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KSTU NEWS №22 (2011)

Economy and management

Chaplygin V.G.Methodological bases of money circulation organization (Abstract)
The article focuses it's attention upon the methodological bases of monetary circulation and monetary system organization. It has been mentioned that the exploration of money is a key point of contemporary development of a science.
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Mnatcakanian A.G., Genne V.V.Features of interaction of the state and nonstate finance in projects of public & private partnership at regional level (Abstract)
The conditions defining financial aspects PPP in projects of social and economic development of regions are considered. The offer approaches and principles of the organization of financing of PPP projects.
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Kafidov V.V.The regional dimension of development of urban complexes in modern Russia (Abstract)
Expands to the essence of konurbanization processes in light of current economic trends in Russia. The role of regional economic policies in shaping urban centres on the basis of urbanization, with differences in their personal resource, infrastructure, etc. base. Provides an analysis of possible trends in urban development, taking into account complex aspects, including the ratio of economic and socio-cultural component of the city and adjacent territory.
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Kafidov V.M.Logistic model of product quality and level of market demand (Abstract)
The level of quality products determines the demand for it and thus its competitiveness. As any management, products quality management is to develop management decisions and their implementation in the form of various influences on the object of control. Effective quality management requires that manufacturers owned the methods of management and control to effectively perform his duties. This study addresses the tracking and selection of products quality indicators specific, based on the use of the human factor, ensuring the competitiveness of products.
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Sberegaev N.A.About effectiveness of preparation of economist-managers in KGTU (Abstract)
Supercooling of liquid Freon in front of the evaporator allows to increase refrigerating capacity of a refrigerating machinery. For this purpose we can use regenerative heat exchangers and supercoolers. But more effective is the supercooler with boiling of liquid Freon inside pipes.
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Li N.O.The state and development tendency research of furniture manufacture of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Outlines trends in the development of the furniture market in the world economy, the country and the region. The analysis of the state of furniture production Kaliningrad region, its opportunities and risks.
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Hmelnitckiy S.A.Strategy of state regulation of the social capital in economy of the Republic of Belarus (Abstract)
The concept of the social capital gets a special urgency in the conditions of transients of economic development in Belarus. The methodological principles presented in given article on state regulation of the social capital are directed on construction of the socially-focused model of economic development as a result of optimum use of the basic forms of the social capital which realization will promote improvement of social and economic characteristics of the Belarus economic system.
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Lukianova L.M.Conception of discovering of system of decision forming methodology and theory for industrial organization-and-technical complexes (Abstract)
Concretization of systems methodology and theory to forming system of decisions in industrial organizational-and-technical complexes is studied.
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Korneeva A.V., Korneev G.U.Bank with the state-owned stake: particularities and management problems (Abstract)
In the article a specific segment of the Russian banking sector is observed – banks with the state-owned stake, their distinguishing features and specific functions. It is proposed to apply the strategic controlling concept when building banks’ strategic management systems with the purpose of enhancing their performance efficiency.
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Olshanskiy A.S.Information asymmetry theoretical basis (Abstract)
The paper is dedicated to theoretical basis of information asymmetry influence on the management effectiveness.
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Ahmetov B.Z.Institutional approaches to competitiveness of economic systems (Abstract)
The study institutional of the approaches to the analysis of competitiveness becomes especially important in conditions globalizing. In this connection, the theses, stated in clauses touching study of the various theories of competitiveness, become urgent enough. In clause the methods of state regulation of activity of natural monopolies and practical recommendations promoting strategic development of region are considered.
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Shohanova I.S.Theoretical bases of competitiveness of economic systems (Abstract)
Given clause reflects theoretical bases of competitiveness of economic systems in view of the classical economic concepts Smite, Mile and Ricardo etc. also of modern sights on the decision of the given problem. The definition of a position of Kazakhstan in the world (global) market is considered in view of criteria ensuring to economic safety and competitiveness of the country, the general (common) rules are given, with which help the country can achieve increase of the competitiveness.
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Stepanenko D.M.Institute of intellectual property in system of public relations (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the institute of intellectual property as a factor of innovation development of economy and society. The economic essence of intellectual property, historical evolution of the specified institute, current state of institute of intellectual property in Russia are investigated.
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Zinko D.P.The problem description language of industrial complexes (Abstract)
Formalized problem description language is studied. The language is conduced to form system of decisions at problem situations in industrial complexes.
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Moroz V.N.Tax stimulation of innovative development in foreign countries (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the feature of the tax regulation of innovation activity in the industrial developed countries. The tax tools of stimulation of innovative development, such as tax credits for R & D, tax incentives for venture investment and tax support for SME companies are investigated.
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Popov Y.F.Estimation of business climate in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The paper presents a methodical approach to enhance the business climate in business. Shows the structure of the business climate and the factors of its formation, as well as information and logical model of rating assessment of the business climate in the business and its activation.
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Ulyankin P.N., Bessarab Yu.A.Innovative stratagems marketing tool applying (Abstract)
This article proposesan innovativetoolstratagemnogomarketingandassessitseffectivenessthroughcomparativeanalysis ofsales dataforthe experimentusingthe device"Robot consultant" in commerceof alcoholicbeverages«Shop Bacchus».
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Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Shibaev S.V., Nagornova N.N., Bernikova T.A., Tsoupikova N.A.Geoecologic aspects of nutrients transport with trans boundary rivers (by the example of the Kaliningrad region) (Abstract)
The article presents calculation results of the nutrient load from the rivers of the Kaliningrad Region (including small ones) on the Baltic Sea, and it also shows volume of nutrients transport with the river flow from the territory of the neighboring states.
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Tylik K.V., Svirina L.V.Biological parameters of the twaite shad Alosafallax of Curonian Lagoon of Baltic sea in modern condition (Abstract)
The aim of research - assessment of the current state of biological parameters of twaiteshad in the Curonian Lagoon. Age of individuals in the catch in 2008 ranged from 3 to 6 years. The dominant age group were 4 years, which accounted for about 66%. The average age was equal to 4.1 years. Age of individuals in the catch in 2010 ranged from 4 to 7 years. Maximum number of individuals accounted for at the age of 5 years (42%). Average age - 5.3 years. Spawning twaite shad of the Curonian Lagoon were specimens ranging in length from 29.8 to 50.2 cm long, weighing from 291 to 1024. Twaite shad becomes sexually mature at age 3 years. At the age of 3-4 years, males dominated over females in the 3 and 2 times, and at the age of 5-6 years - females dominated over males in the 1.5-2 times. In linear growth of population twaiteshad Curonian Lagoon is close to the populations of this species in the rivers of England and France.
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Zhigulsky V.A., Shuisky V.F., Shashaev Y.A., Maximova T.V., Solovey N.A.Response of a river macrozoobenthos to multifactor anthropogenic impact (on an example of Leningrad region) (Abstract)
The description of evaluation and standard-setting quantitative method of complex (multifactor) impacts on rivers ecosystems is given. The suggested method uses the revealed general laws of the best hydroecosystembioindicator reaction –macrozoobenthocoenoses – to multicomponent external impact, which is estimated by the original isobolic index. The present techniques and data are based on representative long-term hydroecological research results executed by the group of authors.
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Minin A.E., Postnov D.I., Loginov V.V., Yakimov V.N.About a statistical analysis of fish community spatial structure of the Cheboksary reservoir shoals (using seine samples) (Abstract)
Non-parametric statistical methods were applied to analysis of fish communities of the Cheboksary reservoir main stretches. Kruskal-Wallis criterion didn’t reveal significant difference in species richness among the stretches. Under an application of permutation test there was found spatial similarity of stretches on native fish species occurrence. In contrary heterogeneity was detected on invasive fish occurrence in different reaches of reservoir. Cluster analysis reveals some isolation of dam zone according to the occurrence of fish species.
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Prokhorova T.A.Differences in calculating of growth rate by scales from various body parts of the Norwegian spring spawning herring (Clupea Harengus L.) (Abstract)
Comparisons to the number of growth rate, determining the age of first spawning and (coastal ring type, the ratio of coastal, ocean and spawning rings) using otoliths and scales collected from different parts of the body herring. To determine the age at first spawning and annual increments of magnitude better suited scales gathered near the head herring.
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Umansky S.A., Kondratenko S.V.Ecology technological park as innovation element of waste management system of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
A comparison of results of calculating of growth rate, determination the first spawning age and the formula by otoliths and scale from various body parts of the herring has done. To determine the age of first spawning and the annual increments scales collected near the head of the herring is suited better.
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Sokolov A.V., Peterfeld V.A.Methodological aspects of fishery monitoring of omul stocks of the lake Baikal (Abstract)
The methodological questions for fisheries stock monitoring Baikal omul is considered. The factors that influence on the stock assessment is presented and as a result of this work is necessity of the comprehensive approach. The scheme of the material collection and further calculating the value of the stock is presented. The state of omul stocks in the last 30 years was analysed. As a result of this work is a decreasing of omul stocks and appropriate decreasing of total allowable catches from 2.5-3.3 tons to 1.7-1.9 tons.
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Matveeva E.P., Masyutkina E.A., Shibaeva M.N.Description background state of benthic communities in the zone of possible impact of Baltic NPP (Abstract)
Describes the fauna of benthic invertebrates of the rivers Nemunas and Sheshupe. These rivers fall into the zone of influence of the Baltic NPP. Describes the species structure of the zoobenthos, its quantitative characteristics, the distribution of the river, give an estimate of the ecological status of rivers.
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Antsiferova O.A., Evseeva A.Y.Agro ecological estimation of yield winter raps on cultivated soils test area «Kholmogorovka» (Abstract)
The model semi-automatic parking of the automobile is considered on the basis of an fuzzy conclusion under the indications of distance up to an obstacle from 8-th of ultrasonic gauges and her practical realization.
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Nosirova M.D.Effect of stubble mung bean (PhaseolusAureus) on yield and technological quality of cotton fiber (GossypiumBarbadense) (Abstract)
In this article the information on influence Phaseolusaureus, as predecessor on productivity and quality of a fibre of cotton-plant is given. It is established, that at use in crop rotation Phaseolusaureus the contamination of fields is reduced by specific weeds, the damage rate of a cotton agricultural wreckers and illnesses decreases. Productivity of a cotton-plant grows up to 2,7 c/hа, and at preceding processing seeds of Phaseolusaureus of rizotorfins up to 3,8 c/hа.
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Zhukov V.V., Malashenko V.V., Sudoplatov K.A.Clarification of the spectral dependence of skin light sensitivity in LymnaeaStagnalis (L) based on the manifestations of shadow reflex (Abstract)
The manifestation of the defensive reaction of the Lymnaeastagnalis to rhythmic off-light stimulation in intact snails and with a pre-removal of the eye ones was studied. The estimation of the defensive reaction to light cessation (shadow reflex) was made on a mark scale. Dependence of a shadow reflex manifestation of wavelength of background illumination of a skin is obtained. The resulting maximum value of light sensitivity of both groups of mollusks corresponds to about 490 nm.
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Sauskan V.I.Dynamics of some indicators of life quality of the population in the Kaliningrad region in 2000-2008 and comparison with other regions of the Russian Federation (Abstract)
The questions of the structure of the concept of "quality of life" as the primary objective mustache-sustainable development of the territory within the meaning of the United Nations. On the basis of published official statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation, the dynamics in 2000-2008. such environmental quality of life, as air pollution in the Kaliningrad region from stationary sources and vehicles, as well as social indicators such as the dynamics of population of the region, including the immigration rate and the natural loss of wages. Compared to the level of employment in 2009 in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation (on average) and in Moscow. As some integral assessments of the quality of life is considered changes in the level of general morbidity, as well as natural mortality rate and the standard of living of the population.
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Muromtsev A.B., Engashev S.V.New means and techniques treatment of deer in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
A new drug Monizenparasitosisdeers. Efficacy was 100% against the nematodes of the gastrointestinal tract, ticks Chorioptesbovis and 100% against lice Moniezia Benedeni.
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Ronzhina E.S., Bernikov L.R., Sorokina N.N.The effect of a lead on the water exchange in wheat (TriticumAestivum L.) plants in the beginning of an onthogenesis (Abstract)
The effect of the lead taken in different concentrations (0,01-1,00 mg / l) for water exchange rates and the formation of different spring wheat seedlings. Revealed a generally negative impact of heavy metals on plants, which manifests itself, in particular, to change the water metabolism of plants. Based on the findings concluded that this effect is most likely related to the functioning of the leaves, while the root system is less sensitive to the effects of lead.
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Bobykina V.P., Ermolenko M.I.Geomorphological and ecological aspects development of recreation in the Curonian spit (Abstract)
The prospects for the development of tourist facilities recreational and health trends in the Curonian Spit. Given its ecological characteristics using an index of environmental sustainability, indicators of tension ecological and economic status of recreational digression. First used as a recreational characteristics morfolitodinamicheskie Sea, avandyuny, the trend of the coast, particle size distribution of beach sediments.
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