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KSTU NEWS №27 (2012)


Food Production Techniques and Technology

Fatychov J.A., Ageeov O.V.The prospects of application of the digital electric drives for mechatronical fish fillet equipment (Abstract)
The approach to use of the digital electric drives for mechatronical fish fillet equipment is stated.Types of electric motors are considered, sensors of feedback are analyzed. The graphics-analytical modelsof the digital electric drives are given. The prospects of use of stepper motors with a direct digital controlare shown. The approach to creation of electronic converters and interfaces on the basis of integratedchips is offered.
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Babakin B.S., Voronin M.I., Babakin S.B., Aitikeev R.B.Prospects for the use of electrophysical methods in the cold technology (Abstract)
The paper discusses new approaches to solving problems arising in the framework of theexisting paradigms in the treatment of cooling products. Particular attention is paid to the rapidly growingtrend in refrigeration, use of electro physical methods in refrigeration technology.
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Babenko M.S.Perspective and assessment of possibilities of IR-pasteurization in the conditions of small entreprises. New technical solutions (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the pasteurization of milk in small enterprises. The analysis of the currentstate of elektropasteurizers was carried out, a table of comparative characteristics of specific energyconsumption of IR and traditional pasteurizers was made. An experimental aggregate with the use of hollowthree-balls heating bulbs whose outer surface was covered by conductive film in the heating sectionwas developed. Modeling of fluid flow in the system CAD, Solid Works with the given parameters wascarried out.
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Antipov S.T., Tkachev O.A., Shahov S.V.Determining the temperature of the gas-air mixture at the outlet of a layer of smoke generators in the drum with a rod plant a coy (Abstract)
The article deals with the definition of temperature and gas mixture at the outlet of a layer ofsawdust in the original design of the drum smoke generator with rod attachment and using inductiveenergy supply. In this case, the drum is divided into five conventional zones that are based, reflecting heatand mass transfer.
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Kopeć A., Rydzkowski T., Szyszka D.Thawing of fish blocks in the air (Abstract)
The article presents a comparative study of fish block thawing in the air. Thawing was carried out by three methods: in the standing air, in the standing air saturated with water vapor and in the air saturated with water vapor with fan forced convection. For each of these methods the paper presents defrosting temperature curves at three different points of the block: the surface, the geometric center and the central part between the surface and the geometric center. Specified defrosting time and weight loss of thawed blocks and sensory evaluation of thawed fish was performed.
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Fedorov S.V.To elementary nanostructure of dissipative friction structures (Abstract)
In article we discuss the idea of mechanical quanta – the elementary nanostructure of slidingfriction system. The mechanical quanta is the subtribosystem, which under ideal tribosystem evolutionhas formed. Concerning the essence of tribosystem we can say it is the material point of mechanics.
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Koshelev V.L., Eydeyus A.I., NikishinM. Yu.Variation of refrigerant and air parameters in self-contained conditioner with the capillary tubes (Abstract)
Experimental test stand for split-type air conditioner is briefly described. Main data on variations of refrigerantand air parameters, received in three experiments, which have been carried out under different conditionsof environment and equal mass of charged refrigerant R-22 are presented. Averaged data on deviationof temperature of boiling liquid and superheated vapor at various points along the refrigerant flowfrom temperature of refrigerant arriving to the air cooler are provided. High pressure drops on the side ofboiling refrigerant and deviations from adiabatic compression temperatures have been found.
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Dolgiy N.A.The operational model of the product line for production of canned food from the fried fish (Abstract)
The operational model of the product line is developed for production of canned food from thefried fish in tomato sauce. The main control operations of production for the canned food, providingincrease of productivity for the product canning line are allocated.
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Mezenova O.J., Dorofeeva E.E., Mezenova N.J.Advanced technology in fitosmokcomposition for moderately hpt smoked fish (Abstract)
Possibilities of reception new liquid smoking the environment enriched with phytocomponents of a wild-growing plant are investigated and its application in technology of a semi smoke-cured sprat is proved. By means of mathematical planning of experiment optimum technological parameters reception enriched liquid smoking are established environments. Indicators of quality ready liquid smoking and ready product are defined environment. Character of dynamics organoleptical, physical and chemical and microbiological indicators depending on duration of storage is revealed.
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Serpunina L.T., Titova I.M., Baranov D.S.Quality ranking of canned fish organoleptic (Abstract)
We studied organoleptic quality of fish, produced by enterprises of the Kaliningrad region. Materialson the ranking quality of canned food are presented with the performance assessment and norm orsub norm characteristics of taste, smell and texture of canned fish.
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Chukalova N.N., Shenderyuk V.V., Bychkovskaja A.A.To the problem on shrimp melanosis (Abstract)
The review on shrimp melanosis is done. The mechanism of melanin production was analyzed aswell as the methods for prevention of black spot appearance was discussed. High-molecular pigmentedsubstances have been synthesized due to fermentative reactions and starts after harvesting of thecrustations. Pigments are not dangerous for human health, but significantly reduce the shrimp product’smarket value. The physical and chemical methods are used for inhibition of the melanin production. Themost effective of them are the treatment of raw (just after harvesting) shrimps with sulfiting agents andhexylresorcinol.
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Zhambalova E.A., Tsybikova G.Ts.Functional and technological properties of biologically modified rye flour (Abstract)
The results of scientific research of the properties of biologically modified rye flour arepresented. New functional and technological characteristics of rye flour are specified.
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Andruchin A.V.Change of quality indicators chilled cod fillet (Gadusmorua) made from frozen raw during storage in modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging (Abstract)
This article is devoted to investigation of changes in qualitative chilled cod from frozen rawdifferent periods of storage. The capabilities for the production of chilled cod fillets of frozen rawmaterials up to 6 months of storage. Packaging of chilled cod fillets of frozen raw materials in theatmosphere modified atmosphere allows for a longer shelf life compared to vacuum packed.
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Gaplevskaya N.M.Influence of reservation for butter lipids (Abstract)
The influence of the production season, method of freezing, long-term storage of the changes oflipids and fatty acids of butter are studied. We present these figures for lots harvested in summer andautumn, after 12 months of cold storage. A positive effect of freezing butter with liquid nitrogen duringpackaging in the consumer pack to preserve the basic and essential components of lipid nature are revealed.
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Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Rakhmankulova Z.F., Maevskaya S.N., Nikolaeva M.K., Shuyskaya E.V., Voronin P.Yu.Increasing photosynthesis in leaves of maize seedlings after short-term drought (Abstract)
The effects of 5-day soil drought on juvenile maize plants were investigated. Weight per unitarea of leaf, fluorescence quantum yield of PS II, the content of chlorophyll a and b, photosynthetic CO2gas exchange and transpiration at room temperature and photosynthesis in saturating light (PAR 2000 µЕ/ (s m2)) for atmospheric and half of the atmospheric CO2 concentration were determined. After a shortdrought the leaves of seedlings had more weight per unit area of the sheet. The stimulatory effect ofdrought on the dark stage of photosynthesis was detected. It is manifested in the increase of thephotosynthetic carboxylation of CO2. At the same time there was decreased of stomata conductance of thediffusion of CO2 in the leaf. It is concluded that the inhibition of growth processes in maize seedlings as aresult of short-term drought is not accompanied by damage to the photosynthetic apparatus. In contrast tothis, after short-term drought in well-lit leaves was created a stronger request to assimilates.
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Ronzhina E.S.Cytokinins in the potato culvitation (Abstract)
The effect of artificial cytokinin 6-benzyladenine (BA) on potato crop formation was studied. Bymeans of 8-14C-BAP leaf penetration dynamics for exogenous cytokinin was tested. It was determinedgood ability of potato leaves to absorb this substance. The way of potato plants treatment by thisphytoregulator allowing get essential (30 %) crop increasing was elaborated. It was concluded that theprinciple possibility of BAP use in potato cultivation exists.
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Gurevich A.S.Change of potatoes plants hormonal balance under preplanting treatment of mother tubers by copper sulphate (Abstract)
The influence of preplanting treatment of tubers by copper sulphate on the potatoes plantshormonal balance in ontogenesis was researched. It was showed, that under copper action the support ofgibberellins decrease, and the support of abscisins and cytocinins increase in potatoes plants leafs on theopening stages of ontogenesis. But then the support of abscisinsdecrease, and the support of gibberellinsincrease. The role of hormons in the promotion of plants production under copper action, and the role ofstress in investigated phenomenons is discussing.
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Krasnoperov A.G.Dynamics of soil mesofauna in agrofitotsenoz’s imitating model on the example of community bees that nesting underground (Abstract)
The conditions of life of bee nesting under the ground in various weed plant associations agrocoenosesgive grounds to believe that their dwelling is similar to the ecological conditions of the naturalhabitats. It allows to consider the studied community bee nesting in the underground in agrocoenoses as asample of natural coenoses, possessing similar characteristics.Therefore, the aim of this work is to identify the mechanisms of regulation of quantity of thecommunity bees pollinating species nesting in the earth in agrocoenoses with the active soil processingand without such, for control of production process.
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Bedareva O.M., Muracheva L.S.Methods of remote sounding in researches of deserted-pasturable ecosystems (Abstract)
In article methodical bases of inventory of deserted-pasturable vegetation with application ofvarious methods of remote sounding are considered.
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Kalinina E.A.Thegrowthregulatorsinthe technology of cultivation of maize (ZEA MAYSL.) (Abstract)
The effect of artificial auxin (indole-3-butiric acid) and cytokinin (6-benzyladenine) on thegrowth, photosynthesis and crop formation of maize plants was studied. It was shown that both regulatorsare able to stimulate growth of stems and leaves, activate functioning of photosynthetic apparatus andincrease biomass of plants. It was concluded that both auxin and cytokinin might be used as a plantgrowth regulator for the increasing of plant productivity.
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Kurmanskaya A.V.Vegetation and typological structure of meadows of northern slopes of the Varmijskoj height (Abstract)
Meadow landscapes of northern slopes of the Varmijskaja height of the Kaliningrad area are investigated.Classification of a vegetative cover depending on position in a relief, conditions of humidifyingis resulted. The role of a soil cover during formation of phytocenosis is shown. The estimation of adegree of anthropogenous participation in evolution of meadow vegetation is given.
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Krajnov K.N.Hydrologicalconditions of formation vegetative cover of meadows and pastures of northern slopes Varmijskaja height (Abstract)
Hydrological conditions meadow ecological systems northern slopes of the Varmijskaja heightof the Kaliningrad area, questions of formation and functioning of a vegetative cover are considered. It isestablished an accessory a vegetative component to various habitats in the hydrological plan.
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Tereshenko S.A., Gorbatenko E.A.Seed reproduction pine (PINUSL.) in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The paper presents experimental data on seed reproduction of three species of pine: the Siberian(Pinussibirica Du Tour), mountain (PinusmugoTurra) and ordinary (Pinussylvestris L.). The experimentswere conducted in 2009-2011. Explore different sowing seeds isolated optimum at which themaximum yield was obtained with the best seedlings habit.
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Antsiferova O.A.Estimation of area variety properties soils al lot «Vasilkovo» (Abstract)
The results investigations of variety agrochemical properties in soils on arable field arepresented. The complex soil cover, relief and litological conditions is cause this phenomenon.
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Panasin V.I., Rymarenko D.A.The effect of organic-mineral fertilizer gumat«Plodorodije» («Fertility») on a winter wheat crop formation and grain quality (Abstract)
The results of short-term experiments on effect of organic-mineral fertilizer Humate"Plodorodije” (“Fertility”) on the winter wheat plants are presented. It is shown, that this fertilizerstimulated wheat crop formation and improved grain quality. The effect was the most essential on fertilesoil. Tillering plants were the most sensitive to Humate "Plodorodije”. I was concluded that this fertilizeris high-effective pesticide, very suitable for use in technology of winter wheat in Kaliningrad region.
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Grigorovich L.M., Nizovskih S.E.Implemenation of intensive technology of winter rape cultivation (Brassica Napus L.) by «Agrostandart» LLCin Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
As a consequence of research and practical work, conducted by «Agrostandart» LLC inGuryevskiy district of Kaliningrad region, the intensive technology of winter rape cultivation adapted tothe commercial farm unit’s conditions has been implemented. Introduction of the intensive technologyhas improved efficiency of cropper cultivation: there has been additionally collected 1,0 tons of seedsfrom each hectare, production profitability has increased from 79 up to 159 %.
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Nosirova M.D.Effect of methods of cultivation on the photosynthetic, symbiotic parameters and productivity of mung beans (Vigna radiate (L.) R. Wilczek) (Abstract)
The effects of the seedtime and plant density, also seed pre-treatment by rizotorfin on the yieldVigna radiate (L.) R. Wilczekwere studied. This cultural practice enhanced the photosynthetic activity aswell as activity of nodule bacteria that resulted in increasing of the crop productivit.
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Muromtsev A.B., Ryzhov V.V.Ecology of helmints to cattle in the Kaliningrad area (Abstract)
In the article the outcomes of researches helmintologycal and ecologycal to domestic and wildanimals in the Kaliningrad area are indicated. The potential possibility of exchange of helmints betweenwild and domestic animals is established. Specific structure of helmints, structure of parasitozenosis ofdomestic and wild animals are determined. Seasonal changes of distribution of trematods, cestods,nematods is clarified. The indexes of distribution and abundance of helmints is designed. Faunisticlikeness of helmints at different kinds wild and domestic animals is established. The recommendations tomonitoring ecologycal and helmintologycal are represented.
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Tkachenko Yu.G., Portnyagina V.I.Dyspepsia telyat is in economies of Kaliningrad area (Abstract)
Dyspepsia of new-born sapling inflicts a substantial detriment to the stock-raising of area, andthe correctly organized prophylactic and medical measures allow considerably shortening morbidity ofanimals and taking losses about fatal outcome to the minimum.
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Efremov A.Yu. Shestakov A.V.Parasits likeness of helmints to animals domestic and wild in the Kaliningrad area (Abstract)
The specific structure of helmints of cattle, sheep, deers, roe and lambs is investigated during2010-2012 гг. in the Kaliningrad area. Faunistic a likeness (Ij) of helmints at domestic and wildunguligrade animals determined on Jakkars.The designed parameters of a likeness fauna of helmints have allowed to place main directionsof circulation helmints between wild and domestic unguligrade. Roe are a primary source helmints fordeers (Ij = 0,51). From deershelmints for want of joint grazing and contents pass to sheep (Ij = 0,68), andin consequent on pastures are transmitted to cattle. The direct infection domestic ruminant from thelambs, roe and deers for want of use for grazing wood grassland and meadows is possible.
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Selivanova A.V.Ecologizatsiya of subject matters as the basis of ecological culture in professional education (Abstract)
Ecological education in higher education institutions should create a new world outlookparadigm and ecological professionalism. Ekologizatsiya of special disciplines allows to give to studentstheoretical knowledge and the practical skills necessary for the organization of rational environmentalmanagement. Ecological blocks which join in special disciplines makes greater correctional influence ondevelopment of ecological culture.
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Urva T.Innovative experience of Tartu University in life and engineering sciences (Abstract)
The University of Tartu is the only classic university in Estonia.The University of Tartu accounts for more than a half of Estonia’s national research output,including over 800 science projects led by UT, over 2700 publications authored or co-authored by UTresearches, and around 90 doctoral degrees conferred by the university each year. UT research projectsreceive approximately 50% of total annual allocations the state makes available to research.UT aims to be part of the global research and development process and to contribute to thedevelopment of society by solving practical problems in Estonia and the word. In pursuit of this aim UTcooperates with other universities, government institutions, local authorities and businesses. For example,Science Park was founded as a partnership between the city of Tartu, Tartu County, the EstonianUniversity of Life Sciences and the UT Institute of Physics.
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