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KSTU NEWS №21 (2011)

Food Production Technique and Technology

Panfilov V.A.Theory of food technologies as the knowledge system (Abstract)
The foundation for expedience of making up a special discipline “Theoretical basics of food technologies” in higher learning institutions has been given. The system of knowledge, making up an architectonics of a textbook for this discipline has been suggested.
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Fatychov J.A., Ageev O.V., Evtropkov V.M., Matsonko A.Z.Development of mechatronic devices structure for active control fish parameters (Abstract)
The prospects for the development of mechatronic devices for active control of the processing of fish. Analyzes the generalized parameters affecting the quality of products. The approach to topological modeling of mechatronic devices for measuring raw fish. Proposed morphological map for studying the structure of the control system.
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Erlikhamn V.N., Kukielka L., Kopec A.Calculating definition of frozen food products thermjphysical characteristics (Abstract)
The mathematical relationships for calculation of the specific heat, the specific heat capacity of the full product of the density and thermal conductivity of the products, taking into account the moisture content of dry substances, and temperature of the ice product. Based on the results of comparative analysis of calculated and experimental data shows the possibility of their use in calculations of thermal processes refrigeration food processing.
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Semenov E.V., Babakin B.S., Voronin M.I.Pneumocryoelectroseparation of fish stocks by variable electric field intensity considering kinetics (Abstract)
The paper discusses movement of the dispersed fish stocks under low temperatures and variable electric field intensity considering kinetics charge of particles. The efficiency of separation of the multi-component frozen dispersed fish stocks was estimated based on the obtained mathematical relations.
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Lubimov N.V., Slastihin Y.N., Ivanova N.M.Improving the efficiency of refrigerating plants due supercoiling of refrigerant (Abstract)
Supercooling of liquid Freon in front of the evaporator allows to increase refrigerating capacity of a refrigerating machinery. For this purpose we can use regenerative heat exchangers and supercoolers. But more effective is the supercooler with boiling of liquid Freon inside pipes.
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Fedorov S.V., Sereda N.A.Method of the estimation and selection of the friction coefficients for simplest lever food mechanism (Abstract)
Theoretical and estimation method of the friction coefficients determination and selection for simplest lever food mechanisms has motivated. This method has the logical order property for friction analyse.
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Gorlatov A.S., Veselov R.S.Can packing machines with different kinematic range review (Abstract)
Сan packing process on the fish canning establishments was considered. Was made an analysis of existing can packing technics. Can packing machines with different kinematic range were described, were revealed their advantages and disadvantages.Can packing in transport package problem was paid low attention, that is why it becomes issue of the day. A lot of establishments have this operation manually performed, because of unefficiency of using existing machines.
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Kozlovich R.A., Serdobintsev S.P.Automated management system by drying process of ceramic production (Abstract)
In this article the automated management system for productivity increase in ceramic brick drying on a basis contact-sorption method is considered.
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Shilina A.A., Titova I.M.Technology of terrin based on addition of soy protein products (Abstract)
Presentation result of research of fish terrin on addition of soy protein products. Based of addition of dry free-fat milk. Produced of analysis of base species of raw materials and finish products.
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Serpunina L.T., Belkova N.A.Influence of phosphates on quality of demi cooked products chicken-broilers (Abstract)
The changes in the organoleptic and physico-chemical indicators of the quality of the various anatomical parts of broiler chickens treated with solutions with one or two different phosphates. The dynamics of changes in these indicators in relation to semi-finished breast and thigh for 24-hour exposure. The expediency of pretreatment semis sodium triphosphate to improve the consistency and juiciness of meat in canned pasteurized.
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Chernova A.V.Basing of selection of the ripening accelerators for produced of prepared food for preserves (Abstract)
The influence of food additives composition on type and speed of ripening, qualitative characteristics of herring fillets and shelf-life of preserves are investigated; the marketing research of consumer’s attitude to the use of the additives in preserves technology is performed; the applied use of the ripening accelerators is recommended.
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Zhukova Y., Mezenova O.Bioethanol production from wheat straw of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
New pretreatment methods were developed for separating hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin from biomass for their efficient use in the thermo-chemical conversion of each component. One method is basically a two-step process. Biomass treated in hot water at 180 °C was extracted in a flowing stream of water/ethanol mixture under 40 bar at 210 °C. Through the hot water treatment, hemicellulose in biomass was successfully recovered as saccharides, leaving lignin and cellulose as a solid. Through the sequential extraction by the water/ethanol solvent, lignin was depolymerized into the water/ ethanol-soluble compounds and the residual cellulose was partly dehydrated. The proposed methods were expected to be new routes for converting low-grade resources into valuable chemicals.
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Klyuchko N.Yu., Dominova I.N.Perfection of the technology of the roe of chastikov and other forms of the fishes of hot smoking with the increased food merits (Abstract)
The possibilities of the perfection of the technology of the roe of the bream of hot smoking by using the liquid smoking media, enriched by the biologically active materials of plants are investigated. With the aid of the mathematical planning of experiment the optimum technological parameters of the preparation of smoked roe are established. The basic indices of quality of finished production are determined. The nature of the dynamics of organoleptic and physical chemistry indices in the dependence on the duration of storage is revealed.
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Baydalinova L.S., Sharygina Y.I.The characteristic of componential composition of vegetative extracts and estimation of their antioxidizing action on meat systems (Abstract)
Results of research of componential composition of vegetative extracts of rosemary and the green tea, used for lipids stabilization are presented at production the frozen meat semifinished products. The vegetative extracts made by firms Kalsec (Great Britain), GuardianTMDanisco (Denmark), "Caravan" Ltd. (Russia) are investigated. In extracts the general chemical compound, the maintenance of active substances, the general titratable acidity is defined. Dynamics of hydrolytic and oxidizing processes in lipids of meat systems are investigated at use of these antioxidizing extracts.
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Skapets O.V.Prospects of complex application chitosan and pectin in technology of dairy products (Abstract)
Perspectivity of processing of dairy whey is studied. Rationality of enrichment of dairy whey by a complex of biopolymers chitozan and pectin is shown. Reception of mathematical model of fractionating process dairy whey by a complex of biopolymers chitozan and pectin is scientifically proved. The process model allows to predictquality of fractionating process dairy whey at mix entering of pectin and chitozan. On the basis of the given model probably to optimise dosages hitozan and pectin depending on the generalised estimation of quality that is shown in the given work, and also to find values of factors for desirable of a touch estimation of formed products and an exit of squirrels- carbohydrate-complex. The model of technological process allows to fulfil technology fractionating dairy whey under production conditions.
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Sberegaev N.A.About the readiness of the fishery industry higher school to provide for high quality training of graduates under the new conditions (Abstract)
An account of research in the quality of training of graduates by higher school of the fishing industry and its readiness to continue such training under the new conditions is given.
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Ship Building Machinery and Power-Engineering

Filonov A.G.Experimental research influence evaporated water saltiness on steam dump at barbotage boiling (Abstract)
In paper the description of a design of the experimental stand and a technique of liquid entrainment of experimental researches of dependence of steam dump on an input in zigzag plates separator and after it from saltiness evaporated water are resulted at a constant physical level in barbotage evaporator. The analysis of the received experimental data is lead.
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Alexandrov I.S.Fundamental equation of state for ethylbenzene covering the range from triple point to the beginning of thermal dissociation at pressures up to 100 MPa (Abstract)
Based on most reliable experimental data a fundamental Helmholtz energy equation of state has been developed to represent the thermodynamic properties of ethylbenzene in the temperature range from triple point to the beginning of thermal dissociation. Comparisons to available experimental data are given that establish the accuracy of calculated properties using this equation of state. Typical uncertainties of properties calculated using the new equation are 0,2 % in density, 0,5 % to 1 % in heat capacity and liquid-phase sound speeds, 0,05 % to 0,15% in saturated liquid density, and 0,1 % to 0,8 % in vapor pressure.
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Uzunova L.V.Load-carrying ability of compacted compressed reinforced concrete bars in different options of the profile arrangement (Abstract)
Options of arrangements for built-up sections of composite reinforced concrete rods and a method of calculation for deflected modes of the rods compiled from two or more concrete branches are given.
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Alexandrov J.P.The research of dynamic hardness of natural and pressed amber (Abstract)
The results of studies of the dynamic hardness of natural and pressed amber rebound method using a portable microprocessor-type hardness tester MIT-2; method of multivariate experimental design; The mathematical model of the dependence of the confidence interval hardness of amber on the duration of the acceleration and the radius of the spherical indenter tip, set their optimal values.
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Goriansky G.S.Basic parameters of localization for conducting of combined acceptance trials of ships diesel power plant co control pitch propeller in nozzle defining (Abstract)
Give a description of method of basic parameters of localizatordefiniting. The localizator is intent for condacting of combined acceptance trials of ships diesel power plant con control pitch propeller in nozzle.
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Ivanov A.P., Dolgina I.N.The methodology and finding of technological operations during welding productions of hull ship design (Abstract)
In this article passed developed by the authors study the method of use of welding operations and given results of the study.
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Djatchenko S.V., Tananykin S.V., Ovseev N.S.Design estimation of the common vibration at modernizing BMRT (Abstract)
Models of vibration are developed for BMRT pr. 1288 and two updated designs on its fundamentals, by dead flat installation. Fundamental frequencies of oscillations of their case in vertical and horizontal directions are defined and compared with frequencies of disturbing forces from a propulsion unit and the propelling screw.
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Syechjov I.T., Sokolova I.A.The analysis of methods for strengthening machine parts and cutting tools (Abstract)
Threading the service life and wear resistance machine parts and tools by their strengthening is an important task the solution of which secures economy of expensive and deficit materials, energy, labor resource. Mechanical engineering uses various strengthening methods, choosing of which depends on the properties of cutting material and material to be cut, performance and economical effectiveness and strengthening method.
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Shaposhnikov A.P.Modeling of Kaliningrad region power system with the view of Kaliningrad power station – 2 second unit (450 mw) in a software packages «Matlab» and «Anares-2000» (Abstract)
The results of mathematical modeling of the energy system of the Kaliningrad region with the second unit of Kaliningrad TPP-2 program "Matlab" and "Anares-2000."
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Tolstel O.V., Volvach A.J.The device for park assistant on the hardware Fuzzy controller (Abstract)
The model semi-automatic parking of the automobile is considered on the basis of an fuzzy conclusion under the indications of distance up to an obstacle from 8-th of ultrasonic gauges and her practical realization.
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Rudachenko S.V., Rudachenko T.V.Forming the graphic competence of technical specialties students (Abstract)
Developed a pedagogical model of teaching students of descriptive geometry and engineering graphics. Designed model helps to activate students' independent work, improve their creative activity, improve the quality of teaching engineering students.
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