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KSTU NEWS №15 (2009)

Arkhipov A.G., Mamedov A.A., Simonova T.A.Vertical distribution ichthyoplankton in region Central-East Atlantic (Abstract)
Vertical distribution ichthyoplankton in regions South-Azores seamounts and Central-East Atlantic are considered in work at autumn and winter period 2003 and 2004 years, in spring and summer 2005 year. Noted raised concentrations eggs and larvae of fish on layer 150-0 (500-0) m. Got material were compared with data other authors.
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Goncharenok O.E., Delmuhametov A.B.Opportunity of reception ripening early spawning from of tench (Tincatinca L.) in installation of the closed recirculating systems (Abstract)
We studied influence of the Japanese preparation Vox on growth rate, survival rate and physiological condition of yearlings of tench. The experiments were performed in experimental closed recirculation system during 5 month (since December 2006 to may 2007). As the result of realization of experiment the positive influence of a preparation Vox on growth rate, survival rate and temp of development of reproductive system of yearlings of tench has been established.
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Krupnova M.Yu., Kaivarainen E.I., Borvinskaya E.V., Nemova N.N., Serpunin G.G.Influence of salinity and acidity of environment on activity of osmoregulation and proteolysis enzymes of young fish sterlets (Asipenserruthenus L.) (Abstract)
The lead experiment has shown reactivity of enzymes of osmoregulation Na+/K+-АТPase and lysosomalproteolyses - cathepsin B and D to changing ecological factors of environment, such as increase of salinity and рН, that underlies the adaptive reactions developed at eurygallinic kinds of fishes to which the sterlet concerns.
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Poddubnaya A.V., Dementiev V.N., Katassonov V.Ya., Duma V.V., Duma L.N., Bondarev D.E., Recoubratsky A.V.Genetic marking of common carp strain with color-determining gene (Abstract)
Selective breeding of genetically marked carp has been described. Color-determining gene D brought from the ornamental koi carp was used as a genetic marker. Fish-cultural and biological characteristics of a new strain called Butterfly have been presented.
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Riaboy V.E.Agroecology antropogenes landscape (Abstract)
In this article are considered accumulation of heavy metals agricultural landscapes.
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Anciferova O.A.Evolution natural brown forest soils in conditions of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Two variants of natural evolution brown forest soils for western party of Kaliningrad region are considered. The first variant is formation podzol soils and second variant is formation brown lessivated (leached) soils. The main factors evolutions are relief conditions and lessivation (clay leaching).
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Troyun T.N.Prospects of use mikrobik- vegetative systems in grassland (Abstract)
In given article practical value of application of mikrobik-vegetative systems is informed by manufacture of forages for agricultural animals. Creation of such ecologically safe systems allows not only to increase efficiency of plants, but also considerably to improve fertility soils of the Kaliningrad area.
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Rakhmikudoev G., Nurmamadov R., Hasanova M., Silvander V.G.Formation of buckwheat’ crop at various of sowing in condition of Sughd region the Northern Tajikistan (Abstract)
The research results on formation of buckwheat’ crop at various terms of sowing in conditions of Sughd Region, the Northern Tajikistan are submitted.
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Muromtsev A.B.To the guestions of epidemiology, treatment and precautions paramphistomidoses ungulate animals in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
In Kaliningrad the widely-distributed species of freshwater mollusсs from family Planorbidae is Planorbisplanorbis, which is the main intermediate host of Paramphistomideas here. The showing of their invasion with parthenites of Paramphistomideas makes up average 6,2% and it reaches maximum in August (7,0-9,2%). In natural conditions the process of embryonic and parthenogenetic development of Paramphistomideas takes place from the second part of april till October, especially rapidly – in July-August (miracidias – during 2-3 weeks, cercariaes - during 8 weeks). We have tested Alvet-suspension 10% against Paramphistomidoses. Among them the most effective one was Alvet-suspension (100,0%).
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Selivanova A.Realization of ecological formation through formation of the valuable relation to the nature (Abstract)
One of problems of ecological formation - formation of the valuable attitude to the nature. Ecological blocks which join in special disciplines are rendered with greater correctional influence on development of the subjective attitude to the nature.
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Choupakhina N.Yu., Gerbst O.V., Masurova E.V.Interrelation of the maintenance of antioxidants in blood of the mink stressful factors and parameters of reproductive ability (Abstract)
Dependence of the maintenance level of antioxidants in American mink’s blood from changing of zooengineering parameters of the maintenance of the animals illustrating a condition of biological stress is established. Also high correlation of parameters total antioxidant activity of blood and parameters of reproductive ability of a mink is noted.
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Zelenin F.L.Experimental definition of dependence of hydrodynamical factors trawl doors from their lengthening (Abstract)
In clause the data of experimental researches of dependences of hydrodynamical factors Сх and Сy of models trawl doorsdesign Zuberkruba from its lengthening. The results of experiment have confirmed theoretical conclusions about expediency of increase trawl doorswith the purpose of increase of their hydrodynamical quality. Using the data, received in experiment, further is planned to carry out the analysis of change of a stock of static stability trawl doorat increase of its lengthening. That will allow to prove an opportunity of creation of such trawl door.
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Velikanov N.L., Velikanova M.N., Kolobov A.V.Sewage treatment of dumps of the hard household the waste, of separate buildings and constructions (Abstract)
The article contains the description of the negative influence of a dump of a domestic wastes on a water sources and of the process sewage cleanout for separate buildings. Means of decreasing of this influence are considered.
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Vedyashkin A.S., Ahmedova N.R.Experience of protecting surface and soil waters from contamination (Abstract)
Experience of protecting surface and soil waters from contamination when the atmospheric precipitation infiltering firing range at disposing hard wastes has been considered.
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Sergeeva N.T., Lomako N.V.Endoecological peculiarity of the biology active ω-3 and ω-6 acids metabolism of a trout young (Abstract)
It is established, that the content (30-40 %) in polar lipids was below on 2 times in comparison with ω-6 acids for the time of endogonefeedig, the provision of a protein by ω-3 acids was about 7 % in the time of the greatest gain of weight of a trout young.
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Arabey T.I., Beloglazov S.M.The application of organic compounds in quality ingibitors of the corrosion of steel St3 at introduction in rust converter (Abstract)
The work has the research results of range of organic compounds (OC) as steel St3 corrosion inhibitors in water-salt medium. The main mechanical-and-physical and anticorrosive properties of covers were tested. The protective effects of the best OC is 54-72%.
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Baidalinova L.S., Sharygina Y.I.Lipids stabilization of quikly-frozen meat semifinished products (Abstract)
The article presents the results of researches of the impact of plant extracts to stabilize the lipid policomponental meat systems (ground meat semi-finished products from pork and beef) in process of storage. Samples (frozen and chilled cutlets) are prepared with rosemary and green tea extracts. Control sample was sample without additional extract. Chilled samples are kept at 2 - 4 0С during 4 days, frozen – at minus 18 0С during 180 days. Studied of trends in acid, peroxid, tiobarbituric values and the content of free fatty acids in lipids, extracted from samples. Defined using of rosemary and green tea extracts helps to break lipid oxidation during the process of storage products.
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Gladkov B.T.New antifriction materials received (Abstract)
In the article deals with way to reduce losses in the machines by using composite powder alloys in friction units.
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Tereshenko V.P., Alshevsky D.L., Alshevskaya M.N., Kerevichene E.E.Paultry a fish mince reological characteristics chacges for coecstrusion production of semiready products (Abstract)
The influence of temperature on rheology description of filling from meat bird (hen) and frozen fish (salmon, whiting) was determined.
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Alshevsky D.L., Seletskaya O.V., Halepo N.L., Goncharenko M.V.Organoleptic exaluation of salted fish produces and little salted preserves quality of industrial parties at Kaliningrad region market has been carried out (Abstract)
Organoleptic exaluation of preserves quality principal figures produced at Kaliningrad market region has been conducted. The limit strain of researched preserves indices has been calculated. Satisfactory, non- satisfactory and best samples of consistency index have been defined.
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Gorlatov A.S., Vaishvilas M.A.Investigation, development and calculation of 96 mechanism automatic of knifeof fish dressing mashine (Abstract)
Large number of machinery provided with automatic tuning (self- tuning) of working members on dimensions of work raw materials corresponds to the technological process variety during dressing of different kinds of fish. Using in fish dressing machine famous and tried-and-true machinery for self- tuning of working members- it is not only an economic aspect, but also a social. Mechanism scheme was developed, was received relations permissive it is revamping to process different kinds of fish.
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Gik L.A., Redkozubova Yu.A.Opportunities of the combination of methods of superficial plastic deformation of details of machines (Abstract)
In the given work the comparative analysis of existing methods of superficial plastic deformation is lead. Opportunities of a combination of processing обкатыванием and rolling in sliding process are revealed. Tests with positive result of the new tool and a way of processing are lead.
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Dyatchenko S.V.Strategy of designing of trade ships on the set vibrating condition (Abstract)
Presented strategy of designing the trade ships, allowing to provide given on sanitary rates of vibrations of condition crew stay in different categories of ship premiseses.
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Ovseev N.S., Diatchenko S.V.Ways for increasing efficiency of fishing vessels by means of dimensional modernization (Abstract)
Complex approach to modernization of fishing vessels is shown. Regularity of strength and vibration characteristics changes is shown.
Размер файла: 88 Кбайт

Ovchinnikov A.A., Valt A.B.Analysis of factors that influence electrothermotreatment of monolithic reinforced concrete using heating wires (Abstract)
Factors that effect thermotreatment of concrete using heating wires, are considered. Classification of these factors is given. Degree of their influence is described on choosing the temperature regime and setting technological parameters for heating of construction structures.
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Grafova E.N., Bobarykin N.D.Soil water level simulation (Abstract)
Accurately control model of water soil level is introduced in this article. Which is allowed quantitatively to estimate the quality of polder system.
Размер файла: 196 Кбайт

Stegachev E.V., Serdobintsev Y.P., Shneider S.V., Kobzev N.V.E-Training Complex on the discipline “Technical profit measurement and instrumentation” (Abstract)
An e-Training Complex on the discipline «Technical profit measurement and instrumentation», designed for students of distance learning. Complex is the use of virtual laboratory and automatic testing.
Размер файла: 245 Кбайт

Aleksandrov Y.P., Tretyakov S.A., Danilova M.V., Karaseva E.A.Study to hardness of tin by striking method (Abstract)
Recommendations are Given on using the portable meter to hardness "MIT-2" at measurement of dynamic hardness tin-plate sheet on scale HRT striking method on enterprise, making tin-plate tare.
Размер файла: 157.5 Кбайт

Borisov B.P.Way of magnit-electrical hardening and its technological opportunities at restoration of landing places of bearing (Abstract)
The description of a way of magnit-electrical hardening (МEH) is given, the basic scheme of device SM of its realization is resulted, advantages of a way are briefly characterized. The description and quantitative characteristics of a microrelief of the strengthened layer is given, its structure is schematically presented. Researches prove an opportunity of use МEH at restoration of landings of bearings on a shaft and in the case.
Размер файла: 159 Кбайт

Lukianova N.U., Lisovski P.S.The modeling of parameters of information system for region agro-industrial complex (Abstract)
The paper deals with the simulation modelling of parameters of information systems for the region agro-industrial complex by GPSS World.
Размер файла: 224 Кбайт

Lukianova L.M.The methods of automatized of goal analysis and synthesis and forming of systems of goals for fishing industry (Abstract)
The paper deals with the methods of analysis and synthesis of goals for fishing industry systems that allows decision-makers to eliminate logical errors in the results of these processes and do their solutions well founded.
Размер файла: 662 Кбайт

Kotenko A.A.Economic safety in Russia nowadays (Abstract)
A statistical picture, using the available data, of the economic safety in Russia is presented. Such features as poverty, inequality, low level of investments, low level of GDP per capita in this article are designed to give a better understanding of the economic safety in Russia nowadays. Primary improvement directions of economic safety in Russia nowadays are reviewed.
Размер файла: 92 Кбайт

Atsapkin E.K., Nedostup A.A.Researches of dynamic of a Danish seine (Abstract)
In article, results of experimental researches of movement of a Danish seine are resulted at its sample by an anchor method.
Размер файла: 141 Кбайт

Sberegaev N.A.Variation of business culture of students-economists of KGTU for last 20 years (Abstract)
Main task of this research was clarification of peculiarities of business culture of students – economists of our university durinq time of educational process and variation of this peculiarities for last 20 years.
Размер файла: 84.5 Кбайт

Gegechkory O.N., Bessarab U.A.The motives of attractive the students to the science (Abstract)
The following article shows the reasons of low level of attraction the students and young scientists into the scientific investigations and researches. The criterion of evaluation the inclinations of students to the scientific researches are given in this article. We also explored the ways of attraction the students to SIW and studied the question of those, who should be attracted to this work. Finally, there were developed the criteria of appreciation the creative inclinations of students.
Размер файла: 50 Кбайт

Gegechkory O.N.The development strategy of economic faculty of KGTU (Abstract)
In following article is considered the necessity of modernization of university’s economic education for transition Russia to market economy. In this connection the vision, mission, aims, tasks and actions are stated as strategy of development of the economic faculty of KSTU.
Размер файла: 542 Кбайт

Kubrak A.D., Golankov A.N.The description of creating the business incubator and venture fund for small business in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
This paper describes the model of organization business incubator in Kaliningrad region. Developed by author mechanism of financing small business venture projects is presented and described. Basis parameters and stages of business incubating are also worked out.
Размер файла: 94.5 Кбайт

Yurasyuk N.V.Making regulation competence of manager based on material teaching elective course “Regulation competence of organization manager” (Abstract)
In the article theoretical and methodological bases of “Legal points of personnel manager’s activity” course are defined; manager’s legal competence is characterized; possibility of the situational approach to the training of manager’s legal competence and typology of difficult situations in personnel manager’s activity are revealed.
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Rembolovitch J.V.Business game as a method of the development of economists’ conflicts solution availability (Abstract)
The article covers the issue of the development of business conflicts solution availability among economic specializations students on the basis of business game studying.
Размер файла: 42.5 Кбайт

Vinogradov A.I.The understanding of the subject of history in civilization-culturological branch of Russian philosophy (Abstract)
Summary: This article is devoted to the views on the subject of history, shaped in the civilization – culturological branch of Russian philosophy represented by the famous philosophers N. Danilevsky and N. Trubetskoy. The author attempts to prove that though the views of these two scholars had the Christian foundations, they practically rejected the traditional Christian subjects of history replacing them by the histories of different folks. Each folk as a subject of history creates its own unique culture which defines its specific character and separate sense. Thanks to this approach a positive sense was attributed to the cultural differences of different folks. This remains up-to-date now.
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Rogov D.V.Etymological and morphological approach to the development of technical students’language competence at high school (Abstract)
The given article tries to illustrate how etymological and morphological aspects of the language can be used in the process of English or any other Germanic or Romanic language teaching to ensure effective and creative mastering of foreign language as well as contribute to intellectual development of the students.
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Habarova O.V.Lexical means of expression concept “beobrazny” in russian picture of world XI-XIV century (Abstract)
The article establishes the level of lexical-semantic group of expression concept «bezobrazny» in Old Russian language, is considered the specificity of their semantic organization as means of expression basic evalution categories.
Размер файла: 52 Кбайт

Podruchnaja L.J.Studying of modal potential of the aspectual-temporal paradigm of Russian verb in practice of teaching of Russian as foreign (Abstract)
In clause modal-semantic features of aspectual-temporal system of Russian verb are analyzed, special cases of the use of specific and time forms of the verb having unusual text function are investigated. Examples of interpretation of semantics of verbal forms during their semantic транспозиции are given. On a material of Russian folklore fairy tale are analyzed modal, экспрессивные and estimated opportunities of a category of a kind, time and an inclination, reveal is art-expressive functions of a verb. Methodical aspects of studying имплицитного sense of a grammatic category of a kind and time representing to difficulty for perception by foreign recipients are considered.
Размер файла: 58.5 Кбайт

Dmitrochenko N.A.Foreign language studying as a means of developing individual and intellectual learner autonomy (Abstract)
The article studies the main contradictions concerning the new ideal of teaching in pedagogical theory and practice, namely the most efficient development of man’s ability for self-education and self-management. It contains the idea that foreign language studying at the non-linguistic university can contribute to developing individual and intellectual learner autonomy in higher education. It becomes possible provided the following terms are observed:1) creating motivation for language studying: 2) delegating to students some part of responsibility for process and results of language studying: 3) using multilateral forms of communication at the lessons: 4) stimulating students for reflexive evaluation of their studying: 5) attracting students for creative source search and information processing, for carrying out of exercises for classmates, for project work fulfilment. Besides, content of teaching material is of fundamental importance in developing individual and intellectual learner autonomy. Training aids should contain open to question materials, concerned with real, practical sides of social and business life, concepts and quotations for encouraging development of student’s own position, updates from documents and mass media.
Размер файла: 46.5 Кбайт

Massalina I.P.Discourse markers (Abstract)
The article deals with the different classifications and peculiarities of discourse markers (D. Shiffrin, B. Fraser, K. Bauer-Ramasani and others). A discourse marker is a word or phrase that marks a boundary in a discourse. Discourse markers do not belong to the syntactic or semantic structure of an utterance. They can be understood as elements which serve to the union of utterances. In this sense they are equivalent to the term connective.Discourse markers have unique formal and pragmatic properties, their frequency is rather high. In our survey the following groups of words are considered to be discourse markers: 1) conjunctions;2) prepositions; 3) articles; 4) pronouns; 5) adverbs; 6) prepositional phrases.
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Cherenok I.G.The explication of polemics in philosophical discourse (Abstract)
This article deals with manifest of polemics in philosophical text as an element of philosophical discourse. The argumentation on condition of externally kommunikation intends to be present in author’s consciousness an image of potential opponent. Lexikal-grammatical markers indicate an addressee-opponent.
Размер файла: 56.5 Кбайт

Klementsova N.N.Defining the level of reading skills acquisition in a foreign language (Abstract)
Communicative reading is described as fully integrated in the complicated process of foreign language acquisition. The criteria for its assessment are studied.
Размер файла: 49.5 Кбайт

Mezenova O.Ja., Anashkena K.G.Technology of functional cottage cheese enriched with components of kelp (Abstract)
Receiving of a functional cottage cheese product by a substantiation of the way of standard cottage cheese kelp enrichment, development of the ready product compounding, conditions of its storage and recommendations on practical use. Rationality and perceptivity of the cottage cheese products enrichment by food biologically active components is shown. The way of the dried kelp entering into cottage cheese semi finished item technology, providing preservation of its bio potential and high organoleptic advantages of finished goods is substantiated. Quantitative parameters of the enriched cottage cheese composition are developed. The maintenance of the key components causing functional properties of a new product is determined. Recommendations on the use of the new production in a meal are prepared.
Размер файла: 115 Кбайт

Karnaukh A.V., Titova L.M.The assessment of ripening acceleration impact on qualitative characteristics of preserves (Abstract)
The influence of food additives composition on type and speed of ripening, qualitative characteristics of herring fillets and shelf-life of preserves are investigated; the marketing research of consumer’s attitude to the use of the additives in preserves technology is performed; the applied use of the ripening accelerators is recommended.
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