Regional MariNet conference at KSTU | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Regional MariNet conference at KSTU

Regional MariNet conference at KSTU


Regional MariNet conference at KSTU

     On July 21 the regional conference of the MariNet Working Group took place in the city of Kaliningrad. The purpose of the regional conference of the MariNet working group is to popularize the direction of NTI, expand the participants and attract new projects at the expense of the representatives of the Kaliningrad region.

     Over 40 representatives of leading companies, scientific centers and the Kaliningrad marine research institute, as well as state bodies and development institutions took part in the conference. The moderator of the conference was the deputy head of the MariNet Working Group, the vice-president of the "Industrial Investors" group Alexander Pinsky. The conference was opened by his speech, where participants were presented with a brief overview of the MariNet market and its main segments - digital navigation, ocean resources development and innovative shipbuilding technologies, human capital development, and the goals and objectives of the National Technological Initiative.

     MariNet is one of the directions of the National Technological Initiative, which is focused on supporting and promoting solutions and companies of the Russian maritime industry on the world market. The MariNet Working Group brings together over 200 experts fr om more than 60 companies, research centers and universities from 15 regions of the country, as well as ministries and departments heads. One can say that now it is one of the widest and most representative sites of the Russian sea industry, which selects and provides support in the NTI projects for creation and commercialization of high-tech marine technologies. At the moment the working group selected more than 70 projects in the field of innovative shipbuilding, technologies for the development of ocean resources, e-Navigation, training of personnel in the maritime industry and more than 30 of them have already received state support.

      Opening the plenary session, the deputy head of the working group MariNet NTI, deputy general director of the "Transas" group A.Pinsky stressed that the Kaliningrad region has great resources for development within the framework of MariNet. He was supported by the curator of the MariNet market research group, the NTI project office, Maxim Barkasov, noting that in addition to promoting the NTI, the conference is of practical focus, in particular, selection of projects by a regional subgroup for interdepartmental working groups to obtain further funding.

     Within the framework of the conference there was a panel discussion wh ere projects already approved by the MariNet subgroup and recommended for funding to the Innovation Development Fund were presented. It should be noted that the authors of these projects are scientists and employees of KSTU, namely: the head of the Technological Park A.Merkulov and associate professor of the Department of electrical equipment of ships and power engineering V.Blaginin.

     Director of Kaliningrad Innovation Center "Teknotsenoz" Alexander Merkulov presented his project "Distributed Intellectual System for Management of Coastal Infrastructure Objects and Territories Based on Situation Center Technologies." He developed a technology of three-dimensional synthesis and replication of the situational center on the basis of conceptual design approaches and a model for managing territorially distributed resources and objects on the basis of transformed rank distributions. The product is of the deepest interest for all markets: B2B, B2C and even B2G.

     The report covered all the moments of interaction between the franchisor, the franchisee and the consumer: they reflected both positive moments of their cooperation and "bottlenecks".

     Then followed the presentation of the project "Development of protective devices for the safe operation of ship electrical equipment" by Vladimir Blaginin (Ph.D. in Engineering). The scientist analyzed causes of fires and proposed a device that makes it possible to prevent fires and deaths from electric shock, the principle of which is to reduce the currents of single-phase circuits to safe values. The fact is that progress plays a nasty trick with the ships: the more modern a ship is, the more vulnerable it becomes to fire due to short circuits. After all, the more modern the ship is, the more electrical appliances there are on its board. The project is extremely interesting for both domestic and foreign markets. The author noted that the project reaches the breakeven point after the first year, and the payback period is about 4 years and is planned to enter the market as early as 2020.

     After a lively discussion, A. Pinsky once again noted that the goal of creating the MariNet group is to bring talented scientists' projects to the real business, which could make a powerful evolutionary leap towards future markets.

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