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KSTU NEWS №14 (2008)

Ageev V.V.On scientific significance of publication (Abstract)
What is scientific character? What reasons are necessary to consider an article, work to be scientific? There are the forms of presentations of the author of the scientific text, there are also somе predictions of the development of scientific style of the ХХ1 century.Scientific description, the research technigues, scientific positions of discussing, the primary and secondary scientific documents, author's individuality.
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Sauskan V.I., Umansky S.A.Condition and tendencies of change of the ecological situation in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Condition and tendencies of change of an ecological situation in the Kaliningrad region for the period till 2012 were analyzed. Predicted growth of economy will lead to deterioration of an environment. It is offered to develop the program of region’s sustainable development.
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Shibaev S.V., Sokolova V.A.To optimization of fishery of the bream population in the Vistula lagoon (Abstract)
The fishing model of the Abramisbrama population in the Vistula Bay were analyzed. Optimum parameters of fishery for active and passive fishing gear were considered. Analysis of model has shown the possibilities of using the different kinds of management of the Abramisbrama stock. The present fishery supports the sustainable state of population, but it is possible to achieve the optimum parameters of regime of catching using active fishing gear as well.
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Alekseev V.I.Insects of the Russian Red book in Kaliningrad region
The problem of insects protection in Kaliningrad region is discussed. The analysis of insects, inhabited (and possibly inhabited) our territory and included in Red Book of Russian is given. All available sources of information about rare insects of the region are examined; new data about contemporary distribution of insects from Red Book of Russian at the territory and presented also in the paper.
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Alekseev V.I.Fauna and distribution of lady-bird beetles (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
A check list and data about distribution of the lady-bird beetles (Coccinellidae) found in Kaliningrad region is presented in the paper. 35 species of the family were collected in research time. The revised list was composed and contains 54 species in total.
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Kustova N.A., Choupakhina N.Yr.Dihydroxyacetone – the method of biosynthesis (Abstract)
A possibility of dihydroxyacetone (DHOA) biosynthesis (DAOH is a high reaсtiveketotriose, used in different branches of industry) through the biotransformation of glycerol by nonproliferatingGluconobacteroxydans cells was studied. It was found the optimal conditions for Gluconobacteroxydans cultivation, examined the oxygen influence and glycerol concentration in inoculum on DHA biosynthesis speed. And, also, it was shown the possibility of non-stop process organization to get the DHA with free nonproliferating cells with micro filtration method usage.
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Silvander V.G.Prospects of cultivation of a walnut in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The Kaliningrad area, climate, walnut (Juglansregia L.), distribution, the morphological and agricultural-biological characteristic, an opportunity of cultivation of culture to the Kaliningrad area, the duplication, zoned grades.
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Troyun T.N.Efficiency of influence of bacterial preparations on productivity of lucerne of the grade “Pasturable” 88 (Abstract)
In the article experimental data of influence nitrogen-fixing bacteria on productivity of green weight and dry substance of Lucerne Pasturable 88 in conditions of the Kaliningrad area are submitted.
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Parakshin Y.P.Spatial variability of direct properties of solonetzic soils (Abstract)
The research of variability of physicochemical properties into smallest geographical (elementary soil areals) and taxonomical unit, that perform its complexity and multicomponentity in spatial and classification relatives.
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Nedostup A.A.To a question of research of mechanics of a wing of set-net (Abstract)
In article the method of calculation of force and geometrical characteristics of a wing of set-net, having a various skeleton, in kvazi-stationary statement is resulted.
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Velikanov N.L., Saprykin J.M.Outcomes of the assessment of the technical state of iron removal station (Abstract)
Features of service conditions of buildings and constructions of system of preparation of water are discussed. Results of an estimation of a technical state of building constructions of station of iron removal with two cooling towers are introduced.
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Alshevsky D.L., Alshevskaya M.N., Kerevichene Y.Y., Fedosova I.N.The development of recepies and results of organoleptic evaluation of co-extruded fish semi-finished products with various stuffing (Abstract)
The developed co-extruded products based on various fish stuffing are presented. The basic chemical composition and caloric content of used fish stuffings and coposit parts of filling are presented. The organoleptic evaluation of finished products samples quality are presented and preferable filling for co-extruded fish semi-finished products on the fases fish stuffing have been determined.
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Fedorov S.V.The elementary tribonanostructure – mechanical quanta (Abstract)
In article we discuss the idea of mechanical quanta – the elementary nanostructure of sliding friction system. The mechanical quanta is the subtribosystem, which under ideal tribosystem evolution has formed. Concerning the essence of tribosystem we can say it is the material point of mechanics.
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Sharkov O.V., Kalinin A.V.The analysis of impulse variators use in the trawl winch (Abstract)
The article analyses possibility of regulating wide range of transference ratio of trawl winch ensure to impulse variators use.
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Dyatchenko S.V.Procedure of accounting designing fishing ships’ bottom overlapping from the position of durability and vibration requirements (Abstract)
The system approach with reference to a case design of fishing ships is stated. The technique of settlement designing bottom overlapping of fishing ships is presented, allowing to optimize parameters of a design from the position of durability and vibration requirements.
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Yakovleva E.L., Serdobincev S.P.Automated complex for thermovacuum processing foodstuffs (Abstract)
The principle substantiation of automated installations for power efficient drying and partial dehydration of various foodstuffs are given. The engineering solution in creating for fish drying are assumed.
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Yakovleva E.L., Serdobincev S.P.The thermal vacuum installation for foodstuff elaboration as a control object (Abstract)
The dynamic characteristic analysis of fundamental elements determing the transient phenomenon duration and device operation effectiveness. The mathematical dependences uncovering corralations pressure in vacuum- cell, condensation point and coolant evaporation between water tempreture in storage device and product mass loose are dkown.
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Onucin A.L., Serdobincev S.P.Analysis of the black oil terminal as object management (Abstract)
We consider technological processes oil terminal in terms of utomated. We propose algorithms for management of individual processes and terminal as a whole.
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Tilipalov V.N., Makarski V.A.Automated equipment for polishing amber parts effekiveness simulating (Abstract)
The achicoed models show the importance of link between techniko-economic indices of amber polishing equipment with its design technologices parameters.
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Makarski V.A., Tilipalov V.N.Delfi method in evaluating trends of increasing amber polishing proucesses effectiveness (Abstract)
The paper defines the basic trends of increasing amber parts polishing effectiveness.
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Sanin V.F.Evalution and optimization of interpersonal relations in a team (Abstract)
The article embraces the issnes concerning interpersonal relations evaluation in team work. The ways of their perfection are considered, their influence on work efficiency is determined.
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Chernoguzova T.N.To development the theory and practice of banking risr-management (Abstract)
The banking system is subject to different risks. In order for successful development the systems require sufficient risk-management techniques. In this case co-operation with insurance companies, which are aware in this field, may be useful.
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Chahlygin V.G.Critics to don Patinkin’s theory (Abstract)
This paper focuses it’s attention upon the main issues of Don Patinkin’s theory and analyses the opportunity of it’s application in a multivectoral markets. Don Patinkin’s contribution to monetary theory constituted a bridge between classic laissez-faire monetary theory (without government involvement) and the Keynesian theory of vigorous government intervention to prevent unemployment, combining these two theories as an introduction to future theoretical developments.
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Bosjakowa L.From the history of the artistic education of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The article shows the role of the graduated students of Artistic branch of Kaliningrad musical college in the artistic life of the region; shows the role of the graduated students of Artistic branch of Kaliningrad musical college in the artistic life of the region.
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Budchenko I.S., Stepanov V.P.The some directions of innovative activity in increasing of economic efficiency for fishing-industrial complex (Abstract)
The analysis of a condition of industrial-technological base fish-cutting and filleting equipments and the tendency of development of its automation is lead. The some directions of innovative activity in increasing of economic efficiency fishing-industrial complex of Russia on the basis of modernization of industrial both technological base fish-extraction and the fish-processing enterprises are shown.
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Serebrykov V.V.Influence of wall electric conductance on stocks flow in rectangular channel (Abstract)
Three-dimensional MHD-flow in channel with electric conductive walls has been studied. Influence of magnitude of wall electric conductance on local and integral characteristics of flow is shown.
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Aleksandrov K.Yu., Samusev I.G., Brykhanov V.V.Maximum entropy method of echange-resonance photoprocesses study (Abstract)
Acryflavine molecules delayed fluorescence kinetics modelling results by means of maximum entropy method have shown that after laser energy excitation triplet energy transfer processes between two sorts of the molecules - monomers and clusters - take place in the polymer matrix.
Размер файла: 147.5 Кбайт

Golov O.A., Labutin I.S., Brykhanov V.V.Polyvinyl alcohol films thero-optical destruction investigation (Abstract)
Electromagnetic radiation interaction with polyvinyl alcohol films surface has been studied.
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Ivanov A.M., Vasilyev D.V., Myslitskaya N.A.Anodized films fractal surface evolution (Abstract)
Aluminium films surface destruction kinetics has been measured by means of light scattering methods. Scattered light intensity angle dependence was registered in our work. The surface fractal dimension was estimated from the intensity angle dependence which was compared with AFM-microscopy measures.
Размер файла: 212.5 Кбайт

Labutin I.S., Brykhanov B.B., Sleghkin V.A.The measurement complex for measurement of voltage-amper characteristics and photoconductivity are simply connected nanoparticular pieces (Abstract)
The scheme of measurement complex building and the methodic for measurement of voltage-amper characteristics and simply connected nanoparticular objects photoconductivity are presented.
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Riabov V.E.Cartography-geodetic maintenance of the territorail organization of the population (Abstract)
Territorial management of the population concerns to the most complicated problems of the organization of a society the basic data carriers cards, complex atlases and geoinformation systems are. Now at creation of cards and plans it is applied GIS.
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Zarezin A. B., Samusev I.G.Fullerene molecule derivatives absorption and luminescence spectra investigation (Abstract)
Absortion and luminescence spectra of water-soluble fullerene derivative in polymer matrix have been investigated in our work.. Peak wavelenghtabsortion and luminescence have been estimated.
Размер файла: 170 Кбайт

Makovski D.U., Serebryakov V.V.On summation of positive integers (Abstract)
In the present paper the notation of reduction of positive integers is introduced. We discuss the properties of this notation.
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Steshenko A.V., Kuchinskajte E.V.The reasons of plucking out of feathers at the african ostriches at the maintenance in conditions of the kaliningrad area (Abstract)
Features of adaptation and display of atypical behaviour of black African ostriches in conditions of the Kaliningrad area are investigated, the reasons of plucking out of feathers, ways of treatment and preventive maintenance of this pathology are analysed.
Размер файла: 47 Кбайт

Pakhnoutov I.A.Computation in fgls (Abstract)
A numerical aspect in Feasible Generalized Least Squares is considered. Basic algorithm is simple and easily realizable.
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Noymayer Y.A., Li D.R.The processes of teaching are the most important circumstances of pedagogics and psychology (Abstract)
The theoretical and practical grounds of mechanism of the process of teaching are deschbed. The existential – humanistic approach to the education, bringing up and teaching is as an optimal for successful socialization of any person (man) is examined.
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