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KSTU NEWS №20 (2011)

Earth and Mathematical Sciences

Antipov U.N.The analysis of data at automation of reslarch converter process (Abstract)
The statistical analysis of the data concentrated in passports of swimming trunks of oxyqen converters is lead. The received results should become a basis of construction of models converters process of the set complexity and the greatest possible adequacy.
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Bryukhanov V.V., Myslistskaya N.A., Khitrin A.V., Ivanov A.M.Transfer process in drying droplet with silver nanoparticles study (Abstract)
Using the photon correlation spectroscopy the diffusion coefficient spatial and temporal distribution are studied in the drying sessile droplet of colloidal aqueous solution of silver nanoparticles on a solid substrate. It was shown, that capillary flow processes are prevailed over diffusion processes in the droplet.
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Zarezin A.B., Samusev I.G., Aleksandrov K.Yu.Superparamagnetic nanoparticles – Rhodamine 6G molecules interaction in polymer matrix study (Abstract)
Local magnetic field of superparamagnetic nanoparticles and strong heterogeneous magnetic field influence onto spectral-kinetic features of rhodamine 6G in polyvinyl alcohol polymer matrix have been studied.
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Bobarykin N.D., Grafova E.N., Latishev K.S.Level account of a condition ground waters in drained massifs of polder systems with allowance for of drain (Abstract)
The effective algorithm of numerical level account of a condition of groundwaters with allowance for of drainage systems is resulted. The complication of realization of the indicated algorithm of a numerical solution is encompass byed a share solution of a bivariate Byssinec’s equation and differential equation of carrying of water in drainage ducts (DD), as in a part of creation of stable and costeffective difference networks, and coordination them on boundary conditions on an outline of interplay between water lines in conducting channels and ground-water levels of a drained massif.
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Klimenko M.V., Klimenko V.V., Zakharenkova I.E., Pulinets S.A.Numerical simulation of ionosphere precursors of strong earthquakes in high, middle and low latitudes. I – statement of the problem of strong earthquakes ionosphere precursors modeling (Abstract)
Results of the analysis of all formation mechanisms of strong earthquake ionospheric precursors offered in the scientific literature and statement of the problem of their modeling are submitted.
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Velikanov N.L., Naumov V.A., Tarasov D.F.Use of destruction percussion at pulling down of building constructions (Abstract)
The description of variants of disassembling of buildings is given. Features of use of destruction percussion at pulling down of building constructions are shown.
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Serebryakov V.V.On transition to stokes flow in channels (Abstract)
The mathematical model and the results of calculations of three-dimensional MHD-flow in non-uniform magnetic field with finite values of MHD interaction parameter are presented. It is shown the transition to the Stokes flow in channel.
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Ermakova T.V.Some possibilities of fourier series application for solution of material Resistance problems (Abstract)
The article is dealing with the possibilities of Fourier series application for solution of some problems of beam bend. The example of statically undefinable beam is considered.
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Pakhnoutov I.A.Mutiseries auto regression (Abstract)
The paper deals with problems of computational realization of popular auto regression model VAR(k) for multidimensional time-series. A practical method of parameters estimation is shown via solution of corresponding variation problem.
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Kors L.G., Kors N.V., Pawelkowa J.S.Selection effective inhibitors of etching on steel in Phosphoric asid (Abstract)
Studying of influence of various factors (inhibitor concentrations, of structure inhibitors) on steel corrosion rate in phosphoric acid. Dependence of adsorption on structure and concentrations inhibitors the basis of waste products morfolin is found.
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Yurova A.A., Yurov V.A.An evolution of an initially localized pulse in the Davey-Stewartson II equation (Abstract)
A class of spatially localized solutions of Davey-Stewartson II equation is examined; it is shown that such solutions tend to lose the locality properties with time scale corresponding to a characteristic space scale of initial localization. The locality loss manifests itself with emergence of resonance spikes, whose total number is determined by the asymptotic behavior of support function on infinity. In particular, the exponentially localized perturbations split into an infinite number of the resonances.
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Yurov A.V.One more observational consequence of many-worlds quantum theory (Abstract)
Using new cosmological doomsday argument Page predicts that the maximal lifetime of de Sitter universe should be tmax = 1060 yr which is way too small in comparison with strings predictions (τ>googolplex). However, since this prediction is dependant on the total number of human observations, we show that Page arguments result instead in astounding conclusion that this number is the quantum variable and is therefore much greater then Page’s estimation. Identifying it with the number of coarse-grained histories in de Sitter universe we get the lifetime of the universe comparable with strings predictions. Moreover, it seems that this result can be considered as another one of the observational evidences of validity of the many-worlds quantum theory. Finally, we show that for the universe filled with phantom energy tmax ~ tf up to very high precision.
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Funtikov V.A., Andreeva A.V., Danjshin E.V.Low-temperature method of synthesis of chalcogenide glasses (Abstract)
Thus, for the first time on an example of systems on the basis of chalcogens (selenium and tellurium) the synthesis of glasses by a principle of physicochemical assembly of glassy materials is carried out.
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Vasilieva E.A.Ample conditions of existence of the complete block decomposition (Abstract)
The method of the complete block decomposition is one of thepopularexact methods of solution of the systems of equations with block matriceswith belt structure. There are some conditions of existence of this method (e.g. [1-3]). In this article have been formulated andprovedmore general conditions of the existence of the complete block decomposition, that come to the testing of existence of the usual LU - decomposition of the Jacobi matrix, which elements are values of matrix norms for the blocks of the initial matrix of the system of equations.
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Kaschtschenko N.M.Model of abnormal diffusion in drainage working conditions (Abstract)
A model of thefilterin the drainagesystem, taking into account theanomalousdiffusionlawmoisture transferin soil.
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Slezhkin V.A., Gorlov R.V.Plasmon resonance in continuous silver electrochemical and chemical films and its exhibition in fluorescent spectrums of molecules rhodamine 6G in thin films of polyvinyl spirit (Abstract)
Fluorescence enhancement rhodamine 6G in a matrix of polyvinyl spirit on the silver films received by electrodeposited and chemical reduction has been investigated. It is found that on continuous silver films it is exhibit Plasmon a resonance on frequency of 400 nm.
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Industrial fishering

Popov S.V., Rozenshtein M.M.Results of experimental check of algorithm of calculation of coefficient of resistance of the deformed network (Abstract)
Results of experimental check of algorithm of calculation of values of coefficient of resistance of the deformed net are stated. The short description of algorithm of calculation of force and geometrical characteristics of the deformed net is given. The technique of carrying out of experiments and the received results are stated. Empirical dependences for calculation of correction coefficients which should be entered into formulas for calculation of coefficient of resistance of a flat net at definition of characteristics of the deformed net are resulted.
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Pavlenko A.A., Nedostup A.A.Mesh opening value in the net of different construction trawl codends (Abstract)
In the present study, we attempted to determine the mesh opening value of trawl netting, depending on the number of net panels on the perimeter of its construction. To this end, we conducted two experiments to evaluate the opening of the mesh. One experiment was conduct in the sea and the second is a scale modeling one. Sea experiment was done by underwater video monitoring of the mesh opening value of eight and four net panels of the trawl. The findings showed that the mesh of eight panels part of trawl were opened more than four panels one. The scale model experiment allowed quantifying the degree of mesh opening for two panels trawl codend and for four panelscodend. So, in the conic part of two panelscodend the mesh opening was 41% less then in the four panels one. For the cylinder parts of model trawl codends the difference was 78%.
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Altschul B.A., Ermakova T.V.Mathematical description of trawl complex movement at its schematization by two – warp model (Abstract)
The equations of movement of trawl complex (at constant length of the towing warps and at arbitrary maneuver of trawler) based on its schematization by spatial two-warp mechanical model, are offered. With the help of numerical integration of obtained equations, the possibilities of outcome of trawl and trawl doors from tecnologically admissible regime at trawler's curvilinear movement, are investigated.
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Velikanov N.L., Kikot A.V.Formation of the design procedure of coefficient hydrodynamic resistance of plane networks at the longitudinal streamline (Abstract)
lan of formation of a design procedure of coefficient of magnetohydrodynamic resistance of flat fishing nets at a longitudinal streamline is presented.
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Volodko D.A.Algorithm for calculation of force and geometric characteristics spatial nets (Abstract)
Calculation algorithm is shown geometric and force characteristics of spatial networks.
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Gukalo Ja.M.Change of size catch during a craft (Abstract)
The modern model of influence of catching on size of a trade stock is short stated; examples of change of size catching in the course of a craft are considered; it is shown that catching on effort it is possible to explain changes observed in practice by influence of replenishment of trade herd and selectivity of fishing.
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Korotkov V.K.Withdrawal and injury benthic organisms bottom trawl (Abstract)
The paper presents the results of underwater observations of the nature of benthic organisms in a number of fishing areas and their removal and the injury while working with a bottom trawl.
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Kruchinin O.N., Mizyurkin M.A., Kalchugin P.V., Chebov A.Yu., Maksimovich A.L., Zakharov E.A.Condition of bio resources and fishering peter the great bay (Abstract)
As a result of registration works in Peter the Great Bay (PGB) in 2009 is revealed, that the quantity of species most frequently meeting in catches, reaches 60. Total weight of these species makes 112,3 thousand tons. On a tentative estimation, the annual production of ground trawling in PGB can make 1,9 - 2,7 thousand tons, or 1,7 - 2,4 % from a general estimation of bioweight. Species structure of catches on trade vessels differs by the high contents Sclerocrangonsalebrosa and crabs (Kamchatka and Opilio), that can specify purposeful withdrawal of these species in commercial objectives. At the same time on trade vessels are thrown out practically all species Scorpaenidae, Сlupeidae, Rajidae, Liparidae, Stichaeidae, Zoarcidae, TrichodontidaeEngraulidae, Сottidae and also fishes and crabs of small size. The question about survival of fishes and crabs, which throw out for a board of a vessel, practically is not investigated.
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Levchenko S.V.Hybrid model of catching the herring Atlantic by a pelagic trawl (Abstract)
The purpose of the given work is definition of numerical characteristics of casual values: ranges of reaction, speed of leaving and density of a congestion of shoals for the Herring Atlantic. On the basis of this data, created the hybrid model describing fishing by an allopelagic trawl of a herring in NEA (Northeast Atlantic) is constructed.
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Naumov V.A., Bojarinova N.A.Analysis of the experiences results received at a cross-section flow of plane nets in transitive mode of drag (Abstract)
The published experimental results of dependence of the flat net hydrodynamical drag factor Сх from Reynolds's number are analysed at a cross-section flow. Comparison of formulas for calculation Сх is made and recommendations are given.
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Orlov E.K., Arzyutova V.V., Tolkacheva E.I.Results of the experimental studies of the influence to district velocity on surfaces of the drum on steady-state factor of friction on friction pair «instrument fishing – a mechanism of the friction type» (Аннотация)
The Presented results of the experimental work, in accordance with study of the problem of the slippage of the fishing gear (FG) on surfaces of the tractive drum of the mechanism of the friction type (MFT). The purpose of the called on studies - a determination of the influence to district velocity on surfaces of the drum on steady-state factor of friction in friction pair "FG-MFT". The district velocity created by drive MFT, is considered as velocity of exhibit shifting power, bring about friction of the slide (slipping) in friction pair. The Experiments are organized with friction pairs, formed cordage from polyamides and steel drum MFT. The District velocity on drum changed to account of management electric motor MFT at converter of the frequency. The Pull in running up branch of the cordage was measured by a strain gauge and registered by the tensostation. An analysis got data has shown the trend of the fall of the steady-state factor of friction when increase the district velocity on surfaces of the tractive drum MFT.
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Osipov E.V.Methods of numerical modeling of trawling systems (Abstract)
Various methods of calculation of trawling systems and their elements with application of the object-oriented approach are resulted. The basic attention is given working out of the uniform approach to modeling both trawling system as a whole, and its separate elements.
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Sukonnova T.E.Comparative estimation of methods of definition of explosive loading of braided ropes (Abstract)
In article the review of researches is resulted according to deterioration-stability of fishing threadlike materials and experimental installation for definition of deterioration-stability of threadlike materials is described.
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Sukonnov M.A., Sukonnov A.V.Experimental installation by definition of wear resistance of threadlike textile fishing materials (Abstract)
In article there are data according to durability of cords various methods.
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Tarasov D.A.Impact loads of rope constructions of implements of industrial fishery (Abstract)
Act of impact loads of rope constructions of implements of industrial fishery is presented.
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