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KSTU NEWS №19 (2010)

Economy and management

Olshanskiy A.S.Information asymmetry theoretical basis (Abstract)
Review of information asymmetry theoretical basis, and its influence managerial solution. Specifically reviewed information asymmetry that arises in the course of information sharing inside enterprise. Proposed information asymmetry classification and general method of it decline.
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Stepanenko D.M.Classification of innovative risks: teoretiko-methodological and practical aspects (Abstract)
In article theoretical approaches to understanding of an essence of the term “risk” and to classification of risks are investigated. It is offered to consider all risks which are taking place in the course of creation, introduction and application in practice of progressive innovations, within the limits of concept “innovative risk”. The author develops the generalised complex classification of innovative risks by the major signs, system of their corresponding coding.
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Chumakov A.S.Problems of a survival and development of the enterprises of a small-scale business in the conditions of an economic crisis (Abstract)
In article questions of financial crisis in a small-scale business are taken up, problems and ways of their decision are defined, recommendations about increase of efficiency of management of the enterprise in the conditions of crisis are defined.
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Lukianova L.M.Results of discovering of regulative components of methodology of system decision forming in complex systems (Abstract)
The results of the development of the regulatory component of the methodology of decision-making on the organizational and technical complexes that improve the effectiveness of the systems of this class.
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Zaglada T.P.Modern trend of management standardization labour (Abstract)
Creation managerial system by standertization of the labour, using the new methods and technology of the determination of the rates there is way of increasing to efficiency of the labor potential.
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Chernoguzova T.N.The basic problems and prospects of development mutual insurance in the Russian Federation (Abstract)
Preconditions and necessity of a mutual insurance for Russia reveal. Questions of interaction of the mutual and commercial form of insurance are considered. The review of foreign experience of a mutual insurance is spent. Mutual insurance problems in the Russian Federation are revealed and the basic directions of its development are defined.
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Onuchin A.L., Serdobincev S.P.Improving the efficiency of the terminal dark oil (Abstract)
A method for improving the management of oil terminal. The ways of optimizing the management terminal and the proposed technical solutions for the construction of automated complex.
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Shvydkiy V.V.Theory and practice of company export potential formation and realization (Abstract)
In a few years Russia have to complete wide range of tasks in a field of competitive market economy formation and it’s integration into a world economy. That is why a company external activity have to play a significant role in it’s salvation, and, first of all, export.
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Zaretskaya E.Z.Methods and instruments of inerprise management in fishing industry (Abstract)
The competitiveness of fishery products is a determining factor in the competitiveness of individual business organizations and commercial fishing activities in the region. Ensuring the competitiveness of products is a key challenge of managing fisheries management organization. Building management systems competitive product is a necessary component to ensure the competitiveness of fisheries management organization.
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Sberegaev N.A.Relative analysis of quality preparation ofeconomist-managers in KGTU (Abstract)
Main task of this research was estimation of quality of preparation of economists-managers of speciality 080502.65 in KGTU.
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Sanin V.F.The world financial crisis of 2008 and its lessons (Abstract)
The consequences of the world financial crisis for Russia and measures for preventing it in the future by means of increasing direct investments in industry through income of raw material export.
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Golubev A.V.Theory and practice of investment project asessment (Abstract)
Comprehensive analysis of investment project is time consuming activity. In case of every investment ratio calculation one needs to construct net cash flow. The article describes methodology of simple net cash flow calculation. Positive result of this simple calculation is a reason to continue the investment project analysis in deep details.
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Kafidov V.V.Market and product quality planning (Abstract)
Quality is the target subsystem management organization. According to the ISO quality system - a set of organizational structures, methods, processes and resources needed to implement the overall quality management. Planning for quality products to meet market an important element of the quality system.
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Kafidov V.M.Market pricing technikques innovation (Abstract)
Based on continuous monitoring of internal and external environment company developed a mathematical model, allowing the use of a PC flexible to adjust pricing policies in accordance with the dynamics of market conditions.
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Murov V.M.The history of creation and development of the economic faculty (Abstract)
Here are presented the results of exploring the history of creation and development of the faculty of economics in Federal State educational institution of higher professional education “KSTU”.Particular attention is payed to those scientists and tutors who were standing right in the start of the economic faculty creation and were themselves creating traditions of native school of higher economic fishing education.
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Biology, Ecology and Agricultural sciences

Burukovskiy R.N.The bathymetric distribution of Nematocarcinusshrimps A. Milne-Edwards 1881 (Decapoda, Nematocarcinidae) (Abstract)
Nematocarcinus shrimps inhabit at the 190-5477 m depths (from the edge of shelf to the abyss). Shrimps are found predominantly in the upper part of continental slope where they come to the edge of shelf from above (350-500 m depths) and into the abyss to the 3500 m from the bottom. Nematocarcinus genus is subdivided into 2 morphological groups. The first group has a rostrum which not reaches further the peduncle of antennas 1 (short-rostrum shrimps), the second one has a rostrum which reaches further the distal edge of antennal scale (long-rostrum shrimps). Short-rostrum shrimps inhabit at the depths up to 1000 m (the edge of shelf and the upper part of the slope). Species of the long-rostrum shrimps are subdivided into 3 groups: species of continental slope (mainly 500-2000 m); surface and lower surface species which reach the transitional zone from the slope to the ocean floor; abyssal species. Among the first group of the long-rostrum shrimps the species inhabiting nearby islands or on the under water mountains are predominated. It is probably determined by the peculiarities of water dynamics in the under water mountains areas.
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Alekseev V.I.Fauna of beetles of familiesanthicidaelatreille, 1819 andaderidaewinkler, 1927 (coleoptera, tenebrionoidea) of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
A check list and data on distribution and bionomy of the anthicid and aderid beetles found in Kaliningrad region is presented in the paper. During 1989-2009 research period 8 species of the family Anthicidae and 4 of the family Aderidae were collected. The revised list of our territory was composed, it can contain no more as 14 and 5 species correspondently.
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Kariukhina S.S.Influence feeding females in lactation period on growth and development of minks puppies (Abstract)
The diet for feeding of mink females in lactation period is offered. Recommendations on feeding forage. The general caloric content of a daily forage counting on 1 head of a female with a dung is defined. The analysis of a gain of live weight of puppies of mink is carried out. Individual curves of a gain of weight of puppies of a mink are studied.
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Zhukov V.V.Eyes in jellyfishes: at the origins of vision (Abstract)
A brief review on the structural and molecular basis of light sensitivity and vision in cnidaria as compare to animals of other phyla is presented. The opinion on independence of formation of structure and optics of a camera-like eye from cytological type of photoreceptors and the molecular mechanism of phototransduction is argued.
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Korschikova N.G.Maintaining and strengthening biodiversity genus Lilium methods of introduction and selection (Abstract)
The results of the study varieties of lilies and hybrids selection of All-Russia Research Institute of Horticulture them. Michurin introduced in the Kaliningrad region. The high environmental sustainability for the cultivation of these varieties and the prospects of their use in ornamental gardening in our area.
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Shibaeva M.N., Masutkina E.A., Matveeva E.P.Diversity of zoobenthos and biological indication of inland waters of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The article includes a list of indicators of zoobenthos, found in the rivers of the Kaliningrad region. Individual values of species saprobility are associated with all available information. It is prevented general overview of ecological state of inland waters.
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Evdokimova E.B., Zaostrovtcheva S.K., Shibaev S.V.On the possible impact of some parasites of vendace (Coregonusalbula (L.)) number in lake Vistytis of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The article is about parasites of vendace (Coregonusalbula L.) in Vištytis lake (Kaliningrad oblast, Russia). There is high level of infestation of Proteocephalus exiguous and parasitic copepods Ergasilusbriani. Also a new species of Myxosporea - Henneguyazschokkei. has been found. Noted an increase of infection in relationship with length of fishes. A hypothesis about possible impact of Pr. exiguus and E. briani on natural mortality of vendace has been submitted.
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Baranovskiy P.N.Variation of perch growth of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
This paper presents the linear growth data of perch from 12 waterbodyes of the Kaliningrad region. In this paper Analyzed the variability of growth perch on waterbodyes, interannual variability, also this paper consider the variability characteristic of populations. Also analyzed variability at different tages of ontogeny.
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Serpunin G.G., Sementina E.V., Savina L.V.Morpho-physiological and hematologic indices of young of whitefish, reared on different fodder (Abstract)
Are established reliable differences according to the morpho-physiological and hematologic indices between the control and experimental young of whitefish. Young of whitefish, reared in the ponds aft, prepared on the formula of AtlantNIRO, was characterized by higher the rate of linear increase, the index of the liver, the concentration of erythrocytes, total protein in the blood serum, the more formed system of the blood and the best physiological state in the comparison with the young, the reared stern of Aller crystal. With the basin raising of young of whitefish to use the ekstrudirovannyy fodder of the formula of AtlantNIRO.
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Malyavkina A.N., Nagornova N.N., Bernikova T.A.First results of monitoring of water bodies ecosystems in the Kaliningrad region on hydrological conditions (Abstract)
Some results of environmental monitoring obscure closed aquatic ecosystems of the Kaliningrad region on hydrometeorological parameters.
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Bedareva O.M., Muracheva L.S.Role of landscape parks in preservation a floristic biovariety (Abstract)
Results of research of a floristic variety park and wood ecosystems are given. The comparative analysis of flora of landscape parks of Kaliningrad and wood ecosystems of Svetlogorsk is carried out. Ways of preservation floristic pool are determined due to formation of populations wood introducents and the kinds adequate to zone criteria.
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Vinokur M.L., Andreev M.P.The main directions in producing of fish feed additives with high content of carotenoids from shrimp waste (Abstract)
This article presentes the preferences of the different directions in producing of fish feed additives with high content of carotenoides from shrimp waste.
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Sokolova I.A.Thestructura of ecological conscience of technical college students (Abstract)
The leading purpose of ecological education is forming ecological conscience of students, because their future professional activity involves responsibility for their acts.Ecological conscience became complex «image» of realizing ecological problems of modern time, which may be presented as a system, composed of separate elements, types, kings, forms and structures.
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Dubravin V.F., Stont J.I., Goushchin O.A.The space-time variability of the hydrometeorology fields of Southeast Baltic (Abstract)
The results of the analysis of field data of air temperature Ta, the dew point temperature Td, the atmospheric pressure at sea level P0 and the wind speed W, obtained by means of automatic hydrometeorological station MiniKRAMS-4 installed on the offshore ice-resistant fixed platform "LUKOIL - Kaliningradmorneft" (D -6) at a height of 27 m, as well as measurements at meteorological stations Ventspils, Visby, Liepaja, Kaliningrad, Klaipeda and Hel. Based on time series model consisting of irregular intradaily, regular daily course, day to day, irregular intra, regular seasonal variation and interannual component obtained estimates of the contributions of each vibration mode to the total temporal variability Ta, Td, P0 and W. Consider the daily and annual cycles variability of meteorological parameters.
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Ronzhina E.S.Physiological and biochemical aspects of storage organ sink activity in plants (Abstract)
Relationships between growth and metabolism in different storage organs (potato and Ficariaverna tubes, tomato fruits) as a driven mechanism of phloem transport and assimilate partitioning in plants were studied. It was concluded, that sink ability of storage organs is depending on the growth and polymeric compounds synthesis. These processes utilize assimilates and maintain the osmotic potential value of a sink organ during ontogenesis. An osmotic potential and pressure gradients between source and sink organs is a driven mechanism of phloem transport and assimilate partitioning in plants.
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Antsiferova O.A., Popova V.L., Aloyan R.K.Phytosanitary estimation of winter wheat on drained soils test area «Slavyanskoe» (Abstract)
Availability and degree spreading of fungous diseases (root rot, septoria spot, mealy dew) on winter wheat are investigated. The possible losses of harvest are definite and elaborated of recommendations.
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Muromtsev A.B.Featuresgelmintozov of large horned cattle in the Kaliningrad area (Abstract)
The efficiency and necessity for the Kaliningrad area complex scientifically - is proved systems against gelmintozov of measures in dairy cattle breeding is proved.
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