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For the first time ever Kaliningrad became a host city for the "Solar Regatta" - the first engineering competitions in Russia, during which teams develop, design and demonstrate the capabilities of solar-powered vessels built by them. The "Solar Regatta" is held within the framework of the "Engineering Competitions and Contests" project of the MariNet Roadmap of the National Technological Initiative, which is implemented with the support of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and RVC. In 2017, Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) became a partner in the organization of the engineering competitions.
On July 21 the regional conference of the MariNet Working Group took place in the city of Kaliningrad. The purpose of the regional conference of the MariNet working group is to popularize the direction of NTI, expand the participants and attract new projects at the expense of the representatives of the Kaliningrad region. Over 40 representatives of leading companies, scientific centers and the Kaliningrad marine research institute, as well as state bodies and development institutions took part in the conference.
From June 30 to July 3 the final tournament of the First Group of the National Student Football League (NSFL) was held in Moscow at the "Moskovskiy" stadium. Ten teams of the Russian universities from Novosibirsk to Kaliningrad took part in it. If the team VRSAPCST (Kazan) through the winning streak of the Championship was able to secure the 1st place before the final tournament, the fight for the 2nd place to the last kept a suspense and left real chances to become silver medalists to the teams of KSTU (Kaliningrad ), DSTU (Rostov-on-Don), MPSU and GRSUOG (Moscow), PGSPPU (St. Petersburg).
On June 28 at the Center for Pre-University Training of KSTU hold yet another graduation. During the past academic year, 35 people from 17 countries were studying Russian at our university. They are mainly representatives of the countries of the African continent, Middle East, Vietnam, China, former Soviet republics, Sweden and even Panama. Most of the current graduates of the Pre-University Training Center will continue their studies at the faculties of KSTU and BFFSA, but some will also go to other Russian universities.
On May 15 Ekaterina Levchenko, 1st year master student of the Food Biotechnology department (degree programme 19.04.01 "Biotechnology" in "Food biotechnology"), started her scientific internship in Germany, in the scientific consulting laboratory (UBF - Untersuchung, Beratung, Forschung) of Altlandsberg (Berlin). In 2014 our university signed a cooperation agreement with this institution. The laboratoty is mainly concerned with the analysis of the quality and safety of food raw materials, food products, cosmetics, as well as with various scientific researches in the food industry.
On April 23- 28 April the European Geosciences Union General Assembly EGU 2017 took place in Vienna (Austria). Our university was represented at the section "Innovative analytical methods for soil analysis" by a study prepared by two higher education institutions of Kaliningrad - I.Kant BFU (Institute of Living Systems) and KSTU. The results of the joint scientific research were presented orally - the PICO (Presenting Interactive COntent ®) presentation and published in the form of abstracts in the conference materials, as well as a journal article.
Exhibition of the top 40 technology projects GenerationS-2016 eight sectoral areas (AgroBioTech & Food, Sreative Industries, Finance & Banking Technologies, LifeScience, Mining & Metals, Power & an ENERGY, SmartCity, TechNet) and the final of the biggest in Russia and Eastern Europe start-up accelerator Generations was held on April 25 in Moscow in the Stadium Live concert hall. The main event of GenerationS main was held in the format of large-scale technological show and gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and members of the innovation ecosystem.
On Tuesday evening, April 25, the barque Kruzenstern left the Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port and headed along the canal to the Baltic Sea. So the first voyage of 2017 started. This year's navigation is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Kruzenshtern's assignment as a training vessel under the pennant of the Russian fishing industry. The weather was not favourable: a light breeze, stormy clouds, spitting, and rain.On board the barque there were lonely trainees from the educational institutions of the Russian Federal Fishery Agency: Kerch, Astrakhan, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.
From 17 to 22 April, a representative delegation of the faculty of bioresources and nature management and the faculty of production and management automation visited Ostfalia Institute of Applied Research in Wolfsburg, Germany. For the students of "Ecology and Nature Management" internship in Germany has become a common thing - it has been held annually for several years. But the heads of the departments M.Leschinsky and S.Shibaev, prof. I.Rudinsky, associate professors O.Novozhilov and M.Shibaeva, senior teacher A.Aldushin this visit provided an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the educational and scientific achievements of the Institute, but also to formulate their proposals on promising areas of joint activity.
Although the Days of Africa have already become traditional to the university staff, the Day of Latin America was held for the first time. The celebration was initiated by the student Marco Reyes. Marco is a second-year student at KSTU, after pre-university training he was admitted to the construction department and is now finishing his first year of studying. Even before he began to learn Russian, he had become an active participant in almost all the university activities, those where one can prove himself in a song or dance.
On March 31- April 2, 2017 the team of KSTU-BFFSA took part in the Final of the Championship of the Student rowing league of the winter season in the city of St. Petersburg. The competitions once again showed an increasing interest in rowing among students of Russian universities. This time in the final 5th stage 120 representatives from 38 universities of the country competed. The team of Kaliningrad State Technical University was represented by the following students: Andrey Andreev - 15-EK-4, Pavel Barvin-16 ST-2, Kirill Ivanov - ST-2 and Konstantin Smirnov M-22 (BFFSA).
On April 3, Kaliningrad State Technical University signed an agreement in the field of education with Gdansk University. The agreement provides: exchange of employees who conduct didactic classes at the level of doctors of sciences, professors; joint participation in scientific projects; joint organization of scientific conferences etc.
A leading engineer of the Department of Aquaculture Dmitriy Pianov participated in the 11th Baltic Conference on Foodstuffs and Technologies for their Production (FOODBALT 2017, 11th Baltic Conference on Food Science and Technology). This year the conference was held on April 27-28 at the Latvian University of Agriculture, Jelgava, Latvia. Plenary and section reports by the leading scientists, technologists and graduate students on the latest achievements in the field of food science were presented at the conference. In total, the conference was attended by more than 100 participants from 10 different European countries.
Director General of the Baltic Research Center of KSTU Technological Park Veronika Aleeva and a postgraduate student of KSTU Institute of Applied Economics and Management Anastasia Lipskaya took part in the International Forum of European Regions, which was held in Krakow on March 27-29.
On March 15, the Culture Center of Railwaymen held the final show of the "Miss and Mister University 2017" competition. This year, the competition was organized by the Department for educational work and youth policy, as well as the bodies of student government who have changed the structure of the event. For the first time ever the competition was both for girls and boys.
On the first day of spring Kaliningrad State Technical University held a pilot project of the Applicant’s Day. This career-oriented event for high school students of Kaliningrad, which should attract attention of applicants to the degree programmes and areas of training at KSTU.
On the 3rd of February Kaliningrad Marine Fishery College held a concert dedicated to its 65th anniversary. In the lobby, before the start of the concert guests were giving interviews, talking with journalists and willingly posing for photographers. The cozy holiday concert began with memories - the film which presented archival shooting of the college life of different years, photographs of his chiefs and department heads.
The university complex of KSTU presented its modern educational opportunities in the largest regional exhibition "PRO education" which opened on 8 February at the sports complex "Yantarniy".