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KSTU has been a partner of “Solar Regatta”

KSTU has been a partner of “Solar Regatta”


KSTU has been a partner of “Solar Regatta”

     For the first time ever Kaliningrad became a host city for the "Solar Regatta" - the first engineering competitions in Russia, during which teams develop, design and demonstrate the capabilities of solar-powered vessels built by them. The "Solar Regatta" is held within the framework of the "Engineering Competitions and Contests" project of the MariNet Roadmap of the National Technological Initiative, which is implemented with the support of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and RVC. In 2017, Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) became a partner in the organization of the engineering competitions.

     Kaliningrad became the fifth city of Russia, where the competitions were held. The regatta took place at the Upper Lake. The race was attended by 13 teams from eight regions of Russia, as well as from Germany and Hungary.

     The weather was good. In the middle of a grey and rainy week, only Saturday was sunny. Although clouds weren't an obstacle for the participants - solar panels still receive energy.

     Each vessel represented by the participants is a real marvel of complex of engineering, which was embodied for several months. They differ not only in appearance but also in engine power. Depending on this factor, the participants were divided into racing groups. Competitions were held in sprint for 1000 meters, slalom between buoys and endurance race - for the maximum number of laps in the designated time.

     As a result, in the overall standing the team of St. Petersburg Marine Technical University won in the category "engines with a capacity of less than 1 kW", the team of the University of Berlin, Technische Hochschule Wildau, was recognized as the best in the class "engines with a capacity of more than 1 kW".

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