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KSTU NEWS №13 (2008)

AL-Darweesh S.N., Serpunin G.G.Methods to increase production of reserve ponds (Abstract)
The application of different intensifying methods and the study of zooplankton and zoo benthos biomass as well as fishery and biological and hematological indices of one-summer carps in 2006 let us discover that the most effective method to increase the fish production of the ponds is to use the grass and mineral fertilizers together with adding Daphnia magna.
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Goncharenok O.E., Smirnova A.V.Influence of some abiotiches factors on growth and survival of juvenile tench (Abstract)
At the given stage of researches the estimation of influence of salinity, a hydrogen parameter and a biostimulator - an ascorbic acid on growth rate and survival rate juvenile tench is lead. Experiences were carried out in experimental installation with the closed cycle of water delivery during 4 months (from August till November, 2007) stimulating influence on growth juvenile tench is shown salinity of 3 ‰, рН 7 and an ascorbic acid in concentration of 0,5 and 1,0 mg/l.
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Grigorovitch L.M.Yellow winter wheat blotch (Pyrenophoratritici-repentis) in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Monitoring results of yellow winter wheat blotch propagation in various areas of Kaliningrad region have been introduced. Dependence of decease development dynamics on fungicidal sprinkling of crops has been discovered. It is determined that yellow winter wheat blotch is potentially hazardous decease of winter wheat under conditions of Kaliningrad region.
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Muromcev A.B.Featuresfascioleza of spotty deers and large horned cattle in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
In the Kaliningrad area fasciolez is the widespread disease of spotty deers. So, on our data fasciolez is registered at 90 % of deers. The economic damage, which is put fasciolez to animal industries, undoubtedly, is great.
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Belova L.M., Tokarev A.N.The insect and tick diseases of the cattle in Leningrad region (Abstract)
The publication contains the information about the results of the cattle inspection of presence the insect and tick diseases in Leningrad region. The publication is very actual in the modern conditions.
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Rozenshtein M.M., Jukoff V.P.Experimental researches of the hydrodynamical field of speeds about codends (Abstract)
Experimental researches of a hydrodynamical field of various designs of models of codends are lead. Empirical dependences of a filtration of a stream on constructive characteristics of the codends are received, allowing to increase catching quality trawls at catch small pelagic fishes.
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Nedostup A.A.The algorithm of calculation of characteristics bottom drift net (Abstract)
This work is devoted to the development of the algorithm for calculating power and geometrical characteristics of the smooth bottom network. An algorithm for calculating the characteristics of a smooth bottom network.
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Naumov V.A., Kovalev V.P.The calculation of a subsoil waters level dynamics of the elementary polder system (Abstract)
The calculation algorithm of a subsoil waters level dynamics of the elementary polder system is developed. Current in the channel pays off on the non-stationary equations right after inclusions and switching-off of the pump. It is used pseudo stationary approximation in the rest of the time. The obvious finite difference method is used for calculation of a level of subsoil waters. Results of calculations do not contradict the available skilled data.
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Velikanov N.L., Chichkan V.V.Water resources of layers of peat bogs of Kaliningrad area (Abstract)
Problems of complex use and protection of the water resources accumulating in layers of peat of bogs of the Kaliningrad area are considered.
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Esiukova E.E., Chubarenko I.P.Simulation data of the mixing and transport induced by seasonal surface cooling over sea slope (Abstract)
The large-scale horizontal convection is a complex and insufficiently known mechanism. It requires to focusing efforts on field observation and numerical modeling. This work has devoted to investigation of structure of temperature fields and flow fields, which are springing up under seasonal surface cooling over sea slope.
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Vorobyev V.I.Usage of fish collagen and products of its hydrolysis (Abstract)
The data of fish collagen and products of its hydrolysis usage in different industrial and agricultural areas are presented in this article.
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Kukushkina A.N., Derkatch S.R., Uzhinov B.M., Levachev S.M., Sakvarelidze M.A.Investigation of bovine serum albumin interactions with cationic surfactants by fluorescence probe method (Abstract)
Protein-surfactant interactions were studied using bovine serum albumin (BSA) and cationic surfactants cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) or octadecenildehydrocsoetylmethylammonium chloride (ODMAC). The interactions were followed fluorimetrically using intrinsic tryptophan (Trp 135, Trp 214) fluorescence. The quenching takes place with a Stern-Volmer constant of (4.7  0.2)103 и (4.3  0.4)103 М-1 in the case of CTAB and ODMAC respectively. These results are explained in terms of static quenching between the adsorbed surfactant and the excited Trp groups.
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Aleksandrov K.Yu., Samusev I.G., Bryukhanov V.V.Luminophor molecules in polymer matrix two-photon laser excitation temperature fields dynamics investigation (Abstract)
Acryflavine molecules thermo-stimulated delayed fluorescence kinetics modelling results have shown that after two-photon excitation heat transport processes take place in triplet molecules clusters.
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Anistratova O., Semenov B., Serpunina L., Gaplevskaya N.New technology of preserving the quality of the milkin the first stage of treatment (Abstract)
This article describes the advantages of the usage of liquid nitrogen technologies in dairy production. Raw material and product’s cooling with the using of liquid nitrogen allows to improve the quality and to increase the storage period of milk products.
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Rudneva A.I., Sergeev N.S., Skopetz O.V.New ways of rational utilization of aromatic substances (Abstract)
It is elaboration of technology new milk products with aromatic substances.
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Babakin B.S., Belozerov A.G.The effectiveness increasing of protected surfaces of refrigerated room (Abstract)
Results of heat exchange research in refrigerated room presented. Role of radiant component in general heat transfer coefficient from protected surfaces to air in refrigerated room showed.
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Gorlatov A.S., Sereda N.A.To development of albumen liquid coagulation methods (Abstract)
Article contains offers towards perfection of albumen liquid coagulation methods for decrease of albumen wastes. Offers are presented a new method of albumen extraction from waste liquids in food production.
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Leschinsky M.B., Vojtselyonok S.L.Research of influence of modes of an induction way on hardening of workers surfaces and quality of the received metal (Abstract)
Technological modes of an induction method of restoration and hardening of working surfaces of the with great dispatch-traction mechanism with the purpose of a choice of an optimum mode of welding are investigated.
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Sokolova I.A.The peculiarities of the projecting of manufacturing divisions, workshops of small recycling businesses (Abstract)
The purpose of the projecting is rising of the effectiveness in comparison with new details and similar enterprises. Divisions of small serials universal equipment, minor mechanization of warehouses and transportation systems are characterized in the article.
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Dyatchenko S.V., Tananykin S.V.Forecasting of vibratory condition of commercial courts under their building and usages (Abstract)
Offered strategy of forecasting of frequencies of own fluctuations for different condition of loading and change building thickness elements a body commercial ship.
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Kuzkin V., Minko A.Prevention of emergency overloads of the main ship engines (Abstract)
Reliable work of ship diesel engines is provided only at absence of their thermal overload. In turn such overload arises more often owing to deterioration of functioning of units air supply. The operative control over their level is necessary for accident precaution of the main ship diesel engines thermal loading. It is resulted universal nomogram the restrictive characteristic, allowing to avoid dangerous overloads of ship diesel engines as at work of a vessel on quiet water, and in storm weather.
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Valt A.B., Ovchinnikov A.A.Methods of concrete thermotreatment in monolithic structures building (Abstract)
Principal methods of concrete thermotreatment, widely used in building, are considered. The problems, restricting their wider use in monolithic structures building, have been established.
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Nikishin A., Harzfeld E.Impactassesement of decentralized energy sources to power energy system regimes (Abstract)
In the article a new method for impact assessment of decentralized energy sources to power energy systems regimes are described. Special attention was focused on wind turbines as decentralized energy source.
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Blaginin V.A., lozovenko V.I., Kazhekin I.E.Arc an overvoltage in ship electrosystems with different modes of a neutral (Abstract)
In article results of experimental researches arc overvoltage in ship electropower installations are described at different modes of a neutral, the opportunity of simultaneous improvement of all parameters connected with a contour of zero sequence is shown.
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Kolomeyko F.V.Automated system of fishing catch objects monitoring (Abstract)
In this article the automated system construction principles, algorithms and methods for primary biological and fishing catch data processing are considered. The data processing mentioned above is used for automated regularities exposure of hydrobionts parameters changing and fishing catch conditions in order to increase catch efficiency and decrease costs for fish catching organizations.
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Kozlovich R.A., Serdobintsev S.P.The automated control systems of a brick creating heat processes (Abstract)
In this paper the analysis of Yugorski brick manufacture technological process is made. Automation systems of drying are offered as an affecting quality process.
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Tilipalov V.N.Computer synthesis of machine parts machining technologies based on the graph theory (Abstract)
Optimization method of technological processes structure for machining based on graph theory has been discussed.
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Borisov B.P., Zhdanova M.V., Pravdin Y.F.Calculation of copier structure for the specialized amber cabochons processing machine tool and definition of analytic dependences (Abstract)
The schemes for calculation of a direct problem for several base structures of cabochons are deduced. Analytical dependence of spindle turn corner on which is mounted the set structure cabochon, depending on design data of the machine tool and geometrical parameters of the base structure is found.
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Aleshnikov S.I., Gorbachev A.A.Construction of the information protection system on the hyperelliptic curves basis (Abstract)
In report is analyzed all aspects of the increase of efficiency of the computation in cryptosystems, considered the construction of the cryptosystem on the Jacobian of the hyperelliptic curve. Efficiency is guaranteed by means recurrent formulas for factors of the polynomials representing divisors on a hyperelliptic curve.
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Lukianova L.M.Semiotics models and methods of analysis and synthesis of goals for complex industrial systems (Abstract)
The paper deals with the semiotics means of analysis and synthesis of goals for complex industrial systems that allows decision-makers to eliminate logical errors in every stages of planning and do their solutions well founded.
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Kubrak A., Senchukova L.The development of the juridical system (Abstract)
The development of the juridical system in the region can improve the development the economy on the whole. The article is devoted to the activities to develop the juridical system.
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Kafidov V.V., Kafidov V.M.Investment and good’s life circle (Abstract)
In this article there is model of basic elements of good’s life circle. Those elements are: economical expedience, social needs, new good (innovation), technical possibility. Also it made description of using new goods for achievement effectiveness on the market activities. In article we viewed mutuality of new firm projects and consumer value.There are three stages of any project: preinvenstmet, investment, realization.First of all we demand the possibilities of investment. On the second step follow necessary research. On the realizations stay became the practical realization of the project.
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Velikanova L.P.Multipolar approach to tipologi of gender identity (Abstract)
Kategories of identity and gender identity in the general structure of personality are studied. The results of psychodiagnosis research of gender identity of students are given.
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Galyga V.V.Upbringing of the student youths by heroic traditions of the Russian fleet (Abstract)
The youths upbringing activity conditions during the last decades is analyzed, the KSTU history department activities for upbringing students youths by heroic traditions of the Russian fleet is discussed, its actuality in modern conditions is proved.
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Podruchnaja L.J.Studying by foreign students of modal semantics of Russian infinitive offers (Abstract)
In clause methodical aspects of studying on employment by Russian as foreign some syntactic designs representing to difficulty for perception by foreign students are considered. The infinitive offers possessing bright modal semantics concern to such language structures. In clause typological kinds of infinitive offers are analyzed and practical recommendations on the organization of study with the given syntactic designs are offered.
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Gavrilova M.V.Beginning after ending: peculiarities of space and time concepts (Abstract)
On J.Bujda's stories themeanings of “beginning” and “end” cultural concepts are analysed, i.e. theirs personal author’s understanding. In the article we also pay special attention to their expression in the language.
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Guseva I.G.Onomasiological aspect of terminology investigation (Abstract)
This article considers the application of cognitive-onomasiological approach to the study of the conceptual mechanisms of word-formation. The analysis showed that propositional models, reflecting the way of knowledge conceptualization in this field are in the structure of terminology considered. The concepts defined, characterize the fishing activity itself, the result of it and scientific methods and models.
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Chernenok I.G.The symbolism of colour in fiction discourse (on a material of Wolfgang Borchert’s short prose) (Abstract)
This article deals with the emotional-psychological and stylistic opportunities colourmarking in the short stories of the well- known German writer Wolfgang Borchert. The stylistic originality of Borchert’s short stories is determined by the special character of world vision, individual experiences of the author caused by the militarian and after militarian time, special system language realization author's conception of the reality. Important elements of this system are colourmarkers. During comparison with traditional symbolics of colour is found out the subjective - symbolical potential colouring used by the author. The colourmarkersgrau/grey, schwarz/black, rot/red, grun/green, gelb/yellow function in the texts of the short stories as means fiction concept of the reality. The emotions caused by colour effects in the text and appropriate to experiences, outgoing from perception of real situations are analyzed. The colourmarkers not only create a visual image, but also organize a rhythm of the text, simulate fiction space.
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Ramza N.I.The realization of creative and projective skills in the process of students professionally-oriented foreign language communication (Abstract)
The article deals with the problems of the formation of the creative and projective skills in the process of professionally oriented communication. The examples of the skills realization while using professionally oriented strategy training and special training techniques are provided in the paper.
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Gegechkory O.N., Bessarab U.A.The motives of attractive the students to the science (Abstract)
The following article shows the reasons of low level of attraction the students and young scientists into the scientific investigations and researches. The main motives, which can change the present situation are also been analyzed. The criterion of evaluation the inclinations of students to the scientific researches are given in this article.There are being investigated the points of view of students and post-graduates for: 1) revealing the possibilities of development the scientific career; 2) studying the degree of their inclinations to scientific investigations in future. We found out the reasons of skeptical attitude towards the organization of research work in universities. We also explored the ways of attraction the students to SIW and studied the question of those, who should be attracted to this work.Finally, there were developed the criteria of appreciation the creative inclinations of students.
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Bagulina V.A.Educational work in high school as means of preventive maintenance of the narcotism (Abstract)
On the basis of theoretical researches the scheme of psychological and pedagogical preventive maintenance of a narcotism in high school is offered.
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Lutsenko E.S.Research of simple and complex (difficult) impellent reactions in conditions of illness of movement (Abstract)
Influence of illness of movement on parameters simple and complex (difficult) impellent reactions at students of a technical college is investigated. The condition of illness of movement was simulated by means of glasses inverting seen space.
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Shamardina N.V.The story of Koenigsberg arts Academy (Abstract)
The article briefly reveals the major stages of Arts Academy's 100 years existence within Koenigsberg and notes the creative contribution of its teachers and apprentices into the artistic life of region.
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Polyanskiy D.V.The synergetic image of social development: between finalism and cyclize of the theories social dynamics (Abstract)
Methodological advantages of social synergetrics in comparison with classical theories of social development are considered.
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