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KSTU scientists offer a new kind of amber tourism

KSTU scientists offer a new kind of amber tourism


KSTU scientists offer a new kind of amber tourism

     Intellectual tourism which allows to learn almost all about amber and besides to get skills development diploma. The idea to create such an education plan was born at the Department of Chemistry and Professional Upgrading Faculty.

     KSTU is an authoritative point of amber research. In previous years production technology of amber balm, amber lipstick, liquid amber and other useful inventions made from sunstone was developed at the Department of Chemistry.  Research in this field is ongoing today. Since last year the multimedia laboratory works at KSTU.  It should become the basis for professional upgrading. In addition to the presented samples of inventions the laboratory has the necessary literature, photo and video presentations, which give a new look at amber.

     Two new curriculums were developed. The first one implies upgrading course "Amber. Identification. Technology of use". It is designed on an in-depth study of amber and suitable for professional work. The second curriculum aims to broaden horizons of participants. The course is called "Baltic amber. Fundamentals of Natural Science". The training will last not long, besides, the developers promise that the lessons will not be boring at all. Students will learn the history of the origin and use of the Baltic amber, its properties and ways of using.

     Тoday there are a lot of fakes in the amber market.  In some tourist hotspots the number of plastic analogs reaches 90%. One of the main points of our intellectual tourism is, among other things, to teach participants to identify real amber ", - said one of the authors of the developed curricula, head of Department of Chemistry,  B. Y. Vorotnikov.

     All students following the course will receive official diplomas of advanced training. They also will have an opportunity to work out their technological project for the use of amber.

     On the issues of education you can apply to the Faculty of Advanced Studies at Sovetskiy Prospekt 1, office. 359, tel. 8 (4012) 99-53-52.


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