First Russian youth maritime forum “Amore” has come to its end | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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First Russian youth maritime forum “Amore” has come to its end

First Russian youth maritime forum “Amore” has come to its end


First Russian youth maritime forum “Amore” has come to its end

     On July 22, the closing day of the “Amore” Youth Maritime Forum took place. In the afternoon the participants had to defend their projects before a competent jury, get objective assessments and well-deserved awards. After several hours of hard work, the atmosphere in the tent became incredibly heated. The teams prepared presentations, glued layouts, drew diagrams, rehearsed performances. The supervisors of the “Amore” R.Polyakov, V.Volkov and T.Nikulin staged a dress rehearsal of the presentations and pointed out the main shortcomings.

     At exactly two o'clock in the afternoon the main event of the forum began - defense of business projects, which had been developed for five days. The participants presented their projects on a wide variety of relevant topics: processing of fish waste, bottles, cardboard, even cultivation of hydrobionts in an apartment and creation of environmentally friendly fuel.

     The jury included: G.Rozinkevich (founder of the "AMore"Youth Maritime Forum, head of the Department of educational work and youth policy of KSTU), R.Polyakov (head of the "AMore" batch, general director of the "Intrlik LLC" technology company , head of the Research Department of KSTU, associate professor of the Department of Economics of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Institute of Branch Economics and Management of KSTU), V.Bykov (General Director of Samokat SHERING Systems LLC, the first programming director of the "Baltic Artek" youth educational forum, KSTU graduate), S. Laptev (Development Director of the GC "Za Rodinu", KSTU graduate), A. Elaev (Deputy Director General of SPAR-Kaliningrad, a member of the Public Chamber, KSTU graduate).

     After the presentations of the projects, each jury member made an encouraging statement, praised the participants, thanked the supervisors and gave instructions for the future. As a result, the Audience Award from the representative of the GC “Za Rodinu” went to the Fire Wood team, which introduced the technology of processing wood into fuel briquettes. S.Laptev expressed his hopes for promoting and implementing that idea.

     A rather stressful day had a pleasant ending. KSTU rector, Vladimir Volkogon the head of the council of rectors of universities affiliated with the Federal Agency for Fishery took part in the award ceremony. Together with the jury, he congratulated the guys on the successful completion of the "AMore" batch, gave the guys his parting words and awarded the teams in various nominations. The ceremony was also attended by the head of the regional Agency for Youth Affairs, a graduate of KSTU D. Kalinovskiy. He congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the session and wished them successful implementation of their projects.

     The first ever Russian youth maritime forum, organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Fishery and KSTU, ended with loud and prolonged applause from the participants. Each of them came away with something useful for their future career and made new friends. Guests from Astrakhan and Kerch also got acquainted with the Baltic Sea and hospitality of local residents.

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