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Annual New Year's Eve Ball took place in KSTU

Annual New Year's Eve Ball took place in KSTU


Annual New Year's Eve Ball took place in KSTU

      Annual New Year's Eve Ball took place in KSTU assembly hall on December 27. It was being organized the fourth time by educational work and youth policy department and students and cadets of the university complex.

      Every year the ball takes place in a certain style: there was a masquerade, there were hipsters... This time on the eve of the preparation for the holiday students and cadets of the KSTU were interviewed - which of subjects for the ball is the best one. The theme "XIX century" had won.

      In accordance with this style a lot of guests were dressed. Girls dressed up in elegant dresses, the guys preferred classic suits. Hosts of the evening were students Ekaterina Katznelson and Igor Vladimirov.

      Another remarkable detail - this year number of students and cadets significantly increased at the ball. This was noticed by the head of the department for educational work and youth policy G. Rozinkevich during the opening speech on the occasion of the opening of the ball. Galina Rozinkevich wished all a Happy New Year.

      G. Rozinkevich has taken part in a pleasant award ceremony for students and cadets of a university complex who have won in competition "Student of the Year 2017". These are guys who distinguished themselves in the educational, scientific, sports, and cultural activities of the university, city and region. Each of them received a commemorative medal and a diploma, as well as a brand-new sweatshirt with the KSTU emblem.

      The entertaining part of the evening was replaced by creative performances where students and cadets sang, danced and even showed tricks. At a certain point in the hall appeared Father Frost with the Snow Maiden. They held several competitions including reading of New Year's poems and singing songs. Buffet hall For was opened for students. Having a bite, students and cadets joined the musical marathon, heated by music from the DJ S-Tant. Before the end of the evening were chosen the best costumes of the ball. The absolute winner was Dmitry Polenok, a student of the shipbuilding and energy department, who had the image of Napoleon.   

      Happy New Year!

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