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Kruzenshtern’s summer voyage of 2017 is over

Kruzenshtern’s summer voyage of 2017 is over


Kruzenshtern’s summer voyage of 2017 is over

     During the voyage, the cadets and the crew rose above themselves and thousands of nautical miles. They visited six foreign ports and took part in an international regatta.

     The sailing ship's call at the home port took place in accordance with the schedule in the morning of August 18th. Having completed the mooring procedures, everyone exhaled with relief: "Finally at home!" But the official end of each voyage is still announced during a ceremonial parade. In the presence of the heads of the university complex of KSTU, parents and friends, the captain of the ship Mikhail Eremchenko reported that the training programmes had been fully implemented and the voyage № 2/123 was completed.

     KSTU rector Vladimir Volkogon and the captain of the Kruzenshtern Mikhail Eremchenko congratulated the cadets and the crew on successful arrival to the port of registration, worthy presentation of Kaliningrad and Russia during various sea festivals and performance on the international regatta of large sailboats in the Baltic. Parents hugged their grown-up, sunburnt and matured children. They thanked the mentors for the responsibility and discipline with which they treated each of the 120 cadets.

     Excellent results were shown by the cadets of the Kruzenshtern not only in the regatta and studying, but also in sport. They got a victory in the Polish port of Szczecin, where they were awarded the first prize for the best results in various competitions between the crews participating in the regatta. The president of the All-Russian Football Union Andrey Stukalov congratulated the cadets, wishing further high sporting results. In his speech, Mr.Stukalov said that the Kruzenshtern successfully represented Kaliningrad in foreign ports, as the city hosting the upcoming 2018 World Cup, and is becoming a real football ambassador.

     Andrey Stukalov presented Vladimir Volkogon a football with the logos of football clubs of the Russian leading universities. Whereas "Rosbank- Kaliningrad territorial office" prepared gifts for the players.

     During the celebration Nikolai Paletskiy was congratulated on his anniversary, his contribution to the development and worthy maintenance of the Kruzenshtern for more than two decades was especially emphasized. Nikolay Paletskiy devoted his whole life to the academy: at first he studied here, then he taught, held various positions and can be considered a real beacon for today's trainees - he has achieved very good results in sports. Currently, Mr. Paletskiy is an adviser of KSTU rector on operation of sailboats.

     The scheduled parking of the vessel in the port will be very short. For three days, the ship will be loaded with the necessary products and prepared for the final voyage this year. Until August 21, the next group of cadets will come on board the sailboat, 120 people will begin to settle in crew's quarters.

     On August 22, at 14 o'clock a ceremonial parade will take place, commemorating the beginning of the third voyage. On the same day, in the evening the Kruzenshtern will leave along the Kaliningrad Seaway Canal.

     Photo: by Vasiliy Semidyanov

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