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Within the framework of the specialized exhibition "Fasad", which opened in the halls of "Baltic-Expo", the small innovative enterprise of KSTU "Energy NNO" demonstrated its latest developments. The enterprise was represented by scientists M.Leshchinskiy and V. Zagatskiy and its general director T. Nikulin. Their exhibits- gas generators of different capacities. They already have their own brand - "Gaswel". These are devices for gas-flame works with high energy efficiency, performance and safety.
Photography exhibition "Home port - Kaliningrad", organized by the University Museum, is situated in the foyer of the main building of KSTU. It is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of relocation of the Moscow Institute of Fisheries (Mosrybvtuz) to Kaliningrad and the formation of Kaliningrad Technical Institute for Fishery Industry (now KSTU).
Intellectual tourism which allows to learn almost all about amber and besides to get skills development diploma. The idea to create such an education plan was born at the Department of Chemistry and Professional Upgrading Faculty.
On New Year's Eve, teachers of the Department of Russian Language organized together with their foreign students, who came from Mongolia, China, Zambia, Congo, Cape Verde, Morocco, Vietnam, Angola, Ghana, Eritrea and Iraq the New Year's party "Hello, Mother Winter!". Students read Russian poetry, played little scenes.
Annual New Year's Eve Ball took place in KSTU assembly hall on December 27. It was being organized the fourth time by educational work and youth policy department and students and cadets of the university complex. Every year the ball takes place in a certain style: there was a masquerade, there were hipsters... This time on the eve of the preparation for the holiday students and cadets of the KSTU were interviewed - which of subjects for the ball is the best one. The theme "XIX century" had won.
On the eve of the coming New Year, the staff of the university received an unusual congratulation. The initiator of it, the organizer and the ideological inspirer became the teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages G. Potapov with the support of the department and, of course, the students.
As part of the department of food biotechnology, the Center for Advanced Technologies of Protein Use (CATPU) was opened at Kaliningrad State Technical University. It is located on the basement floor of the university building number 1 on Prof.Baranov Street. The ceremony began in the assembly hall of KSTU. V.Volkogon moderated the presentation of the new scientific center. First, he gave the floor to the head of the department of food biotechnology, professor O.Ya. Mezenova.
Following the results of the graduation paper presentations by the master students of "Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Technology", held last summer for the first time in JSC "Yantarenergo", two students were advised to embark on postgraduate studies, and their papers were sent to the All-Russia competition of qualifying papers of technical universities graduates on electric power and electrotechnical subjects. The work of Igor Beklemshev, dedicated to the implementation of the first Russian pilot project of the "smart networks" concept in distribution networks of 15 kV, was among those two.
From October 14 to October 22, 2017, Russia hosted the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. It has brought together over 20,000 young people from more than 150 countries. They are representatives of public organizations, those who have excelled in science, creativity, sport, pedagogy, IT, politics and other spheres. Sochi became the capital of this festival. However, Kaliningrad took part in the festival as well. Therefore, needless to say that KSTU has become one of the festival venues. In addition, a large group of KSTU representatives have left for Sochi.
On September 20- 22, 2017, the International Youth Scientific Forum "Youth and Science of the 21st Century" was held at Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University named after P.Stolypin. It gathered representatives of scientific youth from different regions of Russia and foreign countries, including students, graduate students and young scientists from different universities. Items of the agenda were topical issues related to setting the stage for realization of the country's intellectual potential.
On October 2, 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between Kaliningrad State Technical University and the regional branch of the Sberbank of Russia. According to the signed agreement, a new department for training banking experts will be opened in the Institute of Industry-based Economics and Management. On the part of KSTU the agreement was signed by the rector V.Volkogon whereas on the part of Sberbank- by S.Shamkov.
On September 21 our university held a blood drive. It was confined to the All-Russian campaign “Russian Federation young donor’s day”. By 9 o'clock in the morning, room №108 traditionally made available for this event was ready to receive donors. There was already a line of people willing to share their blood at the door. Someone did this not for the first time, but someone joined the community of donors for the first time. Traditionally, among the donors were teachers and staff of the university.
Kaliningrad State Technical University was represented by the following students Alexey Filatov, Tatiana Knyazeva, Dmitriy Gnezdilov. The students were instructed by the professor of the Department of Shipbuilding Aleksey Pritykin. The students had started to prepare themselves for the competition since early last year, showing great diligence and developing non-standard thinking.
During the voyage, the cadets and the crew rose above themselves and thousands of nautical miles. They visited six foreign ports and took part in an international regatta. The sailing ship's call at the home port took place in accordance with the schedule in the morning of August 18th. Having completed the mooring procedures, everyone exhaled with relief: "Finally at home!" But the official end of each voyage is still announced during a ceremonial parade.
Admission committee of KSTU has completed reception of applications from entrants for the full-time bachelor and specialist degree programmes (on a free of charge basis). In some training programmes, the number of state-funded places this year has been increased. For example, 55 people were enlisted for "Shipbuilding, ocean engineering and system engineering of marine infrastructure objects" programme. The admission campaign ended successfully, all state-funded places found their owners. It is worth mentioning that the key performance indicator of the admission committee - the average score for the Unified State Exam- has increased. This year it is almost 61.7, which is much higher than last year.
For the first time ever Kaliningrad became a host city for the "Solar Regatta" - the first engineering competitions in Russia, during which teams develop, design and demonstrate the capabilities of solar-powered vessels built by them. The "Solar Regatta" is held within the framework of the "Engineering Competitions and Contests" project of the MariNet Roadmap of the National Technological Initiative, which is implemented with the support of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and RVC. In 2017, Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) became a partner in the organization of the engineering competitions.
On July 21 the regional conference of the MariNet Working Group took place in the city of Kaliningrad. The purpose of the regional conference of the MariNet working group is to popularize the direction of NTI, expand the participants and attract new projects at the expense of the representatives of the Kaliningrad region. Over 40 representatives of leading companies, scientific centers and the Kaliningrad marine research institute, as well as state bodies and development institutions took part in the conference.
From June 30 to July 3 the final tournament of the First Group of the National Student Football League (NSFL) was held in Moscow at the "Moskovskiy" stadium. Ten teams of the Russian universities from Novosibirsk to Kaliningrad took part in it. If the team VRSAPCST (Kazan) through the winning streak of the Championship was able to secure the 1st place before the final tournament, the fight for the 2nd place to the last kept a suspense and left real chances to become silver medalists to the teams of KSTU (Kaliningrad ), DSTU (Rostov-on-Don), MPSU and GRSUOG (Moscow), PGSPPU (St. Petersburg).
On June 28 at the Center for Pre-University Training of KSTU hold yet another graduation. During the past academic year, 35 people from 17 countries were studying Russian at our university. They are mainly representatives of the countries of the African continent, Middle East, Vietnam, China, former Soviet republics, Sweden and even Panama. Most of the current graduates of the Pre-University Training Center will continue their studies at the faculties of KSTU and BFFSA, but some will also go to other Russian universities.