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On Sunday, December 2, 2018, Kaliningrad State Technical University opened the doors for applicants. Since last year, this traditional career guidance event has been held at the end of the calendar year. The goal is to introduce potential students to the opportunities that the university offers. The event began with the welcoming speech of the vice-rector for research Natalia Kostrikova. On behalf of the university administrative authorities, she expressed her gratitude to the audience for their readiness to spend their day-off within the university walls.
This year the annual Russian Language Week was held in the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin from November 19 to November 24, 2018. This event is traditionally held by the representative office of the Federal Agency for CIS Affair with the support of the Russian Embassy in Germany.
On November 23, the university hosted a traditional evening dedicated to International Student’s Day. This holiday brought together students of different nationalities from foreign countries, studying at KSTU and BFFSA, and those who work with them: employees of the International Relations Office, teachers of the Russian Language Department, campus employees. The participants enthusiastically told about their countries, danced, sang songs and read poems about their homeland, their family, love, everything that concerns young people of the whole planet.
On November 2, 2018, a delegation of the university complex of KSTU, headed by V.A. Volkogon took part in the "get-real" meeting of the "Innopraktika" company and the Government of the Kaliningrad region. The event was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, National Intellectual Development Fund (Innopraktika), Interdepartmental Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation, есt.
On October 24, a delegation of KSTU headed by the rector V.A. Volkogon visited the fish-processing complex of the group of companies "Za Rodinu"(For the Motherland).  This fish factory is one of the largest fish-processing enterprises in the Kaliningrad region. For more than seven decades, the company has been engaged in fishing, canned food and preserves, smoking, drying and freezing fish. The University and this fish-processing complex are bound by long-term partnerships. So far, an agreement has been concluded on cooperation arrangements in the field of personnel training and retraining, as well as scientific and technical development of the fish-processing complex "Za Rodinu".
On October 18, a group of foreign students and teachers of the Russian language department visited the Museum of History of KSTU. Museum exposition and excursion conducted by its director E.R. Itbaev aroused great interest among the audience. He told about the history of the university, about the wonderful scientists who worked within its walls and made a huge contribution to the development of the fishing industry.
On September 29 at the premises of the Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad State Technical University, Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy and Kaliningrad Marine Fishery College represented their educational opportunities at the assembly called “Other Shores. This event was dedicated to our closest neighbor - Poland. It was attended by such universities as: Gdansk University, Gdansk Polytechnic University, etc.
The night before, a meeting with representatives of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (Wagggs, UK) was held in the student's club of KSTU campus. They were visiting their Russian colleagues in the Kaliningrad region. Their goal is to expand the Scout network outside the United Kingdom. They came to KSTU to talk with representatives of the student community and, of course, to tell about themselves.
In May 2018, Russian students took part in the twentieth anniversary week of international projects in the German city of Nordhausen, at the end of which both sides expressed a wish to continue friendship between our two universities. And already in the end of September 2018, another group of German students visited the Kaliningrad region to get acquainted with its electriсal power industry. Close cooperation between KSTU and Yantarenergo JSC allowed for a varied programme of their visit. For example, on September 23, the students visited one of the German heritage sites in the Kaliningrad region - the Pravdinsk Hydroelectric Power Plant of low capacity.
Professor Donna Strickland (Canada) won the Nobel Prize for inventions in the field of laser physics, using, among other things, the scientific heritage of her Russian colleagues. Currently, Professor V.V. Bryukhanov is an academic advisor of the research papers in the field of Interaction of laser radiation with matter. Micro- and nanotechnologies, performed by his students - PhD I.G. Samusev, A.M. Ivanov, N.A. Myslitskaya, A.V. Tsibulnikova, working both in KSTU and in I.Kant BFU. Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry V.A. Slezhkin works in this direction too. Their research results are published in leading national and international scientific journals.
In the framework of preparation for the XXIX Winter Universiade, which Krasnoyarsk will host in 2019, a vivid ceremony is taking place in the country - the Torch Relay. Today it came to Kaliningrad. Despite the strong gusty wind and rain, schoolchildren, students and cadets from all over the city gathered to support the participants. In particular, several hundred representatives of KSTU, BFFSA and KMFС came to see the ceremony which was opened by KSTU rector Vladimir Volkogon.
A team headed by a KSTU postgraduate student Andrey Zadorozhniy came second and won the coveted silver medals in the International Marathon Race for electric cars "Tallshinki-Monte Carlo 2018". Together with a postgraduate student from Baltic Federal University Maxim Novikov, they represented the Kaliningrad region and our two leading universities. The coveted cup for their second place was awarded by the Formula One World champion Nico Rosberg.
Last Sunday, on September 30, the traditional bike ride "KSTU - Sport Planet" took place. This year it was conducted at the expense of the grant of the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, received as a result of the win in the project competition. This allowed everyone to take part in the race free of charge, and those who registered among the first two thousand participants - also received food and a commemorative medal. As early as three weeks before the start, the number of registrants exceeded 2 thousand people.
In the framework of the International Marathon Race for electric cars "Tallshinki-Monte Carlo 2018", a series of stages in Germany came to the end. The Russian crew, which includes a postgraduate student from KSTU, Andrey Zadorozhniy, visited cities such as Peenemünde, Greifswald, Rostock, Hamburg and others. A team from Kaliningrad took part in events with the participation of distinguished guests, among which was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
On September 3, VI International Baltic Maritime Forum started in the assembly hall of KSTU. This is an annual large-scale international scientific and practical event that unites under its aegis a number of scientific conferences, round tables and master classes devoted to the development of science and education in the marine industry, production sector and agriculture of the Baltic region. KSTU rector V.A. Volkogon and representatives of the Government of the Kaliningrad region, as well as the Kaliningrad Amber Combine gave their welcoming speeches at the opening of the Forum.
the state and development prospects" and the exhibition "The World of Biotechnology 2018" took place in the center of Moscow, in Gostiniy Dvor . About 3,000 people from 42 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as countries of the near and far abroad took part in these events. KSTU was represented by the Head of the Department of Food Biotechnology Dr.Sc. Professor Olga Mezenova. Main topics of the events were: biomedicine, biopharmaceuticals, functional nutrition, bioeconomics, genomic and cellular medicine, biomaterials, ecology and other.
On April 28, 2018, the Second International Festival of Recitation "Pegasus" was held in the Educational Center "Edukarium" (Kaliningrad). It was attended by students from KSTU, MSTC Navy Academy (Kaliningrad branch), RANEPA and Gdańsk University (Poland). KSTU was represented by foreign students, trained by the Russian language department: Mwenda Judith (Zambia), Hussam Edin May and Mohammed Shahrur (Syria), Abbas Mohammed Luay (Iraq).
On April 23-27, Nordhausen University of Applied Science (Germany) hosted the twentieth anniversary week of international projects. Teachers from dozens of higher education institutions from around the world took part in it. This year, acting head of the international department of Nordhausen University Mathias Heineke, as a sign of cooperation with KSTU, invited KSTU students who participated in the September 2017 meeting. In total, four Master students of the Faculty of Shipbuilding and Power Engineering were sent to the German city, as well as their head, Ph.D., Associate Professor Andrei Nikishin.
On April 27, in room 255 of the main KSTU building, a meeting was held between the Director for Interaction with Universities of Mail.Ru Group Sergey Mardanov and the students of our university. Those who are interested in becoming part of a large team of one of the leading it-companies in Russia were invited. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr.Mardanov told the students about the company's projects, the scope of its activities.
From 16 to 20 April, the Department of Ichthyology and Ecology of the Faculty of Bioresources and Nature Management hosted German students. They came under the project of cooperation with the German University of Applied Sciences - Ostfalia in the city of Wolfsburg. Within the framework of the programme, students studying ecology and ichthyology from KSTU together with German students were working on a project: "Ecologization of the urban environment by the example of the Kaliningrad stadium."