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KSTU NEWS №26 (2012)

Earth and Mathematical Sciences

Bryukhanov V.V., Slezhkin V.A., Tikhomirova N.S., Tsibulnikova A.V., Gorlov R.V.Rhodamine 6g and eosin fluorescence in the presence of silver nanoparticles in water solutions, on silochrom and in films of polyvinyl spirit (Abstract)
It has been found that in the synthesised hydrosol of silver plasmon resonance on length ofwaves λ=430,9 nm has. It has been observed that the presence of silver nanoparticles on a surface of silochromincreases the fluorescence of rhodamine 6G molecules.It is established that fluorescence of eosinmolecules in matrix of polyvinyl spirit in the presence of silver nanoparticles it is weakened.
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Yurov A.V., Iglesias Manyuguina I.Big trip in phantom cosmology (Abstract)
It is shown that the effect of explosion of wormholes probably takes place to be in all phantommodels, even in those that not contain singularities of Big Rip, including the field models of string theory.
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Antipov Y.N.Synergetic effect at steel production in the oxygen converter (Abstract)
The analysis of operating influences and synergetic effects is carried aut with the modeling of asteel production in the oxygen converter. It is shown that the management of a converter process isenough to be limited haring influences during the second period.
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Funtikov V.A., Danjshin E.V.Eutectoidal model of a crystallization of glasses (Abstract)
We offer the eutectoidal model of a crystallization of glasses grounded on representation aboutthe eutectoidalnanostructuredness of glasses and about a genetic accessory pseudonanophases at once ofseveral metastable phase equilibriums. Due to this the crystallization of glasses happens through stages ofappearance of quasi-crystals, and then metastable phases according to aOstvald’s rule of stages. Theprocess of a crystallization of a glass of composition TlAsTe2, appropriate at room conditions tometastable chemical compound TlAsTe2, as against stable chemical compound TlAsSe2 is produced as anexample of a metastable crystallization. We have detected experimentally, that both chemical compounds(TlAsTe2 and TlAsSe2) easily enter in the eutectic interaction and at a metastable crystallization inessence by nothing differ. It is possible to produced the information on all metastable phase equilibriumsparticipating in creation of vitrescent melts, utilizing the strictly planned set of conditions of acrystallization.Thus, from of eutectoidal model of a crystallization implies that all crystalline phases, which oneoccur on an incipient state of a crystallization of the optimized glasses there should correspondpossibilities of eutectic interaction between them. Outgoing from this, it is possible to plan the determinedappearance of variants of different structures of glass ceramics and polycrystals with different physicaland chemical properties.
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Naumov V.A., Markova L.V.The correlation analysis of the drain intraannual distribution of the region rivers (Abstract)
On the basis of the big sample (n = 516) the correlation analysis of intraannual distribution of adrain of the Baltic rivers and the next regions is carried out. Close stochastic connection betweenexpenses of the Kaliningrad region rivers and essential communication with expenses of the next regionsrivers is established. The hypothesis that stochastic communication between monthly average expenses ofthe rivers Pregel and Neman in years abounding in water closer, than in the shallow has not proved to betrue.
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Grafova E.N., Bobarykin N.D., Smertin V.M.Automated management of system of maintenance of level of ground waters in polders systems (Abstract)
The system of maintenance of level of ground waters (joint venture UGV) is developed will beorganized in the form of the distributed two-level system on the basis of industrial controler Octagon. Thebottom level of management is presented by subsystems of automatic control and regulation of regimeparameters of process and provides logic management of change of functional conditions of separatetechnological modules (ТМ) at start-up, останове, in a waiting mode. Means of automation of a controlsystem of the first level are built in in ТМ. The second level coordinates interaction ТМ at their work in auniform complex and provides a conclusion of the information on a current condition of object of managementto the operator observing of process.The purpose of management of joint venture UGV consists in maintenance of an optimum modeof joint functioning of elements of the technological system, directed on realization of the set indicators ofquality.
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Vyalova A.V.Reduction of the object of connection on the centered plane surface (Abstract)
In many-dimensional projective space the projective group as centered projective frame bundle,in which centered projective connection is given, is introduced. The centered plane surface and associatedwith it principle bundle, in which group connection is given, in the projective space is considered.It is shown, that the object of centered projective connection to the object of group connection is reduced.
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Eliseeva N.A.Normalizations of m-strip distributions of the projective pace (Abstract)
We investigate m-strip distributions of the projective spacePn.Norden - Chakmazyan’snormalizations, Miheylesku’s normalizations, Fubini’s normalizations, Wilczynski’s normalizations areintroduced for basic structure distributions of theH ( ) - distributions.
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Yurova A.A., Gricenko K.A.Zero probabilities in the eternal inflation models: the Bayesian approach (Abstract)
An anthropic principle has made it possible to answer the difficult question of why theobservable value of cosmological constant (47 410 GeV) is so disconcertingly tiny compared topredicted value of vacuum energy density12 4SUSY 10 GeV. Unfortunately, there is a darker side tothis argument, as it leads to absurd prediction: that the probability to observe the value0forrandomly selected observer exactly equals to 1. Another point: the relative probability to obtain0is1 too. It is shown that while these problems occur for the prediction stage of value of it disappears atthe explanatory stage when has already been measured by the observer.
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Pakhnoutov I.A.Expansion of grid function with given boundary conditions (Abstract)
The paper deals with a smooth expanding of function defined on finite mesh of real line to the wholeline with fixed boundary conditions by means of polynomial splines with additive knots. Given finaldifference formulas for that expansion, given examples.
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Kholmogorov G.L, Chernova T.V., Vlasova Yu.A., Snigireva M.V.Energy-power conditions of bimetallic work piece drawing (Abstract)
Method of optimal drawing tool geometry definition by bimetallic work piece drawing isoffered. Out of minimum condition of drawing tension the dependences of drawing tool optimal angles oftaper is offered. These dependences provide the minimal drawing tension and minimal energy inputs bybimetallic items production.
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Orlov S.V., Sedov R.L.Modeling of systems for spine bracing at its instability (Abstract)
Instability of a spine column is a multicausal problem and can meet at any age.. Studying of thenature of instability by a method of mathematical modeling has important applied value as offersbiomechanical justification of surgical correction of this pathology, optimizes a choice of clinicaldecisions for typical options of instability. The mathematical model about application of numericalmethods is developed for research of behavior of a kinematic chain of a three-vertebral complex atvarious options of damage of vertebrae, and also unstable conditions at a trauma and spine diseases. Thepurpose mathematical modeling is development of optimum criteria of use of fixatives of the spine within advance chosen properties depending on a type of damage and instability. Are offered biomechanicreasonable options of surgical correction of typical options of instability, calculations of optimumparameters of stabilizing designs are given. Advantage of application of resilient and elastic designs incomparison with rigid is proved.
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Efanov D.V.Optimization of algorithms diagnosing on technical objects on a basis of complex usage informative and questionnaire methods (Abstract)
There is a complex method of diagnosing algorithms optimization on technical objects, which isbased on informative and questionnaire methods. For the first verification is informative method and forthe next is questionnaire method. Such optimization reduce a number of computing during the diagnosingalgorithms building.
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Ovsyannikov V.V.Interdependence of technical normalizing and standardization (Abstract)
The article discusses the standardization and regulation accepted both inside and outside thiscountry used in construction.
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Yaparova A.V.Application of Abel equation of the first kind for inflation analysis of cosmological inflation (Abstract)
Cosmological inflation is considered in the flat Friedman-Robertson-Walker universe filled witha real massive scalar field with self-action. Also two other models with polynomial potentials are in consideration.A reduction of the Einstein-Friedman equations to the Abel equation of 1st kind is applied foranalysis. A connection between the Friedman equations and the Abel equation and relation between solutionsof Abel equation and stages of evolution of the scalar field are stated. Initial conditions are found,which are necessary and sufficient for inflation to occur. An effect of the initial values of the scalar fieldand initial relation between potential and kinetic terms of field energy density on an inflation occurrence,its time and e-folds number are explored. Their effect on the slow-rolling condition and role of this conditionfor inflation are examined. Results for three models are compared.
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Economy and Management

Zakrevskaya G.S., Maximova A.M.Problems of reforming intergovernmental fiscal in Russian Federation (Abstract)
The main objective of the article was a comprehensive review of the problems of reforming thebudget system in the Russian Federation to explore ways to improve the efficiency of budget spending.The study concluded that the possibility of using a series of actions for effective allocation ofbudgetary funds, and proposed a number of steps, the practical use is possible only after detailed study.
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Chaplygin V.G.Methodological bases of monetary unions management (Abstract)
The article focuses it's attention upon the methodological bases of monetary unions management.It has been mentioned that the exploration of theoretical as well as practical issues of a monetaryunions may be considered is a key point of contemporary development of a science.
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Lukianova L.M.Some means of system correctness substantiation of decisions in industrial complexes (Abstract)
A problem of inconsistent and incomprehensive decisions in industrial complexes is considered.Logical premises and the means of forming and correcting inconsistent and incomprehensive decisionsare discussed.
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Sberegaev N.A.Local special economic zones: new approach, new possibilities (Abstract)
Presents the results of the study of theory and practice of creation and functioning in Russia andabroad local special economic zones. Founds the new approach to such zones, opening up new possibilitiesof their functioning.
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Sukharev O.S.General economic and «environmental» efficiency: theoretical formulation (Abstract)
This paper addresses the problem of economic efficiency and special attention is paid to thetheoretical explanation of the «green» the functioning of economic systems. The author creates axioms ofefficiency, introduces a number of indicators and models that allow us to estimate the overall economicand separately – «ecological» efficiency of the economic system.
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Alibekov Sh.I., Timofeeva O.V., Lebedeva A.Y.Actual issues of the account of the additional capital in modern conditions (Abstract)
The article devotes to the issues of the accounting of the additional capital in modern conditions.Imperfection of a technique of reflection in the accounting and the reporting of the given component ofown capital is mentioned, ways of solving of the given is standard-legal collision are offered.
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Ivanov A.V., Chaplygin V.G.Trade and economic and integration aspects of development of fishing industry of Russia within the WTO (Abstract)
Now in the world fast distribution of the regional integration interaction concerning developmentof globalization is observed. Participants of regional integration agreements as though specify movementreference points, approve and recommend the mechanisms promoting minimization of negativeconsequences of globalization.
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Kafidov Vladimir V.Tendencies qualificatory development of municipal agglomerations in Russia (Abstract)
The questions of modern urbanism tendencies are examined in the article, in the light of the globalizationand Russian factors of development. Factors are investigated influencing on the dynamics ofdevelopment of the urbanized centers (metropolises), and also subjects influencing on such development.A necessity is marked of going near consideration of city of as monohaving a special purpose notcenter of development, but as synergetic system developing in many directions.
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Stepanenko D.M.Simulation of innovation activity in the republic of Belarus (Abstract)
Article is devoted to research of interaction between amortization stimulation of innovationactivity and the law as a general regulator of public relations. Approaches to stimulation of innovationactivity by means of use of the accelerated and "free" amortization, provided by the legislation of theRepublic of Belarus and Western European countries, are analyzed. The author suggests wide choice ofdifferent trends of improvement of the amortization component of the innovation policy of the Republicof Belarus.
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Kuryanov A.M.Institutional aspects of monetary circulation and mechanisms of its regulation (Abstract)
Modern researchers in the field of the administrative and financial law recognize that legalaspects, problems and the features inherent in such fundamental economic and legal concepts as«money», «monetary circulation» in their interrelation with the national monetary policy, in the theoryand in practice is developed obviously insufficiently.Dynamism of a phenomenon of money and the monetary and credit relations concerned withtheir functioning causes need now « … not simply designing of the theory adapted for the modern publicrelations, but the formulation of such concepts which explanations of occurring changes and modeling ofoptions of change of the corresponding phenomena, drawing up of scientific forecasts».
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Evstafiev K.A.Budget planning in higher-education institution in financial reform framework (Abstract)
The article devotes to actual issue of financial planning in higher-education institution in thecourse of perfecting a legal status of state institutions. A divisional- and financial provision sources-basedtechnology of budgeting is suggested. A consideration of financial sources modeling in terms ofbudgeting is applied.
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Ivanov A.V., Igoshkina K.S., Starodvorsky I.A.New method of calculation the techno-economic indicators in the treatment of solid waste (Abstract)
In the article the authors consider the problem of the lack of information, concerning theestimation of both technical and economical indicators in the sphere of the municipal solid waste. Theestimated calculations and the analysis of standards of waste accumulation and its consumption byhousing stock and public facilities are given in this article and remarks are presented.
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Sushko S.S., Ulyankin P.N.Game model’s application for the development of the competitive cost leadership strategy illustrated by supply chain optimization example (Abstract)
In this article practical application of game models in the development of one of the maincompetitive strategies- cost leadership- is shown. This work contains theoretical and practical parts. Anexample of the game theory problem focusing on the supply chain management is considered. Research isconducted in the frames of the specific area- fashion industry. To solve the problem linear programmingis used applying computer program Excel. In this work competitive struggle between two fashion industryrepresentatives-Zara and Gap- is used as an example. These companies fight for the leadership onAmerican market by improving supply chain functioning and launching new technologies.
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Sanin V.F.Three tasks for the farmer (Abstract)
The computer solution of urgent agricultural tasks for distribution resources on basis of transportinghas been presented.
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Mnatsakanian A.G., Sayadyan S.G.On the basic principles of sustainable functioning of regional banking system (Abstract)
This article provides an analysis of the regional banking system from the perspective of asystems approach. The main types of legal relationships characteristic of the regional banking system.The main features of the regional banking system as a large (very complicated) system. The place, thestructure and operation of the banking system within the regional economy. We analyze the spectrum ofgeneral economic and regional factors that influence the activities of credit institutions. Conducted acybernetic analysis of regional banking system, which solves complex problems in terms of possibleoccurrence of various risks. The problems of stability of the banking system, the basic ways andmechanisms to improve it.
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Nikitin D.L.Analysis of the theory of capital rationalize the structure and their applicability in the Russian context (Abstract)
We consider four classical theory of the formation of a rational capital structure: the traditionaltheory, the theory of compromise, the theory of the hierarchy and the classical theory of F.Modigliani and M.H. Miller. Revealed the possible applicability of these theories in the Russian economicenvironment.
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