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KSTU NEWS №18 (2010)

Food production Technique and Technology

Fatychov J.A., Ageev O.V., Evtropkov V.M., Matsonko A.Z.Prospects of working out of mechatronic complexes for the fish preprocessing (Abstract)
Prospects of working out modern cutting-filleting equipment on a basis of mechatronics are considered. It is shown, that the new equipment should be projected in a kind of mechatronic complexes with use of methods of technical creativity.
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Dolgiy N.A., Serdobincev S.P.The automated control algorithm of cans tightness on the bass of means of technical vision (Abstract)
In article the automated control algorithm of cans tightness on basic of means of technical vision is offered and experimentally proved.
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Semenov E.V., Babakin B.S., Voronin M.I.The problem of pneumatic and crioseparation of raw fish (Abstract)
Quautitative analysis of cinematic characteristus of mechanically and geometrically different particles of frozen and milled raw fish mixture sushended in the air upstream on the basis of impukse conservation has been carried out. Effectiveness calculation of pneumatic mixture separation in chamber electroseparators on the basis of given physicomechanical and geometrical parameter has been substantiated.
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Fatychov J.A., Suslov A.E., Magharov A.V.The results of fish bones vacuum drying research (Abstract)
The technology of obtaining functional food addition of fish bone has been suggested. Experimental unit for vacuum drying of raw material and experiments carrying out method have been deveped. Data for kinetics of cod and pike-perch fish bone drying depending on different process parameters have been obtained.
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Gorlatov A.S., Vaishvilas M.A.Investigation, development and calculation of mechanism for automatic tuning of knife of fish dressing (Abstract)
Large number of machinery provided with automatic tuning (self- tuning) of working members on dimensions of work raw materials to the technological process variety during dressing of different kinds of fish. Using in fish dressing machine famous and tried-and-trie machinery for self tuning of working members- it is not only an economic aspect, but also a social. Mechanism scheme was developed, was received relations permissive it is revamping to process different kinds of fish.
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Seletzkaya O.V., Alshevsky D.L., Alshevskaya M.N.The method of generalzed quantitative organoleptic exaluation of co-extruted formed preserve quality (Abstract)
Coefficients of meaning of basic organoleptic quality indices of co-extruded formed preserved have been defined. The table for identifying generalized quantitative organoleptic exaluation of preserves quality has been suggested.
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Lisovoi V.V., Ivanova E.E.Future of waste processing of merchantability pond fish for animal protein (Abstract)
Fish waste, constitute an important reserve of food commodities, which is often underestimated.
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Anokhina O.N.Conservation of quality lipids a muscular fabric at refrigerating storage of fish (Abstract)
Lipids a muscular fabric of fish are one of the important limiting components defining a degree of quality and periods of storage of production. Depth and speed of change of structure and properties lipids at hydrolysis and oxidation play a paramount role in formation of such important quality indicators of fish production, as color, a smell and taste. Results of researches testify to obvious influence of a way of refrigerating processing on change lipids fishes. Refrigerating processing with use of liquid and gaseous nitrogen provides much higher stability lipids to oxidation, than traditional ways. It allows to let out food fish production of higher quality.
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Seletskaya O.V., Halepo N.L., Alshevsky D.L., Alshevskaya M.N., Tereschenko V.P.The improvement of formed preserves of technological process (Abstract)
Marketing, organoleptic, microbiology and reologicalresearh with the purpose of technology improvement has been conducted.
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Lisovoi V.V.The efficiency of the process of ozonation technology in the production of protein isolates (Abstract)
Application of ozonation process is one effective way of obtaining protein isolates of preserving high native properties of proteins.
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Makarov M.S., Serdobincev S.P.Groundwater intake control system for drinking water production (Abstract)
In this article it's considered the groundwater intake control system for drink water production, which provided economic and reliable maintenance of deep wells and pump equipment.
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Anistratova O.V., Serpunina L.T.Development of the effective way of milk and curd crioconservation (Abstract)
This article describes the advantages of the usage of liquid nitrogen technologies in dairy production. Raw material and product’s cooling with the using of liquid nitrogen allows to improve the quality and to increase the storage period of milk products.

Mezenova O.Ya, Klyuchko N.Yu., Sosnovskaya O.A., Dominova I.N.The basic directions of perfection in the technologies of smoking hydrobionts spent on faculty of food biotechnology KSTU (Abstract)
Мезенова, О.Я. Основные направления совершенствования в технологии копчения гидробионтов / О.Я. Мезенова, Н.Ю. Ключко, О.А. Сосновская, И.Н. Доминова //Известия Калининградского государственного технического университета. – 2010. – №18. – С. 88-95.

Makhnach E.V., Bessmertnaya I.A.Using of the product is fermentoleted meat of the fish for developing a mealy functional product (Abstract)
The article investigates the necessity of developing a mealy functional product. It gives the substantiation for the method of enrichment of mealy products of standard quality with a fish protein – mineral filler. It also investigates the organoleptic quality indicators of the experimental product as well as their change during storage.
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Mezenova O.Ya., Zemljakova E.S.Bioproducts osteotropicchondro protective spectrum actions from secondar raw materials of hydrobionts (Abstract)

Sharygina Y.I., Baydalinova L.S.Competitive efficiency of vegetable rosemary extracts for production of meat frozen products (Abstract)

Stepantsova G.E., Sergeeva N.T., Vorobjev V.I.The biologically value of colloden-hrossinghydrobionts raw and the use of colloden-hrossinghydrobionts raw for food and fodder purposes (Abstract)

Subbotin I.A.Analysis of dangerous and harmful production factors brewing industry productions (Abstract)


Ship Building, Machinery and Power-Engineering

Bogomolov V.S., Rudy A.V.The mathematic modeling of ship’s electroenergetic plants on base of system’s method (Abstract)

Selin V.V., Berkova E.A.Analysis of possibilities of sewage sediment and municipal waste utilization in bioenergy-plant os small power engineering (Abstract)

Anosov S.V., Kiper A.V.Forecasting of development of the oil spills in the Russia part of the Vistula lagoon (Abstract)

Anosov S.V., Kiper A.V.Model of movement dynamics forecasting of the oil spills on water surface of the Kaliningrad gulf (Abstract)

Shabalin L.D.Calculation frequency converters drive of towrope pushcart experimental tank (Abstract)

Geller B.L., Sulimenko N.V.Modeling of parallel work of ship synchronous generators in package vissim (Abstract)
Features of modelling of parallel work of ship synchronous generators in package VisSim are considered. The model is received, allowing to investigate input processes in synchronism, distributions of active loading, change of loading, short circuits.
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Bogomolov V.S., Pankratov S.A.Parallel operation of shaft generator and diesel-generator with system of slave control (Abstract)
Author of article describes parallel operation of shaft generator and diesel generator of fishing ships and offers slave control system of excitation of unsynchronized shaft generator and synchronous diesel generator.
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Beley V.F., Nikishin A.J.Assessment annual wind turbine production (Abstract)
The article proposes a simplified method of annual wind turbine electric power production assessment , based on the use of various types wind turbines usage coefficient dependence curve from annual wind speed at the installation site.
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Ovchinnikov V.S.Power savings in illumination systems (Abstract)
Power savings questions in spheres of a household and industrial current consumption are considered.
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Elagin N.N.Electrical contact system constructions wearing process prediction model (Abstract)
The way of forecasting of process of wear process of designs of the electric contact systems, allowing to receive the deterioration characteristic for any subsequent moment of operation is offered. The model is put in a basis casual “markov’s” process at which the one-dimensional density of probability of process during any moment of time is defined as for diffusion processes, and character of change of probability of transition from one condition in another is described by the equation the Fokker-Plank-Kolmogorov.
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Fedorov S.V., Sereda N.A.To determination of friction factor in cinematic vapour of the hook mechanism (Abstract)

Saprikin J.M., Solovyov A.I., Yachmenyov V.V.Bridge constructions test in natural conditions (Abstract)

Mai Q.T., Ivanov V.P.Method for element’s selection of small Vietnamese fishing vessels in view to assurance of their seaworthiness (Abstract)

Djatchenko S.V., Lyong S.V., Tananykin S.V.Design estimation of the parameters of general strength and vibration on the projection initial stage of fishing ship (Abstract)

Alexandrov I.S., Gerasimov A.A.Thermal properties of aromatic hydrocarbons on the saturation line (Abstract)

Koval S.B., Molodtsov M.V., Valt A.B., Ovchinnikov A.A., Demeshenko K.V., Uzunova L.V.Procedures of calculation and prediction of cast-in-situ concrete strength (Abstract)

Masljuk E.V., Nguen Z.B.An optimization mathematical model for fleet of harbor tugs (Abstract)

Tihonov V.M., Filonov A.G.To definition of salinity of distillate at designing ship desalination plants (Abstract)
In paper the technique of definition of quality of distillate of ship and stationary desalters is resulted, allowing to calculate theoretical salinity of distillate without taking into account absorption cooling water in the condenser.
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Ivanov A.P., Zharavin D.A., Tishin A.A., Petrenko A.S.Investigation of accuracy of detail production and of assembly work production (Abstract)
Accuracy of standard details production and assembly work were investigated. Practical recomendations were done.
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Nedostup A.A.The discrete model of gill net (Abstract)
Methods of calculating power and geometrical characteristics of midwater set nets on the basis of the discrete model.
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