Gaswel represented KSTU at Baltic –Expo exhibition | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Gaswel represented KSTU at Baltic –Expo exhibition

Gaswel represented KSTU at Baltic –Expo exhibition


Gaswel represented KSTU at Baltic –Expo exhibition

     Within the framework of the specialized exhibition "Fasad", which opened in the halls of "Baltic-Expo", the small innovative enterprise of KSTU "Energy NNO" demonstrated its latest developments. The enterprise was represented by scientists M.Leshchinskiy and V. Zagatskiy and its general director T. Nikulin. Their exhibits- gas generators of different capacities. They already have their own brand - "Gaswel". These are devices for gas-flame works with high energy efficiency, performance and safety. The fact is that the gas that is used in the apparatus for cutting or soldering metal is taken not from cylinders, but from ordinary water. By a simple chemical reaction - electrolysis - H2O decomposes into oxygen and hydrogen, which give the desired temperature during combustion.

     These inventions have been patented, repeatedly awarded prizes at various specialized exhibitions. The authors do not stop on the created samples and each time they add something new. For example, for the "Fasad" exhibition, the authors assembled a small light-weight gas generator with production of a working gas mixture of 150 liters per hour, provided simultaneous operation with the device for several burners, improved the security system, etc.

     Innovative equipment is of great interest for both large enterprises and private traders. Representatives of the jewelry industry also give their attention to the know-how. It turned out that when working with precious metals, the quality of products improves. By the way, in many respects due to active use of the equipment in the test mode on real production, additional improvements have been made.

     According to some visitors, the stand of our representatives was the most "live" at the exhibition. Perhaps, they say so, because they often lighted the burner and demonstrated possibilities of the innovative equipment. There were even willing to buy test samples. Once in half an hour they had to explain that the devices had not been taken on the assembly line yet. To solve these problems, Energy NNO LLC is looking for an investor.

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