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KSTU NEWS №17 (2010)

Baranovskiy P.N., Sokolov A.V.The diet characteristic of fish-eating perch of the Vishtinetskoe lake (Abstract)
In the diet of fish-eating perch of Vishtinetskoe lake met 8 species of fish. The basis of the diet of fish-eating are perch and whitefish. Pearch with length range from 2 to 16 cm and whitefish with length range from 4 to 1 cm are objects of fish-eating pearch diet. The pearch population of Vishtinetskoe lake biomass consist of fish-eating pearch to 45,3%.
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Sementina E.V., Serpunin G.G.Hematologic parameters of the lake perch of Vishtynets lake during the spring and summer periods (Abstract)
Parameters of blood of the perch caught in different areas of Vyshtynets lake, that testifies the safe physiological state and favorable ecological conditions in the lake.
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Dubravin V.F., Stont J.I., Goushchin O.A.The daily changes evolution of hydrometeorological elements above southest Baltic region (Abstract)
The analysis of time series has revealed structure of variability of hydrometeorological fields. The daily changes are characterized by prevalence of a daily mode with the big stability.
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Polunina Ju.Ju., Terechova T.A.Zooplankton peculiarities of the Pregel river – Kaliningrad marine channel system (Abstract)
Zooplankton of the Pregel River – Kaliningrad Marine Channel aquatic system was presented by 105 species in 1996-2006. Species’ occurrence and features of spatial distribution at the different areas are mainly stipulated by biotope and salinity conditions of the investigated areas.
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Frantseva A.B.Promisingvarities of spring rape in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The article presents the results of variety trials 4 varieties of spring oilseed rape for two years in the Kaliningrad region. Determined phenological and morphometric parameters. Identify the most promising and high-yielding varieties of spring rape.
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Gurevich A.S.Ability to formation of time connections between irritants at seimo- and electrosensitive plants (Abstract)
It is established, that the investigated plants possess the certain physiological mechanism allowing them to establish connection between indifferent irritant and irritant, causing nasty.
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Rahmihudoev G.R., Davlatmamadova S.A., Silvander V.G., Hasanova M.R.Agrobiological features and productivity of the saffron (crocus sativus l.) in conditions of the Central Tadjikistan (Abstract)
Data on biological features of a saffron and his(its) requirement to external conditions, the agricultural technician, influence of mineral and organic fertilizers on formation of a crop in conditions of the Central Tadjikistan are presented.
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Nedostup A.A., Orlov E.K.The new formula for calculation of static factor of a friction (Abstract)
Experimental researches of frictional interaction of threads, cords and ropes with a steel cylindrical drum on an arch of contact to corners from 40 to 720 degrees are spent. New formulas for calculation of static factor of a friction and factor of an arch of rest are received.
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Belykh A.V.Modeling of characteristics of a Danish seine (Abstract)
In article it is resulted results of mathematical modelling of sample of a Danish seine by anchor way. Schedules of dependences a tension in the top point warp Tmax=f(Fн), Tmax=f(q/d), Tmax=f(), Tmax=f(Fo) and Tmax=f(vв) are received
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Velikanov N.L., Velikanova M.N., Kolobov A.V.Modernization of open drain-currents water during building up dwelling of area (Abstract)
One of areas of Kaliningrad in which the housing estate is planned is described. Earlier these earths were agricultural and for their drainage the open meliorative system was used. It is shown that in new conditions the closed drainage is necessary.
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Vedyashkin A.S., Ahmedova N.R.Bio-remediation of water on scramble hard home wastes (Abstract)
Experience of complex biological action is considered on clear infiltrate of pollution on scramble hard home departure, which excludes contamination a soil and surface water and normalizes ecological situation.
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Bezymyanova Yu.A., Skiba G.S.The solubility of zirconium’s and hafnium’s oxychlorides in solutions of hydrochloric acid (Abstract)
Studied solubility of the system ZrOCl2−HfOCl2−HCl−H2O into the slit with 33 and 40-percent hydrochloric acid at 25 degrees above zero. There is system with solid solutions. Found coefficient of separation for zirconium and hafnium oxichlorides at the hydrochloric acid’s solutions.
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Tanasejchuk M.K.Theprofessionalessiografichesky approach to working out of model of the expert in labour safety (Abstract)
The analysis of the maintenance of concept professiogramma is made, possibility of working out of model of the expert in a labour safety is considered, is presented professionalessiografichesky the approach to working out of such model.
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Baydalinova L.S., Sharygina Y.I.Quality research of frozen meat semi-finished products (Abstract)
Semi-finished products are maximal prepared for heat treatment and being products of «high range of redness» that very essential for consumer in modern conditions. Therefore meat industry needs grow up of production these products in frozen view. But speed of accumulation oxidative rancidity products adds disagreeable, rancid taste for product. There is a necessity to consider choice of effective for lipids stabilization phyto-preparations provided quality characteristics and increased shelf-life of products.
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Morozov A.A., Chernyshova N.L., Bakholdina L.P., Shenderyuk V.V.Determination of biogenic amines in water bioresourses and seafood (Abstract)
In this article considers the biogenic amines, health impact and methods of its determination. Also shown the results of determination of biogenic amines in raw fish and fish products using the method from State Standard developed by research workers from the laboratory of TC “AtlantNIRO”.
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Fedorov S.V., Sereda N.A.To determination of friction factor in cinematic vapour of the hook mechanism (Abstract)
Article contains offers on determination of the values of friction in stage of the calculating study of the mechanism.
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Sychov I.T., Borisov B.P.Influence of interaction of a magnetic field on deriving is magnetic an electric coverage (Abstract)
Interaction of magnetic field at shaping is magnetic an electric coverage, influences it a quality.
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Sokolova I.A.Galvanic processes particularities technology when recovering the details of the machines (Abstract)
The Process of the technology designing of the recovering the details of machine building by means of plating has a number of particularities both in determination of process mode, composition of the electrolyte and in selection of mechanical and galvanic equipment.
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Djatchenko S.V., Ovseev N.S., Lyong N.H.Definition of leading particulars of the hull structure of the fishing boat taking into account demands of providing of strength and vibration prevention (Abstract)
Modern lines of projection of a hull structure of a vessel are considered. The area of application of a mathematical model of computer-aided design of the hull structure is expanded, allowing to fulfiloptimisation calculations of mass of the case taking into account demands of providing of strength and prevention of vibration of case constructions. The structurally-logic circuit design of process of projection of a hull structure taking into account demands of providings of strength and sanitary norms of vibration is offered.
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Ivanov A.P., Zharavin D.A.Graphic simulation method of hull construction manufacture process (Abstract)
In this article we present results of a research intended to develop a new method of hull construction manufacture simulation.
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Selin V.V., Berkova E.A.Place and role of small power engineering in the Kaliningrad region energy balance (Abstract)
This is considered one of schemes of realization of the energy-biological complex for heat and electricity generation by sewerage biomass and food waste utilization.
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Kuzkin V.G., Minko A.A., Filonov A.G.The adjustment quality increase of diesel fuel equipment (Abstract)
This paper presents the method of complementing ship propulsion engine fuel equipment by precise elements depending on required inequality of load distribution in cylinders.
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Zinoviev V.N.Definition of a microcrackingof plain concrete at compression by a tensometric method (Abstract)
Actual levels of microcracking of plain concrete during the compression by an ultrasonic pulse method have been reported. An analytical correlation and type of curve Change of Volumetric Strain and Stress have been established. Connection with previous research by other sis shown.
Размер файла: 764 Кбайт

Saprikin J.M., Sayapin D.G.Manufacturing of preintense designs in forms with an internal not movable emphasis (Abstract)
The basic scopes, design features, technological use of the given design are described.
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Saprikin J.M., Lushnikov A.V.Prevalent causes of violation of heat-moisture conditions in building envelop (Abstract)
Prevalent violations of heat-moisture conditions in building envelop an its causes are considered.
Размер файла: 526 Кбайт

Rudy A.V.Mathematical modeling of vessel’s electrical and energetic systems (Abstract)
The article by the following thematic «Mathematical modeling of vessel’s electrical and energetic systems» is dedicated to consideration of popular software package – MATLAB – as complete software solution for modeling of vessel’s electric and energetic systems in various conditions and situations. As an example for modeling of such electrical and energetic systems, the creation of MATLAB model for parallel work of shaft generator and diesel generator is reviewed in this article with obtaining of some modeling results for behavior of the system with incoherent rotation of the vessel’s main screw.
Размер файла: 57 Кбайт

Blaginin V.A., Kajekin I.E.Resistive grounding of neutral in ship electro power systems (Abstract)
Dependence of the maximum arc overvoltage on size of phase capacity in ship electric systems with resistive grounding of a neutral is received.
Размер файла: 47 Кбайт

Kozlovich R.A., Serdobintsev S.P.Thermal objects modeling of the brick manufacture by the finite volume analysis (Abstract)
The article is to show how simulation can be using COSMOSFloWorks in ceramic industry for thermal objects modeling and how simple it is to analyze design variations. These factors make COSMOSFloWorks the perfect tool for engineers who want to test the design changes.
Размер файла: 213 Кбайт

Miroshnikov A.S., Serdobintsev S.P.Automation workstation system of gas distriction station (Abstract)
This article is about the automation control system of gasdistribution station. Technical and algorithmic features, structure and functionality automation control system are described.
Размер файла: 219 Кбайт

Alexandrov J.P., Tretjakov S.A.The research of hardness in the technological equipment parts places difficult to access for fish processing and food industry (Abstract)
The results of hardness pattern measures by means of microprocessor hardness meter of MIT-2 type at different special detector positions are given and measures for increasing precision of machine parts hardness measurement in the places difficult to access.
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Borisov B.P., Smirnova M.V., Novikov K.S., Balashov A.O.The research of process formation of the form of cabochons from amber on the kinematic model (Abstract)
Theoretical approaches, kinematic model and procedure of the studies are developed on the basis of analysis of the existing theories of forming complex-profile surfaces. These developments make possible to compare the advantages and disadvantages in the existing special-purpose machine tools on grinding of cabochons and to propose the improved kinematic structure of data of machine tools.
Размер файла: 263 Кбайт

Khrustalyov E.I., Delmuchametov A.B.Growth and survival rate of reserve broodstock of pike-perch in industrial conditions (Abstract)
We have studied the features of growth, survival rate, feeding of pike-perch in industrial conditions. The experimental work was performed since July 2007 to May 2009. The pike-perch is perspective object of industrial aquaculture. The pike-perch was reared in closed recirculating systems. As the result of realization of experiment data on growth rate, survival rate and feeding of pike-perch in industrial conditions has been obtained.
Размер файла: 104 Кбайт

Kolesnikov A.V., Listopad S.V.The method of measuring intelligent agents interaction in computer decision support systems (Abstract)
Considered one of the approaches to the creation of intellectual computer sistey decision support with self-organization based on an analysis purposes experts. A method for assessing the degree of interaction of intelligent agents in computer decision support systems, which is important for determining the effectiveness of the expert groups and improve the quality of such systems.
Размер файла: 25 Mбайт

Kafidov V.M., Kafidov V.V.Products quality formation base model (Abstract)
Customer value determines the demand for the products, respectively, and its competitiveness, which leads to the feasibility of investment in the quality and range. The proposed method of forming and evaluating the quality of products will improve the competitiveness of products.
Размер файла: 19 Mбайт

Shlemin A.V., Budchenko I.S.The concept of the system approach to innovative activity in fish-industrial development complex of the oceanic craft (Abstract)
The principles of application of system analysis methods to innovative activity in fish-industrial development complex on the basis of an oceanic craft are considered.
Размер файла: 76 Кбайт

Kubrak A.D., Senchukova L.O.Estimation of efficiency of the organization of regional strategic planning (Abstract)
In article the original technique of an estimation of efficiency of the organization of regional strategic planning is offered. Technique application is shown on an example of the anticorruption program of the Kaliningrad region.
Размер файла: 72 Кбайт

Rybakov E.P.Scientology: destructive religious-philosophical type of moods (Abstract)
The article discusses some aspects of Scientology as a small religious group. It is noted that the Scientology even conventionally difficult to classify. Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that the religious and philosophical structure is a destructive totalitarian organization.
Размер файла: 53 Кбайт

Kalinnikova L.N.To the question of one semantic leit-motive in Russian national conception (Abstract)
National conception contains the set of “key ideas”, or semantic leit-motives. We analyze one of the typical Russian semantic leit-motives which is reflected on different language levels. We examine in particular the group of impersonal-and-reflexive verbs which have no direct translation into another languages and we must use only descriptive methods of interpretation and translation.
Размер файла: 44 Кбайт

Podrutchnaya L.J.Realisation of modal potential of a verbal inclination in language of the Russian poetic epos (Abstract)
In article on a material of texts of Russian epic songs modal, expressional and estimated possibilities of a category of a kind, time and an inclination are analyzed; is art-expressive functions of a verb in typological the genre subject situations of bylinas reveal.
Размер файла: 62 Кбайт

Guseva I.G.Metaphors functioning in the language of ichthyology (Abstract)
We consider the term as objective - subjective unit of cognition results fixation. In the processes of the language for specific purposes creation, metaphor acts as a cognitive mechanism of comparison to find a new name to our emotional and other kind of experience, with the only aim - to bring knowledge to others.
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Fedotova E.A.Cognitive features of terminological system «safety of manufacture and technological processes» (Abstract)
This article attempts to show and analyze the terminological system "Safety of manufacture and technological processes", namely "Labour safety" and historical development of this branch of the science. We structure the terminological field of this science and allocate mainframes of the science "Labour safety". The base concepts are identified and the concept sphere is established. The general organization of relations of the professional figures of a labour safety at the enterprise in Germany is suggested in the article.
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Dmitrochenko N.A.Contents of foreign language textbooks as a factor of developing intellectual and individual learner autonomy at technical universities (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the issues of higher professional education contents in view of new educational standards. The problem of graduate adaptation to dynamic conditions of professional, social, ecological, information environment has determined new approach to contents of foreign language textbooks, which serve as a means of communicative and intercultural competence development. Analysis of the problem has discovered foreign texts can promote intellectual and individual learner autonomy development if they: 1) reveal problems of history and modern science and polycultural society; 2) contain foreign fiction, fine arts and music works illustrating cultural significance of a studied material; 3) include data favouring development of ecological knowledge based on coevolution of nature and society concept which should be used in young specialists future work; 4) facilitate student information searching skills development.
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Prisyazhnaya A.F.Russian-European cooperation in the field of teaching foreign languages: problems, solutions, futures (Abstract)
The article gives a brief analysis of the theoretical basis of cooperation in the European and Russian systems of teaching foreign languages. Problems, arising out of the interaction of the two systems of teaching foreign languages, are described in the article. These are terminological, methodological, tactical, evaluative and technological problems. The problem of designating the basic methodological categories is solved by viewing their frequency of usage, urgency in education systems and application in teaching foreign languages. Solving the methodological problem largely depends on the implementation of the State Standard in education. The tactical problem can be reduced, when considering students’ individuality. The evaluative problem requires methodologically valid integration of requirements to the linguistic and speech characteristics of communication. The technological problem can find solution by enriching Russian typology of exercises with tasks, worked out in European methods of teaching foreign languages.The fact of the existence of the problems discussed leads different methodological systems to the mutual enrichment. All the problems can be successfully solved on the methodological, theoretical and technological levels. Different ways of finding the solution is no obstacle to cooperation, but this denies copying one system of teaching in varying conditions. Further cooperation is possible in the field of finding new techniques of teaching.
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Sibirtseva N.A.Results of research of physical and motor development (Abstract)
During experimental researches dependence between dynamics of growth of children of preschool age and a level of development of their coordination abilities is established.
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Velikanov N.L., Kovalenko L.S.Interpersonal contadictions as the source of conflicts in the course of training of military men and women (Abstract)
Features of interpersonal contradictions are considered. Advantages of is-using of gender identity in preventive maintenance of conflicts are shown.
Размер файла: 69 Кбайт

Zaitsev A.A., Vasyukevich A.A.Results of testing of vestibular function at sportsmen in a aerobic gymnastics (Abstract)
Dependence of result in a aerobic gymnastics from a level of development of the vestibular analyzer is shown.
Размер файла: 40 Кбайт

Volskaya S.F.Modern methods of activization of educational process at –as base of formation of legal literacy in technical higher educational establishment (Abstract)
In article problems of formation of legal literacy of students of technical college are discussed. On the basis of the analysis of concepts "the legal culture", "legal competence", and "legal literacy", is proved that necessary condition of realization of technology of training of legal literacy of graduates of technical college is high efficiency of participants of process of training - teachers and students. And activity of the student in this process is solving.
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