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KSTU NEWS №24 (2012)

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Abramov R.V., Goushchin O.A., Stont J.I.Virtual atmospheric transfer Northern Atlantic ocean and South-Eastern Baltic sea above by teisserene de bort terms (Abstract)
With coordinates and pressure means and dispersions at interval 2008-2009-2010 by daily Bracknell weather charts the westerlies is confirmed and valued as steady. The variablest is pressure in the center of Ice Low in opposite stable Az High. Transfere to Europa is from WNW and one to SE BALT is from SW.
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Arkhipov A.G., Mamedov A.A., Smirnova T.A.Species composition and peculiarities of chthyoplankton distribution in the south Azores seamounts area (Abstract)
The recent data on fish eggs and larvae by species in the South Azores seamounts are presented. Distribution of the commercial fish species – East-Atlantic horse mackerel Trachurus picturatus and eastern mackerel Scomber japonicus – is analyzed in the early ontogenesis. The impact of surface currents upon ichthyoplankton concentration is shown. It is indicated that fish eggs and larvae occurred more frequently and had the higher abundance above seamounts as compared to the adjacent areas. The most diversified species composition and the highest abundance of ichthyoplankton was observed during the seasons considered in the area of seamounts Irving and Meteor. This location is one of the largest in area and is characterized with the most complicated oceanographic parameters.
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Anuryeva A.S., Shpokayte E.V., Shibaev L.V.Comparison of morphometric parameters of two ecological forms of whitefish (Coregonus lavaterus L.) in water bodies of the Kaliningrad oblast (Abstract)
The article provides comparison of morphometric parameters whitefish of Vishtynetskoye lake and whitefish of the Curonian Lagoon (Russian side). The relevance of the work is using the results of work for the regulation of fishing and reproduction of whitefish in Lake Vishtynetskoye and the Curonian Lagoon.
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Bayanov N.G.Intensity of production-destruction processes in oxbows of river kerzhenez (Abstract)
Relation of production-destruction processes in oxbows and concentration of nitrogen, phosphor, phytoplankton, streaming, situated in brushwood or wood flood-lands analyzed. Production of phytoplankton determinate by location of oxbow in flood-lands–canal complex, light regime and level of flowing.
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Dubravin V.F., Maslyankin G.E.Long-period variability of freshwater components the Baltic sea balance (Abstract)
Literature sources and climatic data from the Atlas (Feistel et al., 2008) were used as material for obtaining seasonal variability components of freshwater balance of the sea (Precipitation, Evaporation and River inflow). Longtime variability was investigated with harmonic, dispersive, correlation and spectral analyses (Bruks, Caruzers, 1963).
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Nagornova N.N., Bernikova T.A.Results of inspection of ecosystems of rivers of Baltic sea on hydrological indicators (Abstract)
The article is about the rivers of the Kaliningrad region, results of hydrological inspection and geographical characteristic of these rivers. The information is important for planning and organisation of the ecological monitoring. Results are important for search of key points of the rivers ecological monitoring in the Kaliningrad region.
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Naumov V.A., Markova L.V.Restoration of the data monthly average charges of the river Neman during the Second World War (Abstract)
It is shown, that the hydropost Neman (Lampejai) can be used as analogue for a hydropost Neman (Smalininkai). The data of monthly average charges of the river Neman for 1943-1946 are restored. The longest continuous hydrological line in region Southern Baltic is received.
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Novozhilov O.A.Characteristics species structure of young fish in rivers of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
More then 20 rivers and 50 stations were researched. In all observed rivers was found 32 young fish species. In small rivers structures of species is simple and consist of about 6 species. According structures of species in the small rivers were detected a few potential salmon rivers-Pissa, Putilovka, Angrapa, Lava. The small lowland rivers which fall into lagoons or big lake are the place of spawning for perch and roach. In the middle and big river quantity of species is bigger then in small river. In the big rivers are detected dependence between species and environmental condition.
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Sokolov A.V., Varnavskiy A.V., Kolpakova E.S., Sokolova V.F.The assessment of the use possibilities of the lake Frolikha (Baikal region) for the development of recreational fisheries (Abstract)
The possibilities of the lake Frolikha, located in the reserve "Frolihinsky" for recreational fishing were estimated. Biological parameters of fish in surveyed lake is in a satisfactory condition. The noted peculiarities of the structural parameters have been stipulated due to the specificity of the reservoir and do not go beyond the existing notions about the structure of ichthyocenosis of water bodies in the Baikal region. The number of anglers per day on the lake. Frolikha with its tributaries may be 26 people.
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Osadchy V.M., Tkachev I.U., Kiselev V.N., Fedorov V.E.Status of national fisheries in the Baltic sea and prospects of development in the modern international legal conditions (Abstract)
The article examines the state of the national fisheries in the Baltic Sea and the ways of development. Besides, the article shows the problems international legal department of water biological resources. Also considering the possibility of creating new variations for international cooperation under the agreements of EU and Russian Federation.
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Shibaev S.V., Golubkova T.A., Ryabchun V.A.Cohort analysis of bream (Abramis brama L.) stock dynamics in the Vistula lagoon on the Baltic sea (Abstract)
The article is about methods of cohort analysis of dynamics of bream stock in the Vistula lagoon during period 1960-2010. The fishery using mostly gill nets with cell-mesh 70 mm. Main factor cause fluctuation of the stock is number of recruitment. Fishery has smaller impact on the abundance of bream population.
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Matveeva E.P., Masyutkina E.A., Shibaeva M.N.The characteristics of zoo planktonic community of the trans boundary river Neman in territory of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The characteristic of fauna of planktonic invertebrates of the river of Neman is given. This river has the big importance for a fish economy. The specific structure of a zooplankton, its quantitative characteristics, distribution on the river is described, the estimation of an ecological condition of the rivers is resulted.
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Baranovskiy P.N.Spatial distribution of perch of Vishtinetskoe lake as result of net control catches during 2007-2011 years (Abstract)
The features of the spatial distribution of abundance and biomass of perch Vishtynetskoe Lake. The distributions of size groups in the depths are analyzed. The interannual variability of the examined population and biomass are analyzed. The maps of abundance and biomass distributions of perch in the waters of Vishtynetskoe Lake were created. The most promising areas for fishery were identified.
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Frolkina Zh.A.Impact of human activities on changes in the ichthyoscene at the South Georgia shelf (Abstract)
The natural marine ecosystem of the South Georgia area is not adapted to an anthropogenic impact, since human activities can provide a rapid non-reversible reconstruction of this ecosystem. The example of such impact is illustrated by significant capture of notothenia (Notothenia rossii marmorata) in the beginning of the 70s. In the end of the 60s, notothenia occupied the leading positions in the ichthyoscene of this area; therefore the quick reduction of this fish stock provided the huge impact on the ecosystem state and resulted in its full reconstruction. Since the middle of the 70s, icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) plays the central role in the fish community of the South Georgia area. The ecosystem reconstruction has continued till the end of the 80s.
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Sementina E.V., Serpunin G.G.Hematological indicators of whitefish in Vishtytis lake during the winter period (Abstract)
Fish-breeding-biological and hematological indicators of different-aged European whitefish, witch living in the Vishtytis Lake, placed in Kaliningrad region, during the winter period were learned.
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Domnina A.Yu., Chubarenko B.V.Morphometric characteristics of lagoons of the World ocean (Abstract)
Analyze of morphometric characteristics of lagoons of the World Ocean was made with use of available in Internet satellite photographs LandSat 7 for period from 2000 till 2011 years. Along shore and cross shore sizes of lagoons don’t exceed 260 and 108 kilometers accordingly. More than 80% of lagoons are stretched along a shore. In average, along shore size is 7 times larger than cross shore one. Significant part of lagoons (35%) have along shore size of 10-25 km, and cross shore size less than 5 km (47%), along shore size doesn’t exceed 50 km for 63% of lagoons, and cross shore size doesn’t exceed 5 km for 75% of lagoons. Squares of a lagoon could rich 18000 km2, and 70% of lagoons have the square less than 100 km2. Nearly one half of lagoons (49.5%) have one inlet, and for 49% of lagoons openness ration is between 0.1-1.0.
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Industrial Fisheries

Naumov V.A., Bojarinova N.A.Empirical formulas for drag factor of flat fishing net at the cross-section flow (Abstract)
Empirical formulas for calculation of the drag factor СX of a flat network are analyzed at cross-section flow. Numerical factors in these formulas are specified with the help of the stochastic functions theory methods. The formulas of calculation CX in all a range of Reynolds numbers is offered.
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Nedostup A.A., Belykh A.V.Modelling of physical model of a Danish seine at its sample by anchor way (Abstract)
In this article we receive criteria for dynamic similarity of physical processes in during hauling Danish seine by anchor way. There were reviewed two processes: hydrodynamic and groundwater dynamic. The criteria of similarity. Experiments were held with analog of natural (full-scale) Danish seine in the pool of KSTU. On the basis of similarity criteria received modeling scale of parameters of Danish seine. Experiments with model of natural Danish seine are held. Values of scale effects for geometrical and power characteristics are defined. In the article we present a methodology of physical modeling of dynamic process of hauling of Danish seine by anchor way.
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Mizyurkin M.A., Kruchinin O.N., Safonov V.A., Zakharov E.A.Effect of trawl boards attack angle for resistance and geometrical parameters of trawl system (Abstract)
It was held investigation of the influence of the boards attack angle on the warp tension and geometrical parameters of the bottom trawl in the Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan). Warp tension (resistance to trawl system) was determined using a dynamometer, and the geometric parameters (vertical opening of the trawl and the distance between the boards) - with Norwegian equipment «Scanmar». Different angle of trawl boards attack were asked by varying mounting positions of warp and back strops on the board. As a result, it was determined statistically significant of the nonlinear dependence of the resistance and trawl system geometry from the trawl boards attack angle. And the nature of the experimental curves does not contradict to the theoretical representation of the trawl system mechanics.
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Seslavinskyi V.I.Trap’s construction, catch selectivity and tactics of grass shrimp at peter’s the great bay (Abstract)
At Peter’s the Great Bay were held experimental works aimed on studying the effects of changing constructive parameters of the traps and tactical catch methods on the fishing effectiveness of grass shrimp. Represented sized shrimp ranks of several work areas. Resize the holes from 30 to 70 mm, with the measured weight and size composition of the shrimp catch and fish catch. The maximum catch of shrimp was obtained with the size of the holes at 50 mm. With a larger size of holes, a decrease of the catch is observed. The dependence of the catch on the number of holes and their total area is shown. Growth in the catch observed with increasing amount of holes from two to five. Increasing the input area on more than 100 cm2 is accompanied by a decrease in the catch. Increasing traps’ capacity accompanied by improvement of the retaining properties of input devices and respectively, by the catch. It’s suggested to use flexible shrimp traps, which increased volume does not create difficulties in their partition.
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Velikanov N.L., Kikot A.V.Calculation of resistance forces of netting parts of implements of industrial fishery at the cross flow (Abstract)
The algorithm of definition of forces of hydrodynamic resistance is presented at a cross-flow of netting parts of implements of industrial fishery. The calculation instance is given.
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Rozenshtein M.M.Mathematical model of fishing with use of surface light sources and onboard dip net (Abstract)
The process schematization fishing with use of surface light sources and onboard dip net is stated. On the basis of a schematization the mathematical model connecting size catch by onboard dip net with technical characteristics of an onboard line of light sources, a translation chandelier, is received by the sizes of dip net, behavioral characteristics of fishes.
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Novozhilov E.P., Churunov V.N.Directions and methods to improve the river shore seine non-water fishing (Abstract)
In this paper the example of fishing in the Volga delta shows the main ways and methods to improve the river for fishing zakidnogononaqueous increase its effectiveness: the development of improved models of gear, fishing practices, fishing machinery, methods, hauling and stacking. Methods of modeling splyvaniya seine nets improve the designs, methods for assessing its catchability, resistance seine attracting, knowledge on fish behavior, a system of control over all elements and processes and process elements of fishing.
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Bragnik S.Y., Mitenkov Y.A., Skakun V.A.Current status of stocks perch (Stizostedion Lucioperca) of fresh waters Russian Federation (Abstract)
The results of statistical analysis of perch commercial catches are given for the previous 9 years. The catch dynamics of perch within inland fresh waters is summarized. The tendency to reduce perch stocks and significant changes in the structure of commercial catches in the major fishing areas of this species are considered.
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Nino V.P.Operating problems of fishing resources hydrobionts of Leningrad region and their decision (Abstract)
The estimation of potential of fish industry of area is given, the possible dynamics of his development is considered, priority directions, cooperate the decision of questions on creation of favorable terms of economic activity and enhance the contribution of the fishing industry in food safety of the Leningrad region and Russia on the whole are determined.
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Akishin V.V., Istomin I.G., Lapshin O.M., Mikhalchuk P.G., Likhograev A.Y., Pavlenko A.A.Some aspects of near-bottom trawl use on demersal species fishery in the Barents sea (Abstract)
Application of bottom trawls leads to degradation in bottom biocenoses of some areas of habitation of a cod and a haddock in Barents sea, to decreasing of a specific biodiversity and the number of sea organisms. In the case of the further restrictions for bottom trawling in the Barents Sea and of other fishing methods and gears, the national fishery practically can stop. During conducting 1surveys it’s necessary to use both bottom and near-bottom trawls in a near-bottom regime because it allows to register all ages classes of a cod and a haddock. The project of a near-bottom trawl with sorting devices for fishing cod and haddock in the Barents Sea has been developed. Technical testing shows its perspectives as a new survey and commercial fishing gear.
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Sopina A.V., Kharenko E.N.Using the norms of output of products from water biological resources to save of fish stocks (Abstract)
The establishment of actual catch is a necessary condition of commercial fish stock saving. Monitoring helps to the install the scientifically justified indexes of technological rationing for their subsequent introduction in Rules of fishery. The software is developed for indexes of technological rationing monitoring.
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Orlov E.K.On the possibility of a universal calculating static friction coefficient under different physical conditions sample fishing mechanisms friction type (Abstract)
Force of friction of rest keeps a fishing gear on a surface of a traction drum, and process of sample passes without slipping. Values of force of friction of rest and static coefficient of friction depend on lines of factors. In this connection experimental researches of static coefficients of friction when the corners of the 40° ≤ α ≤ 720°, a various degree actual humidity of dry and wet samples netting 4%Размер файла: 391 Кбайт

Minko V.M.About level of professional risks in fishery both fish culture and ways of their decrease (Abstract)
Statistical data on accidents in fishery and fish culture is cited. The basic directions of decrease in professional risks in fishery are specified. Results and ways of perfection of modeling of professional risks to fishery are discussed.
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Zyuzina E.A., Smirnov A.V.Development of innovations in the area of commercial fishery and the present informational support of rospatent (Abstract)
The paper considers problems related to the development of innovations in Russia. Information is presented in relation to up-dated potentialities of Rospatent information service. It is based on the system of electronic documents. The main stages of problem solution concerning innovations in commercial fishery are considered involving present means of patent information retrieval.
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