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KSTU NEWS №16 (2009)

Sauskan V.I.The role of Kaliningrad fisheries in the development of national ocean fisheries (Abstract)
The article discussed the history of scientific fisheries management organizations, Kaliningrad region, mainly AtlantNIRO (Atlantic Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography). An analysis of the history of the Kaliningrad research and education fishery complex development shows that this system was the basis for the development of national ocean fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean and south-eastern Pacific Ocean. In the article a scheme of the complex regional structure in the ocean fisheries is shown, science AtlantNIRO activities are listed, specialists and scientists that have made notable contributions to ocean fisheries research are called.The trend of long-term changes in fishing the USSR and Russia and some of their causes was analyzed. In conclusion, urgent measures to rehabilitate large-scale national oceanic fisheries were proposed.
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Antsiferova O.A.Differentiation of a profile of burozems of the Kaliningrad area on silt (Abstract)
On the basis of the analysis of sample the fact of textural differentiation of a profile of burozems of the western part of the Kaliningrad area on silt is established. It is supposed, that a principal cause of differentiation of a profile is lessivation, actively developing in conditions humid climate and short-term freezing soil.
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Antsiferova O.A., Salaeva E.V., Vitkovskaja K.V.Soils and crop in catena with developing erosion of Svetlogorsk site (Abstract)
In hilly аagricultural landscape on loamy sandy burozems in conditions of a damp autumn and warm winter with an abundance of rainstorms the accelerated formation flow forms of water erosion and rain gullies is revealed. The total volume of the born soil as a result of water erosion on the investigated site reaches 15,6 m3/ha for October 2007 - April 2008. The soil cover of a site represents a combination from burozems not washed off, poorly, middle and strongly washed off, and also washed over soils at bottom of a slope. Parameters of structure of a crop winter rye depend on a steepness of a slope, a degree washed off soils and geochemical streams.
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Silvander V.G.Design of the device for the mechanized way receptions of copulation of cuts at the inoculation of plants (Abstract)
Necessity of an intensification of manufacture of a landing material for creation of gardens of intensive type are considered. Design features of the device for an inoculation of the plants are resulted, allowing to raise of accretion of grafter with stocks to improve conditions and labour productivity.
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Nedostup A.A.Method of calculation of characteristics of mid-water trawl (Abstract)
In article the method of calculation of drag of mid-water trawl net Rx, and also vertical H and horizontal L sizes of a mouth of trawls on a tug is resulted. The calculation method is based on experimental researches of models of trawls in a flume tank of Company "MariNPO" are lead (Kaliningrad).
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Serpunina L.T., Serpunina E.G.The competency of students with psychology major in the question of health (Abstract)
The results of knowledge evaluation of the students majoring in psychology in questions of helathsustaintion and the wholesome meals.
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Bessmertnaya I.A., Ageeva M.S., Petrova J.A.The technology of dried and dried-jerked fishery products of deep separation with the taste aromatic addition usage (Abstract)
The necessity of developing the technology of dried and dried-jerked fishery products of deep separation from fresh-water fishes muscular web with the taste aromatic additions and ripe intensificators usage are considered. The technological process of salty unfinished goods preparation, the change in ripe indexes while brining, jerking and storing ready goods are examined.
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Baidalinova L.S., Bruskova V.N.Using of food filaments in production of canned meat products (Abstract)
Marked the perspectives and distinguished the principal tendencies in development of canned meat’s branch in Russia. Explained the necessity in increasing the number of canned meat product’s technologies for functional food. Considered the advisability of using food filaments as functional additives in canned meat.
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Makhnach E.V., Bessmertnaya I.A.Changes of the organoleptic quality indicators of the biscuits with preventive properties at storing (Abstract)
The article investigates the necessity of developing a mealy functional product. It gives the substantiation for the method of enrichment of mealy products of standard quality with a fish protein – mineral filler. It also investigates the organoleptic quality indicators of the experimental product as well as their change during storage.
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Dyatchenko S.V., Lyong N.H.Estimation of parameters of the general durability and vibration at early design stages of average fishing trawlers (Abstract)
The analysis of parameters of the general durability and vibration of average fishing trawlers is made. Statistical dependences of change of the moments of inertia and the moments of resistance of a main deck and the bottom of middle section on settlement length of a vessel are received. For average fishing trawlers, dependences of change of frequency of own fluctuations of the case on its settlement length are received. The estimation of possibility of application of the received results at early design stages is given.
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Dyatchenko S.V.Definition of the general laws of occurrence of the raised vibration on the big fishing ships of type “Prometej” (Abstract)
Results of vibrating conditions habitability, received as a result of natural tests of the big fishing ships of type "Prometej" are presented. The general laws of occurrence of the raised vibration of deck overlapping in premises of ships of this type are defined.
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Viet Hoan NguyenUsing of regression equation for devise functional dependence of weight and center of gravity coordinate of loading article (Abstract)
This article presents a method of regression equation using for devise functional dependence of weight and center of gravity coordinate of loading article.
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Guick L.A., Shurygin D.I., Beilina E.D., Lesnichenko A.Ju.The dynamics of oblique angel cutting with tangential edge movement (Abstract)
The paper gives mathematical model of defining basic mechanical cutting characteristics with tangent edge movement by which stock allowed is being machined by means of round tool forced to rotate. Calculation methods for defining forces at oblique angel cutting have been determined for most complex and general machining. Since calculation definition of forces at oblique angel cutting has been done for the first time in the world practice and such a tool hasn’t been solved even for the more simple variants of conventional machining, these results are of theoretical importance and may be widely used in dynamics calculations of cutting processes by means of both moving and fixed razor.
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Kalacheva M.S.Using polymer with “effect of memories” in recycling production (Abstract)
The types and characteristics of polymer with “effect of memories” and particularities of their using in pipe line repairs are cousidered. The results of the stand test and recommendations on using are presented.
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Sokolova I.A.Integrated approach in selection of the contents of ecology-economic courses of renovation engineer’s training (Abstract)
The article deals with principles, origin, further development of the integrated approach in pedagogies, as well as peculiarities of its use for designing the contents of ecology-economic courses for training renovation engineers.
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Sharkov O.V., Kalinin A.V.The analysis of variators use in the fishing equipment drivers for purse seining (Abstract)
The article analyses possibility of regulating wide range of transference ratio of fishing equipment drives for purse seining to impulse variators with eccentric one-way clutches use.
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Brovarni D.P.Representation of automobile networks by system defects and their coverings by of the enterprises of the road facilities (Abstract)
The list of repair - regenerative and serving works of a network of highways and resources of the enterprises maintaining a network are submitted as system defects and a set of coverings of the data defects, and, each unit of technical equipment of the maintaining organization, or submitted in the nomenclature of the supplier of road technical equipment possesses final value of efficiency on a covering various road defects. The data of two sets are based on information ГИС of a road facilities.
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Lukianova N.U.The foreign experience of the quality information systems evaluation for agro-industrial sphere (Abstract)
The paper deals with the scientific analysis of the foreign experience of the quality information systems evaluation, with potential ability to use this experience for the quality information supplying evaluation of the agro-industrial complex of Russia.

Makarskii V.A.Modeling engineering parameters of automatic machines for amber grinding (Abstract)
The achicoed models show the importance of link between techniko-economic indices of amber polishing equipment with its design technologies parameters.
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Zinko D.H., Lukianova L.M.A questions of problem analysis for fishing industry: methods and methodologies (Abstract)
The paper consider methods and methodologies of problem analysis of organization systems and possibilities using these for Fishing Industry, provide results of preliminary analysis of Fish Industry problems.
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Sanin V.F.World financial and industrial crisis of 2008 (Abstract)
The causes for the world financial and industrial crisis in the USA are considered as well as its migration into West Europe and East Europe and its consequences.
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Senchukova L.O., Gegechkori O.N.Corruption in higher education: the causes, effects and mechanisms of countering (Abstract)
This article analyzes corruption in education, identify the causes of this phenomenon. The authors propose a mechanism for anti-corruption policies.
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Sberegaev N.A.Problems and perspectives development of specialty 080502.65 in KSTU (Abstract)
Main task of research was estimation of problems and perspectives development of specialty 080502.65 in KSTU.
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Chaplygin V.G., Kurianov A.M.Contemporary concerns of management in the state sector of Russian economy (Abstract)
The development of crisis situation in Russia had showed a lack of sustainability and a very low level of adoption of the economic system. Thus, the issues of the state regulation co-ordination of the industrial, structural, investment and monetary policy, became extremely actual.
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Terehov A.V.Conception basis organizing system and management production auto serves transport with utilization different number canal information (Abstract)
In article examination basis system organizing and management production auto serves transport permit effective management job enterprise auto service depend from number canal information.
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Vinogradov A.I.Subject of history in the philosophy of all-unity (Abstract)
The article reveals the views on the subject of history formed by three representatives of the Russian philosophy system – philosophy of All-Unity – V. Solovjov, N. Berdyaev and S.Bulgakov. The article shows that the three philosophers radically reinterpreted Christian providentialism, made considerable emphasis on moral values and antropologism. The author draws the conclusion about the closer affinity of Berdyaev’s and Bulgakov’s views to historical reality and concerning their shared experience of the tragedy of freedom in the activity of the subject of history.
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Ageev V.V., Shemelina M.V.European union: a maximum of the professional bureaucracy and minimum of the corruption (Abstract)
The article focuses its attention upon the issues of the bureaucracy growth methods of professional preparation of the emplaces, reol tape, parliamentarians. A fight against corruption as a significant tool in EU managerial activity and a way to a successful integration policy of the society.
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Romanovskaya O.G., Romanovsky V.M.Information society and national culture of labor and management (Abstract)
The article deals with the influence of the globalization process on management and labor culture. Presented are the conclusion, of the need to use national management and labor peculiarities for successful adaptation of men to the challenges of information society.
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Samusev I.G., Zarezin A.B.Water-soluble fullerene molecules with magnetic nanoparticles interaction process investigation (Abstract)
Interaction process of water-soluble fullerene molecules with magnetic nanoparticles has been studied. Influence of nanoparticles magnetic field on spin-orbital interaction in molecules has been analyzed. Water-soluble fullerene phosphorescence spectrum has been estimated.
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Gristenko A.V., Myslitskaya N.A., Ivanov A.M., Samusev I.G.Liquid in tube laminar flux near-border layer study by means of photo correlation spectroscopy (Abstract)
Diffusion coefficients values on the 2 – 3 mm near-border layer range at small Reynolds numbers for laminar flux have been estimated on by means of photon correlation spectroscopy. Comparison with the corresponding classical investigations has been carried out.
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Myslitskaya N.A., Ivanov A.M., Samusev I.G., Bryukhanov V.V.On non-radiative deactivation mechanism of dyes molecules triplet states at small alcohol concentrations in water (Abstract)
The laser pulse photolysis experiments on fluorescence and phosphorescence of acrydine dyes molecules in water solutions at various alcohol concentrations have been carried out. Intercombination transfers change mechanisms in water-alcohol solutions at clatrate-structuring concentration interval have been explained.
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Ahrenova N.A.The peculiarities of conceptual metaphors in the internet (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the study of the role of metaphor for the communication via Internet. Metaphors build up a huge layer of Internet lexis and help us to accommodate to the technology quicker and make it a part of our everyday life and a vital means of communication. The Internet lexis is full of bright and expressive metaphors, even the names World Wide Web and the Net are metaphoric.
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Klimenko M.V., Klimenko V.V.Numerical simulation effects of magnetospheric convection, particle precipitation and field aligned currents of the second region during sequence of geomagnetic storms September 9-14, 2005 (Abstract)
The given research is devoted to investigations by mathematical modeling methods the influence of various model input parameters on the ionosphere behavior during geomagnetic storm sequence.
Размер файла: 1889.5 Кбайт

Noymayer Y.A., Li D.R.Research of the problem of the weak communication among young people (Abstract)
There are researches of the psychological unity of the young people in this article. These researches deal show the successful communication. The are also some results wuchdesaibe the importance of some factors of teaching as the reasons forming the success of youth is relationship. There also a connection between sensitive age and the essential guality of the folloning communication. To your suggest there are some social – domeshic reasons of infantilization.
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Massalina I.P.The category of satellites. The structure and semantic organization (Abstract)
The article deals with the certain class of words, which are the satellites of nouns and verbs, modifying their semantics. A satellite is a component in the description of the motion, denoting the localization of the motion or its direction. The category of satellites includes units having a common concept and modifying the referring noun or verbal group: prepositions, prefixes, postpositive particles, and adverbs.
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Mai Q.T.New approach to the development of equations for stability for Vietnamese small fishing vessels (Abstract)
Shortcomings of existing equation of stability in the designing of ships are showed. A new form of equation of stability based on sufficient conditions for stability is suggested. In solving the equation system of designing we obtain geometrical characteristics of vessel which meet stability requirements.
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Leshchinsky M.B., Martynenkov V.V.Virtual reality and actual modeling (Abstract)
Educational-demonstration complex of use innovation of technologies at repair and restoration of the equipment. Process of training in a combination of figurative and practical components of perception expressing in complex technology training with use in educational process real of modeling of processes and an opportunity of their reproduction in a virtual reality.
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Tanaseychuk M.K.About fluctuation of personnel from services laboursafity (Abstract)
The analysis reasons about fluctuation of personnel of services laboursafetu, vocational training of experts on a labour safety Is lead, problems in process independent professional activity, variants of improvement of an existing situation are recommended.
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