KSTU team has won silver medals in the National Student Football League | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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KSTU team has won silver medals in the National Student Football League

KSTU team has won silver medals in the National Student Football League


KSTU team has won silver medals in the National Student Football League

     From June 30 to July 3 the final tournament of the First Group of the National Student Football League (NSFL) was held in Moscow at the "Moskovskiy" stadium. Ten teams of the Russian universities from Novosibirsk to Kaliningrad took part in it.

     If the team VRSAPCST (Kazan) through the winning streak of the Championship was able to secure the 1st place before the final tournament, the fight for the 2nd place to the last kept a suspense and left real chances to become silver medalists to the teams of KSTU (Kaliningrad ), DSTU (Rostov-on-Don), MPSU and GRSUOG (Moscow), PGSPPU (St. Petersburg).

     For the student football club of KSTU "Parusa Baltiki", which was created on the initiative of the rector of the university V.A.Volkogon and the president of the Football Federation of the Kaliningrad region D.V. Chepel, participation in the Championship of Russia became a serious test for strength and skills.

     Young footballers already in the first round, which took place in March 2017 in Nalchik, declared themselves as a strong-willed and skillful team, with an ambitious goal - to enter the top three winners.

     The second May tour, which was held in Siberia (Tomsk), strengthened the position of the team - they did not suffer a single defeat, and in the game with the leader of the championship - the team of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism from Kazan (VRSAPCST) - fought head-to-head for victory, but, unfortunately, achieved only a 1:1 draw. However in the unofficial post-match penalties they won 6: 5.

     Well-organized training process of the "Parusa Baltiki", as well as the games in the fight for the Cup of the Kaliningrad region and the Championship of Kaliningrad helped the team to solve the issues of teamwork and interaction of all lines, including increasing the skill level of the players. And as a result - a bright and productive performance of the KSTU team in the Moscow final and silver medals for the 2nd place.

     All the games of the final were a real challenge, but the main adornment was the match by "Parusa Baltiki" with the St.Petersburg team from. Silver medals’ fate hung in the balance. The final whistle recorded a combative draw and brought "Parusa Baltiki" the right to be called silver medalists of the NSFL Championship 2017-2018.

     Immediately after the final games, the solemn part and rewarding of the winners took place. We are pleased that the best striker of the Championship was the player of KSTU Yakub Fane, who received a diploma and a memorable prize from the hands of the well-known football player with a world-wide name and the head coach of the National Team of NSFL Andrey Kanchelskis. An ex-player of "Manchester United" also noted a strong-willed game of the entire team "Parusa Baltiki".

     Summing up this important football competition of the Russian level, it is important to note high organization of its conduct on the part of NSFL administration (President A.N. Sutkalov) and, of course, KSTU rector V.A.Volkogon (president of the student football club), who does everything to promote mass sport and, above all, football at the university.

     On the return of the team to Kaliningrad, during a meeting with the players on July 6 at the stadium of the BFFSA Mr. Volkogon thanked the players for the high medal place and stressed that the game result and motto of the club are in harmony and define the image of the "Parusa Baltiki" - "We love football! We believe in victory! "

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