations of the two countries. KSTU was represented by A.A. Nedostup, Vice-rector for sectoral scientific and methodological activities. The main topics of the seminar were cooperation in the field of localization of solutions of Norwegian companies in Russia and cooperation in innovation and high-tech solutions on the Marinet NTI platform.
In addition to the representative of our university, the Kaliningrad delegation included 14 people: representatives of Svetlogorsk and Gusev, the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Agency for International and Interregional Relations, Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad Pollster. They took part in the programme of the partner conference in the framework of the international youth research project CaSYPoT. The event was held in the city of Kalmar (Sweden).The project has been implemented since 2016.
On May 12, the traditional bicycle race “KSTU - Planeta Sport” took place. From early morning, the first participants began to gather at Yantarniy sports palace. The bike ride began at 09:50 in the morning. KSTU rector V.A. Volkogon greeted the participants and wished them to overcome the distance successfully and without injuries. A graduate of KSTU, and now the head of the regional Agency for Youth Affairs, D.N. Kalinovskiy encouraged lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Denis Nikolaevich worked for several years at the Department of Educational Work and Youth Policy of the university and participated in the development of the first projects of the KSTU bicycle race.
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