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KSTU NEWS №25 (2012)


Food Production Techniques and Technology

Panfilov V.A.Food technological: dialecties model of development (Abstract)
The article discusses stages of development of algorithm of fundamental research works andsubstantivation of real possibility of developing unmanned food production on the basis of dialectics developmentmodel. The suggested development model of food technologies corresponds to the long termforeasting conditions.
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Fatykhov J.A., Ageev O.V., Evtropkov V.M., Matsonko A.Z.The approach to working out fish processing on base of stepper motor with the digital control (Abstract)
The comparative analysis of continuous and discrete systems of the electric drive is resulted.Fish processing equipment, containing electronic knots of adjustment and executive step engines is offered.
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Fedorov S.V.Energetic of triboecology for natural and real machines (Abstract)
The machine is examined as subtribosystem. With positions of the energy-entropy analysis ofadaptive-dissipative nature of tribosystem’s states the generalized machine rule is proposed. The idea ofnatural and real machines is discussed and it allows us to propose the set of fundamental principles for theforming of the real machines.
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Kukielka K., Kukielka L.Modelling and numerical analysis of the thread rolling process used in food mechanical engineering (Abstract)
The article describes the problem of modelling and numerical analysis of the external thread rolling process which can be used in the food mechanical engineering. Modern modelling method and numerical analysis of the process with computational model of the stress, displacement, strain in the thread was shown. Exemplary results of numerical simulation of strain for different conditions of the external round and metric threads rolling process are presented. Obtained results enhance the design and development proper construction of the tool to provide technical requirements and property of the screw, simultaneously increase the tool life, quality of product and process productivity.
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Ejdejus A.I., Koshelev V.L.Performance of compression refrigerating machines with various trottling devices (Abstract)
Necessity of the account of type throttling device of refrigerating machine is proved under variableconditions. The technique of the account of characteristics of a capillary tube and the electronic expansionvalve is offered. The numerical data about influence throttling devices on productivity and energy efficiencyof some refrigerating machines are cited.
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Dolgiy N.A., Serdobincev S.P.The principles of microprocessor control systems construction for manufacture safety of fish canned food (Abstract)
The analysis of influence of finishing technological operations on quality and safety canningproducts is carried out. Modern microprocessor means in control and operating operations of manufactureof canned food from the fried fish in tomato sauce are considered. The analysis of management is spentby safety of manufacture of fish canned food on the basis of the developed structurally-technologicalscheme of control and management of line production of canned food from the fried fish in tomato sauce.
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Efremenko Y.I., Mezenova O.Y.Chemical sensors in the system of food products analysis (Abstract)
The article is devoted to discussion of chemical sensors the independent class of modernanalytical devices and their possible applications in the food analysis. The basic definitions anddistinguishing characteristics of chemical sensors are given. The device and principle of operation areconsidered, as well as the main types of currently available chemical sensors. Chemical sensors areclassified by the type transforming element and nature of identification. The analytical characteristics ofchemical sensors and analytical systems based of them are discussed.
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Vinokur M.L.Substantiation of dry method in technology of SC-CO2 extraction of lipid-carotenoid complex from shrimp waste (Abstract)
This article discusses the influence of drying method on lipid quality of shell containing crustaceanwaste and on SC-CO2 extraction of lipid-carotenoid complex efficiency.
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Andrukhin A.V., Andreev M.P.Investigation of the dynamics of evaporation glaze in refrigeration storage of cod fillet (Gadus Morhua) (Abstract)
This article is devoted to investigation of the rate of glaze evaporation from the cod filletssurface. Storage of uncovered samples is resulted in a significant increase of the rate of shrinkage.Application of dimension and mass characteristics may take it possible to estimate losses from shrinkageof glaze from surface of fish.
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Stepanenko E.I., Nekhamkin B.L.Use structure-forming agents of form dehydrate fish products technology (Abstract)
Influence different structure-forming agents of consistence, moisture-retaining power, dehydrationrate and Aw of minced fish meat during dehydration was research. Opportunity of structure-forming agentsusing was showing relatively form dehydrate fish products microbiological stabilit.
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Maklakova A.A., Kondratyk Y.V., Voronko N.G., Derkach S.R.Rheological behavior of gelatin gels with additives of carrageenan (Abstract)
The rheological behavior of hydrogels of gelatin (1% wt.) with the addition of anionic polysaccharide- carrageenan (1∙10-3 - 4∙10-1% wt.) was investigated under the shear. It is shown that the gelsshow non-Newtonian flow behavior and gels are characterized by the yield stress. The critical gelatin-to carrageenan ratio corresponding to the sharp increase in the viscosity and yield stress of gels was established.Spectrometric measurements of aqueous gelatin dispersions with similar concentrations of polysaccharidehave also been performed.
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Khamhanova D.N., Tsibikova G.T., Sharapova S.M.Supply of uniformity of measurements quality of grain bread (Abstract)
In order to supply the unity of organoleptic measurements during the studies of milk wheyinfluence upon organoleptic, physical and chemical, microbiological indices of grain bread we have set acomplex of operations as the choice of experts on normalized qualification characteristics, the motivatedchoice of algorithms of qualimetric information processing, creation of normal conditions to undertakethe examination. Also in this paper one can see that the examination of solution quality allows us to makeessential conclusions on study results.
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Sarma A.E.Application of waste of mushroom production in fish cooked products (Abstract)
The expedience of using in the production of fish food products of the secondary protein resourcesis received during in industrial processing of field mushrooms was analyzed. The algorithm intabular program MS Excel for modeling of the fish-mushroom cookery products balanced on amino acidcomposition was worked out. Questioning for the purpose of specification of opinion of consumers concerningcompatibility of mushroom and fish raw materials was spent.
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Gaplevskaya N.M., Serpunina L.T.Substantiation of butter reservation technology (Abstract)
Influence of production season, method of freezing and type of packing on organoleptical, physiochemical,microbiological characteristics of dairy butter was analyzed. Dynamics of the characteristicsof butter preserved within winter and summer seasons during 9 months refrigerating storage is presented.Purposefulness of using the liquid nitrogen treatment for dairy butter preservation during the retail containerpacking stage is revealed.
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Ship Building, Machinery and Power-Engineering

Djatchenko S.V.Theoretical positions of design maintenance of norms of vibration on fishing ships (Abstract)
Theoretical positions of design maintenance of standard characteristics of vibration on fishingfleet ships are developed.
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Semenov D.A.The modeling of the water and ice salinity at the ship model tests in broken ice (Abstract)
The modeling method of the water and ice salinity in the ship model tests in broken ice isconsidered. Salinity is regarded as a main factor in changing water and ice density and consequently theships resistance in broken ice. The results of 1105 ship project model tests in sweet and salt water arepresented. The data analysis made it possible to experimentally corroborate and substantiate the methodof results recalculation of model tests in sweet water on full-scale ship floating in salt water.
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Matuszak M.Investigation of dynamometer dynamics for micromilling forces measurement (Abstract)
The paper presents results of impact tests of dynamometer for micromilling cutting forces measurement. Dynamometer frequency response functions are shown for feed (X), cross-feed (Y) and axial (Z) directions. Experimental results of micromilling cutting forces measurements are presented. Cutting forces signals were processed by S transform and short time Fourier transform which give information about signal frequency and amplitude in short periods of time. Conclusions arising from performed impact tests and micromilling experiments are presented.
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Burakovskiy E.P., Burakovskiy P.E.Research of elasto-plastic plates behavior at large Sags (Abstract)
Experimental research results presented in this paper allowed to analyze plates behavior atdeveloped plastic sags. Methods of plates calculation at large sags have been suggested.
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Zinoviev V.N.The relation between ultrasound passing velocity (time) and stress in concrete subjected to static short-time uniaxial compression (Abstract)
Integrated and differential forms of relation between ultrasound passing velocity (time) andstress have been derived analytically for heavy granite concrete subjected to static short-time uniaxialcompression.
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Fedorov S.V., Sereda N.A.Friction as aspect of research of the manipulators for piece water transfer (Abstract)
Three manipulator’s designs for piece wares transfer were developed. The necessity of researchinto manipulators in the aspect of friction is grounded as applied to the technological lines.
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Alexandrov Ju.P.Evaluation of mechanical properties and weight being lifted of the out suckers with swing lever for transference of sheet glass (Abstract)
The article discusses results of mechanical properties of new and worn rubber suckers by aportable microprocessor hardness meter of MIT-2 type and test results of worn out sucker by the valueweight lifted for the sheet glass.
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Klyus O.V., Minko A.A., Motornyj A.V., Pukhov V.V.Preliminary fuel treatment in injectors of diesel engines (Abstract)
In the paper was presented some results of scientific works death with using of preliminary fueltreatment in injectors of diesel engines.
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Kuzkin V.G.Uncontrolled crankshaft speed increase of the diesel engine (Abstract)
The condition of uncontrolled skyrocketing speed diesel engine crankshaft is considered. the mathematicalmodel of this process is obtained. The parameters of its occurrence in time are calculated.
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Filonov A.G.About overall performance of the perforated steamdistributive sheet at barbotage boiling (Abstract)
In article the technique of researches of liquid entrainment is resulted at boiling of salty water inthe experimental stand. Experimental data of measurements of humidity of steam in the presence of theshipped perforated sheet in barbotage evaporator and without it are resulted.
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Alexandrov I.S.Viscosity of ethylbenzene in temperature range from triple point to 700 K at pressures up to 100 MPa (Abstract)
Based on most reliable experimental data a viscosity equation has been developed to represent thetransport properties of ethylbenzene in the temperature range from triple point to 700 K. Comparisons to availableexperimental data are given that establish the accuracy of calculated properties using this equation. Typicaluncertainties of viscosity calculated using the new equation are 1,5-3,0 %.
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Gerasimov A.A., Kuznetsov M.A.Caloric properties of n-dodecane and n-tridecane in liquid phase in temperature range 300 – 600 K and at pressures up to 60 MPa (Abstract)
The experimental results of the isobaric heat capacity Cp of liquid n-dodecane and n-tridecane attemperatures up to 600 K and pressures up to 60 MPa are presented. The experiment was performed at thedevice that implements the method of flow with the calorimetric measurement of consumption. The totalerror of a single Ср measurement does not exceed 0,34%. Based on these experimental data the tables forthe enthalpy and entropy have been calculated, as well as the enthalpy of vaporization has beendetermined.
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Blaginin V.A., Kazhekin I.E.Overvoltage single-phase arc fault on the hull in ship to low voltage electrical with resonance earthed neutral (Abstract)
Considered surge in low-voltage electricity networks with a single-phase compensation circuitcurrent due to the peculiarities of extinction in their ground arc.
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Geller B.L.Coupling of the servomotor to analogue system of automatic control (Abstract)
The way of formation of voltage of a winding of control of the asynchronous diphasic servomotorby modulation of an analogue operating signal with maintenance of phase shift 90° in the low-passfilter is considered. The basic relations for engineering calculation of the filter are given. Schematic realizationof the device of interface is offered.
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