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KSTU NEWS №23 (2011)

Earth and Mathematical Sciences

Bryukhanov V.V., Tikhomirova N.S., Gorlov R.V., Slezhkin V.A.Interaction of surface plasmons of silver nanoparticles on silochrom and rough solver films with elektronno-induced adsorbates of rhodamine 6G molecules (Abstract)
It has been found that in the synthesised hydrosol of silver plasmon resonance on two lengths of waves – λ=265 and λ=430,9 nm has. It has been observed that the presence of silver nanoparticles on a surface of silochrom increases the fluorescence of rhodamine 6G molecules. Fluorescence enhancement rhodamine 6G molecules in a matrix of polyvinyl spirit on the silver films received by electrodeposited reduction has been investigated. It is found that on continuous silver films it is manifested plasmon resonance on frequency of 400 nm.
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Ivanov A.M., Myslitskaya N.A., Kapelevich M.S.Nanoparticles producing by means of laser ablation and optic methods of their features study (Abstract)
Copper, brass and silver nanoparticles producing method by means laser YAG:Nd2+ ablation in liquid (ethanol) has been described. The nanoparticles in ethanol have been investigated by means of photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) method. They were shown to be characterized by plasmon resonance in the visible range of wavelengths: 594 nm, 520 nm and 420 nm for copper, brass and silver nanoparticles repectively. Their radii were estimated by means of PCS method.
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Karstina S.G.Influence of molecular matrix structural organization on processes of absorbent molecules stable fractal clusters development (Abstract)
By the methods of computer moderating and multifractal analysis are researched processes of local fractal structures at intermolecular interactions in adsorbed on heterogeneous porous surface of molecular layer. It is shown, that formation of stable molecular structures are accompanied by changes of generalized fractal dimensions, ordering of the matrix, rate of entropy change and rate coefficients of reactions. Nature of these parameters depend on initial distribution of interacting molecules, probability of interaction, initial ordering of matrix and its temperature. The derived results in work are confirmed by experimental data on change in luminescence decay kinetics in formation in adsorbed layer of molecular clusters in the electron excitation energy transfer and annihilation.
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Yurova A.A., Yurov V.A.Spectral dependencies of evans function for the schrödinger equation (Abstract)
In this note we are establishing correlation existing between the Evans functions of two Schrödinger problems differing single point in the discrete spectrum.
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Yurov A.V., Yurikov M.S.Evolution of localized pulse for the Veselov-Novikov equation (Abstract)
The method of obtained of localized in initial time solutions of Veselov-Novikov equation is obtained.
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Funtikov V.A., Bobkova (Urchenko) O.V.Principles of resist-metric method of registration of a point of equivalence in complexon-metric titration (Abstract)
For the first time resistive sensor for carrying out of chelatometric titration on the basis of representations about the nature of ion-resistive effect in surface layers of chalcogenide glasses is created. The method is illustrated on an example of trilonmetric of titration of ions of copper and iron.
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Funtikova T.P.Properties of quadrics, associate with the degenerated congruence (Abstract)
The problems of a differential geometry of diversities a steam of figures are considered, which one are solved with the help of a modern method of exterior forms of the Cartan. The object of research are the diversities generator units which one a conic С and straight line L. The degenerated diversities of 1-st kind, when a diversity (С) twodimensional, and diversity (L) one-dimensional are considered. The geometrical objects, associate with a considered congruence are researched, the properties of these objects and congruence are obtained.
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Antipov Yu.N.The analysis of data and modeling process in the converter in view of current values of power parameters radiation (Abstract)
The analysis and the modeling of process in the converter in view of current values of power parameters are made. According to results, the guality of models has improved.
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Sedov R.L., Orlov S.V. Optimization of repeatability injured backbone with the help of rigid laminas on the basis of a mathematical model of a three-vertebra system. (Abstract)
The paper analyzes the mathematical model of stability trёhpozvonkovogo complex man. Mechanical design optimization techniques with the objective function of the damaged vertebral displacement in the direction of the spinal cord (u2sm = ψ (C1, C3, Q, Cct1, X1, X3, β1, β2)) and while maintaining the mobility of the entire system obtained interval stiffness stabilizing plate.
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Grafova E.N., Bobarykin N.D., Smertin V.M.Adaptive mathematical model of the control system level ground waters with application of approximations of multidimensional functions (Abstract)
The mathematical model of system of automated management by level of ground waters, including toolkit of monitoring of parameters polders systems (PS) is developed and realized, approximations of multidimensional functions and on its basis of decisions of return problems by a variation of variables before coincidence target functions with real characteristics and demanded properties, i.e. is put aim to restore parameters modelled polders systems depending on influence. Thus, statement of the decision of return problems of mathematical modelling, is connected with the reference of relationship of cause and effect, i.e. search of the unknown reasons on well-known consequences.
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Efremov V.I.Realization of model temperature field in the draining array of polder systems (Abstract)
The mathematical model temperature field in the draining array of polder system (PS) is developed and realised. The special attention is given to statement of boundary conditions and calculation of factor of heat conductivity. In work results of numerical calculations and their interpretation are resulted.
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Vorotnikov B.J., Goncharenko M.V..Universal technology trends on the example of the amber industry of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Used parallel to the synergetic methodology to identify existing and future levels of technological development of amber industry in the region.
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Danjshin E.V.Physicochemical interaction sulfur, selenium and thiourea (Abstract)
Thus, for the first time the interaction of components in systems a orthorhombic sulfur - thiourea and a hexagonal selenium - thiourea is researched by a method of the differential - thermal analysis. The physicochemical research was conducted by a method of contact melting of the initial components in a finely divided state. The systems on the basis of a thiourea and chalcohgens (sulfur and selenium) are of interest for simulation of the process of a glass transition of matters agrees эвтектоидной of the eutectoidal theory of a glass transition of matters by a method of chemical constructionning. The results of experiment indicate eutectic character of interaction of components in researched systems and on fitness of these systems for simulation of the process of a glass transition.
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Ermakova T.V.Mathematical modeling of spatial unstationary movement of two-warp trawl complex (Abstract)
The refined mathematical model of unstationary movement of trawl complex (at constant length of the towing warps and at preassigned parameters of trawler movement on horizontal plane) based on its spatial two-warp schematization, are offered. On the base of obtained mathematical model, the calculations of spatial motion of trawl complex in case of trawler moving on trajectory – circle, are realized.
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Eliseeva N.A.M-strip distributions of the projective space (Abstract)
We investigate m-strip distributions of the projective space , which called П- distributions. With the П-distributions in the 1-st differential neighbourhood - distributions associates, for which П-distributions is the base one. Dual image for the - distributions is considered respectively involutive transformation for the structure forms of the projective space . Norden-Timofeev’s normalizations are introduced for basic structure distributions of the - distributions.
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Vyalova A.V.Generalized affine connection in the projective group (Abstract)
We investigate m-strip distributions of the projective space , which called П- distributions. With the П-distributions in the 1-st differential neighbourhood - distributions associates, for which П-distributions is the base one. Dual image for the - distributions is considered respectively involutive transformation for the structure forms of the projective space . Norden-Timofeev’s normalizations are introduced for basic structure distributions of the - distributions.
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Terentiev A.D., Grigoriev A.U., Suleymanov R.H.Derivation of the dynamic equations for hydrodynamic systems subject to euler – langrangian matched approach (Abstract)
The problem of formulation of the hydrodynamic equations in the Inertial reference system is discussed. Derivation of the equations is based on Euler - Lagrangian matched approach. The equations were derived for the mechanical system of variable composition of material points moving through fixed volume under the external forces.
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Pakhnoutov I.A.Optimal choice of knots for smootnig by linear splines (Abstract)
In the paper author offers a simple Bellman-type algorithm of choice linear spline knots to approximate, smooth or define a sort of functionality in further data processing. Examples presented.
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Altshul B.A.The account of change of length etched warps in the mathematical description of movement of a trawling complex at its schematization two-warp model (Abstract)
The differential equations supplementing mathematical model of movement two-warp of trawling system by the account during movement etched warps are received.
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Food Production Techniques and Technology

Suslov A.E., Fatihov Y.A.Research results drying process of the peach (Abstract)
Experimental unit for drying of material and experiments carrying out method have been exhausted. Data for kinetics of perch fish drying depending on different process parameters have been obtained. During the process of drying the influence factors are: the temperature and moisture content of air inside the unit. By means of planning experiment there were obtained their interconnection with the dehydration rate of perch fish in the mode of the second order polynomial.
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Belozerov G.A., Babakin B.S., Makarov B.A.Approximate computation of the time period of the eutectic solution freezing or melting in the cold accumulator (Abstract)
The duration of crystallization process of the eutectic solution of unrestricted plate could be presented as sum of three components: duration of the cooling process of the eutectic solution liquid phase τ1 from initial temperature t0 to the crystallization beginning; duration of the crystallization process τ2 and duration of the subcooling process of the solid phase τ3 to some final temperature tk at the center of the plate.
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Erlikhman V.N., Kukielka L.Length definition of capillary tubes for refrigerants trottling (Abstract)
Method of calculation definition of capillary tubes length for refrigerant throttling taking into account refrigerant properties, refrigeration capacity of refrigeration machine and performance mode has been studied.
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Rudskaya A.I., Alshevsky D.L.The design of the compounding of frozen half-finished products from forcemeat of the squid (Abstract)
The marketing, the organoleptic, microbiological and rheological studies to justify the technology of the formed semi-finished products of minced squid with various fillings.
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Panfilov V.A.Fundamental science and food technologies of the future (Abstract)
Today the food industry development is unthinkable without fundamental science that is without fundamental scientific researches and highly technological production systems. Engineering of Russian food and processing industry require immediate resuscitation, or we shall fall behind hopelessly. But now it is important not only to update old technologies, but how to create completely new ones with room for future food technologies on the basis of fundamental science discoveries
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Ejdejus A.I., Koshelev V.L.Calculation of critical pressure of the coolant on the exit from capillary tubes (Abstract)
With use of seven dimensionless variables exponential dependences for calculation of pressure of a two-phase flow in critical section of capillary tubes are received at throttling six modern refrigerants. Statistical exponents are obtained by linear regression computer program. For each refrigerant is processed not less than 180 variants of numerical calculation under the program RefCap developed earlier at various combinations of the initial data.
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Efremenko Y., Mezenova O.Assessment of possibility and prospects of application of multisensory systems for determination of fish freshness degree (Abstract)
During fish storage its chemical composition is changing, resulting in the fish accumulate new substances that significantly alters the sensory properties and nutritional value of meat. For assessing of the fish quality has priority use sensory characteristics, but they are mainly characterized by the descriptive terminology and allow the possibility of broad interpretation of the wordings that does not allow an objective assessment of quality. Elaboration of reliable methods for identification and organization of control of these substances is possible with the use of multisensor systems for solving problems associated with the establishment of qualitative and quantitative composition of volatile substances that form the smell of stale fish.
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Klyuchko N.Yu., Dominova I.N.Research to improve technology of smoked products from the roe of bream of the Baltic region (Abstract)
Improvements of technology of roe of the bream of hot smoking by the using of liquid smoking environments, enriched by fitoparafarmatsevtik are proposed. At the same time different ways of preparing the new smoking liquids environments are explored, qualitative and quantitative composition of phenolic components are investigated, safety for the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are proven. High quality of roe of the bream of hot smoking cooked with enriched smoking environments are displayed. The property of the dynamics of sensory and physical-chemical characteristics depending on the length of storage of smoked roe are educed, and the qualitative and quantitative fatty acid composition of lipids are studied.
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Serpunina L.T., Brechko E.V.Accumulation of histamine in convenience scad at different stages of processing (Abstract)
Deviation from the technological instructions on thawing and salting operations leads to the accumulation of histamine in process and finished canned goods to levels unacceptable in some countries.
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Baydalinova L.S., Sharygina Y.I.Research of antioxidizing properties vegetative extracts for lipid stabilization of frozen meat semi-finished products (Abstract)
Research results of antioxidizing properties vegetative extracts, recommended for lipid stabilization of food products. The vegetative extracts produced by companies: Kalsec (Great Britain), Danisco (Denmark), Kemin (Belgium) and «Caravan» Ltd. (Russia) are investigated. In extracts antioxidizing capability of fatty-soluble and water-soluble fractions is defined. Dynamics of fatty acids composition with antioxidizing green tea and rosemary extracts on meat semi-finished products lipids are defined during cold storage. Influence of using extracts on mineral components and safety of products is researched.
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Titova I.M., Titov I.I.Changes in physical-chemical indicators in paste of preserves Baltic herring during storage (Abstract)
The topicality of production of preserves from herring paste is justified. The change buffer indicator is examined, FTN and PNS of preserves paste during storage. It is established that the introduction of carrots as a flavoring additive slows over ripeness paste.
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Anokhina O.N., Pritykina N.A.Technology development of meat plant products (Abstract)
At present, Russia's population uses little power in fiber (dietary fiber), vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. However, we know that the lack of content in the body leads to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, obesity, etc. Therefore, in modern science is an issue of using different dressers natural origin, which is a valuable source of dietary fiber, vegetable protein and other essential human nutrients.
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