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KSTU NEWS №28 (2013)

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Brazhnik S.Y., Bondarenko L.G., Barababanchikov E.I., Gadinov A.N., Matkovskiy A.K., Prusov S.V., Ustiuzhinskiy G.M.Use and reserves of Russian freshwater fishery resources (Abstract)
The paper provides an overview of fisheries for freshwater resources in the Russian Federation over the last decade. It describes the challenges to freshwater fisheries in different fisheries basins of Russia. The reasons for inefficient use of freshwater resource are discussed and suggestions for optimization of their rational exploitation are provided.
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Glushko O.G., Lidvanov V.V.Copepods (Crustacea, Calanoida) in the waters of Mauritania (Nord-West Africa) (Abstract)
This paper presents a list of marine planktonic copepods north-west coast of Africa (region of Mauritania from 16 to 21ºN). Zooplankton samples were collected during 14 trawl-acoustic complex hydrobiologycal and summer and winter surveys 1998 - 2010. Found 180 species of copepods from 30 families and 65 genera. All synonyms and species names have been revised in accordance with the updated nomenclature. Shows the frequency of occurrence, habitat, bathymetric and zoogeographic characteristics of each species.
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Dubravin V.F., Maslyankin G.E.Components of fresh-water balance and fishing herring in the Baltic Sea (Abstract)
At present work the assessment of interrelation of freshwater balance components (Precipitation, Evaporation and River discharge) obtained in [Dubravin, Maslyankin, 2012; Andersson, 2009] with resource dynamics and fishing of herring in the Baltic Sea from [ICES, 2010] have been done within 1977-2008 years interval. It is shown that changes in the river runoff have indirect impact on herring distribution throughout the sea in different years.
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Strygina O.A., Shenderyuk V.V. Dubova O.L., Baholdina L.P., Chernysheva N.L.Establishing criteria for identifying areas of fishing on pollution of water-resources of biological contaminants of different nature (Abstract)
In order to reduce the influence of anthropogenic factors on natural resources for several years carried out monitoring studies of water and biological resources. As objects of study were selected fish the Baltic and Barents Seas, the North-East and South-East Atlantic, Southeast Pacific and the fish hatchery. Based on the criteria for identification of studies, the following characteristics: toxic elements, organ chlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls. For the above identification criteria can be carried out conformity assessment EBE requirements of technical regulations and recommend to the data for the issuance of the certificate of the fishing area.
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Vinogradov V.I., Arkhipov A.G., Kozlov D.A.Food Peruvian horse mackerel Trachurussymmetricusmurphyi and Peruvian mackerel Scomber japonicas peruanus in South-East Pacific (Abstract)
Based on analysis of the material collected in October-December 2002 and January 2003 in the South-East Pacific, features the peculiarities of the food horse mackerel and mackerel in the overall scheme of their life cycles, identify the place of these species in the food chain. In the oceanic zone in the spectrum of the food horse mackerel and mackerel there are various invertebrates and fish, but the biomass of both species is formed primarily by three groups of crustaceans: Copepoda, Euphausiacea, Decapoda.
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Kostitsyn V.G.Dynamics of mortality rates of fish populations operated in a selective fishing (Abstract)
Estimated mortality rates in fish populations exposed many years of net fishing. The effect of fishing on the nature of the age distribution of mortality. It is concluded that the increase in the instantaneous coefficient of total mortality in the last decade due to the overall pressure.
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Bernikova T.A., Nagornova N.N., Tsoupikova N.A.Analysis of long-term variability of organic matters in water of the Vishtynetskoye Lake (Abstract)
The article describes potential sources of organic matters in water of the Vishtynetskoye Lake; based on long-term data temporal fluctuations in easy oxidable organic matters (according to permanganate oxidation value) are analyzed from the point of view of possible changes in trophic status of the water body.
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Lyatun M.V., Molchanova N.S.Macrozoobenthos of the river Pregola low flow in 1980-2007 (Abstract)
AB IORAS (1995-2007) and literary data on macrozoobenthos of the Pregola river are summarized. Distribution of species richness, seasonal and inter-annual dynamics of biomass and abundance in the low flow of the river are considered. The tendency of biomass and abundance increase was marked in 2000s. It was showed an improving of ecological state of Pregel riverine system to the end of 2000s at base of estimation of saprobic state, combined of several methods.
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Lange E.K.Phytoplankton complex in the Russian part of the Curonian Lagoon (2001-2007) (Abstract)
In 2001-2007 the late summer phytoplankton in Russian part of the Curonian Lagoon was studied. During this period the dominant complex of phytoplankton included no more than 10 species of microalgae. In 2001 and especially in 2002, vegetation level of cyanobacteria Aphanizomenonflos-aquae was traditional high, when the phytoplankton biomass exceeded 1000 g/m3. In 2003–2007 zones of predominant by indicators of eutrophic conditions were in water area – potentially toxic cyanobacteria Planktothrixagardhii (especially in 2007) and diatom Actinocyclusnormanii (starting from 2004). In 2003–2007 the abundance of summer phytoplankton has decreased compared to those in 2001–2002.
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Ezhova E.E., Kocheshkova O.V.Some tendencies of macrozoobenthos changes in the Vistula Lagoon, Baltic Sea, 1997-2001 (Abstract)
Results of AB IORAS monitoring studies in the Vistula Lagoon, 1997-2011 on macrozoobenthos are generalized. It was shown, total benthic biomass has been significantly decreasing from the beginning of 2000s. Dynamics of benthic biomass was defined mostly by dynamic of Marenzellerianeglecta,, a role of which has been gradually decreasing during last decade. Positive correlation between biomass and temperature was revealed for oligochaetes and hydrobiids, and the negative one for polychaetes. Such kind of dependence coincides well with eco-physiological requirements and geographical origin of the mass species of the lagoon benthos. A prominent change of benthocenosis structure was marked: polychaetes lost a dominance, bivalves become a prevailing group for 15-years period.
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Gerasimov Yu.V., Vasyura O.L.Growth and feeding characteristics of young sterletsAcipenserruthenus (Acipenseridae) in a pond depending on the duration of their initial tank keeping (Abstract)
The young sterlets obtained from artificial spawning in 2010 and 2011 were maintained under similar hatchery conditions in standard plastic tanks. Three groups of fry were transferred from the tanks into a pond in a month, two and three months after hatching, respectively. During the pond keeping, the fish were regularly sampled; their length, mass and gut content were analyzed. The fry released into the pond in a month after hatching displayed faster weight and linear growth, as well as better qualitative and quantitative feeding characteristics, compared to later released fry.
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Esiukova E.E., Chubarenko B.V., Leitsina L.V., Bebieva J.S.Influence of typical wind forcing on the peculiarity of circulation regimes in Vistula Lagoon: results of numerical modeling (Abstract)
Three-dimensional hydrodynamic model MIKE3-FlowModel (DHI Water & Environment, http://www.dhi.dk) was used to study the peculiarities of circulation regimes in the Vistula Lagoon (Baltic Sea), corresponding to the characteristic wind load conditions, for the determination of the circulation zones and stream-like motion. The structure of flow fields in the pool at 9 levels (surface horizon 0,25m, the depth of 0,75 m, 1,25, 1,75, 2,25, 2,75, 3,25, 3,75, 4,25) and 14 vertical sections for different wind loads were analyzed. As a result, on the example of the Vistula Lagoon the Baltic Sea, it was determined that in the area of the shallow-water coastal lagoon, there are specific areas where the regime of circulation or stream-like motion of water exist at most cases of the wind load. These zones are associated with the bathymetric structure and the geometry of the boundary and, most importantly, there is a correspondence between the hydrodynamically defined zones and the actual distribution of fine material at the bottom of the lagoon.
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Naumov V.A., Markova L.V.The deposits layer change in the city of Kaliningrad and the next regions (Abstract)
The equations of linear regress connecting the annual sums of deposits in the cities of Kaliningrad, Kaunas, Minsk, by Liepaja, Riga are found. Missing elements are restored and a number of the annual sums of deposits in Kaliningrad for 1891-2011 is constructed. Change of monthly norms of depositslayer is analyzed.
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Volodina A.A., Gerb M.A.Macrophytes of the seacoast of the South-Eastern part of the Baltic Sea (Abstract)
Flora of marine macrophytes (data 2006-2012) consists of 32 macroalgae species. Annual green algae are dominate in shallow depth (0-3m), being represented first of all by Cladophoraglomerata, Ulvaprolifera and Ulvaintestinalis. Red algae except Polysiphoniafucoides and Ceramiumtenuicorne, are rare and not abundant. Red algae Furcellarialumbricalis and Polysiphoniafucoides dominate among the perennial algae by biomass at depth 3-6 m, but locally, at hard substrates only. In 2010-2011 the decrease of depth distribution of pereninialFurcellarialumbricalis and Coccotylustruncatus was shown.
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Abramov R.V.Comparison of hydrostatic mareograph and control lath level data aboard museum vessel «Vityaz» (Abstract)
Comparison of two different methods of measuring level of water at point of position «VITYAZ» is performed. The result is statistically satisfactory.
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Sukhoruk V.I.Direction of the oxygen stream on border «water-air» as has undressed the ecological indicator of the status of system «the river Pregolja – the Vistula Lagoon» (Abstract)
On materials monitoring supervision under the program "Baltic" speeds of an exchange by oxygen under J.I. Ljahina's formula were estimated. Calculations were spent on 6 basis stations (two in a gulf, two rivers in a mouth and two in the river in city boundaries) with 1996 for 2003 during the periods of absence of ice. The job purpose: working off of methods and recommendations about improvement of an ecological situation in investigated area. The research problem: to reveal existential dynamics of an ecological status of system the river-gulf. Causes and effects of deterioration of an ecological status in system the river Pregolja - the Vistula Lagoon are discussed. The analysis of dynamics of speeds of an oxygen stream has allowed to draw a conclusion that the ecological situation essentially worsens in a direction from the Vistula Lagoon to the river Pregolja. Need to spend cleaning jobs in areas of redeepenings of river Pregolja bed as source of secondary pollution of the river and all system «informed water water areas».
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Shibaeva M.N., Masyutkina E.A., Matveeva E.P., Okhapkina A.A.Diversity of zooplankton like a evidence of ecological status of water bodies Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The article is provides the list of species- indicators of zooplankton, which was found in the rivers and lakes of the Kaliningrad region, the frequency of their occurrence in water bodies and their individual values of saprobity. Indices of saprobity were compared with all available literature information, which often used for the purpose of water quality assessment. Was given the estimation of background ecological status of water bodies by the ratio of the species- indicators.
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Luneva E.V.Analysis of water supply plants in connection with assessing the impact of rule-baltijkoj nuclear power plant on aquatic bioresources of the Neman river (Abstract)
The article is about analysis of technical water supply system of nuclear power stations of Russia and its impact on the environment. The analysis showed that for Baltic NPP construction is one of the best schemes of technical water supply-open cooling system with cooling towers the flipside of wet type. The use of such water will reduce the thermal effect on pond-cooler (Neman River) and minimize the impact on the environment.
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Industrial Fisheries

Nedostup A.A., Razhev A.O.Creating a computer program for calculation of characteristics of a purse seine when dives (Abstract)
The article presents the implementation of mathematical modeling of wall dives purse seine netting in the software environment Embarcaderoo RAD Studio XE.
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Naumov V.A.Mathematical statement of the boundary problem about the strip of a trap seine balance (Abstract)
It is shown that the boundary problem of balance of a strip of a strip of the trap seine dares a numerical method in the environment of MathCad simply enough without artificial reduction to a problem of Koshi. It is written down one system of the differential equations of balance, fair for both parts of a strip of the trap seine mathematical statement of the specified boundary problem Is formulated.

Orlov E.K., Degutis A.V., Chibisov I.A.Study of static coefficient of friction for traction drum with wedge profile and the pressure roller (Abstract)
In the department of industrial fishing the empirical formula of static friction μst that enables the calculation under different physical conditions (material and geometric parameters of the drums and the TCR, actual humidity Wf TCR, circumferential speed on the drum Vb; nominal pressure p, the central arc angle of coverage α). The experimental work and on the results calculated static friction coefficients tribopairs formed of fishing threads, cords and ropes (TCR) and traction drums with wedging profile and the pressure roller. For traction drums wedging profile and nylon TCR dependences static coefficient of friction on the ratio of the stress in the incident and trailing branches TCR S1max/S2, wedge angle β traction drum and actual humidity TCR μstWf = ƒ (S1max/S2, β, Wf). For traction drums with nylon rollers and KVI dependences of the static coefficient of friction on the angle of pressing roller μst = ƒ (αpr).
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Velikanov N.L.Sequence of conducting of calculations on to the mechanic of system «seiner – the purse seine» (Abstract)
The algorithm conducting of calculations on to the mechanic of system «seiner - the purse seine» is presented.
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Rozenshtein M.M., Levchenko S.V.Methods solving optimization design characteristics pelagic trawls using hybrid model (Abstract)
In this paper, the technique of using a hybrid model of the process of trawl fishing on the example of fishing of redfish in the Irminger Sea for optimization design characteristics pelagic trawls (semiperimeter orifice and trawling speed) in the development of new designs of fishing gear.
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Dolin G.M., Tolkunov A.E.Possibility of using the automatic computer design in the commercial fishing (Abstract)
Design tools of industrial fishing is a very complex and time consuming process. This paper has the aim to introduce the features CAE programs and their use in the field of industrial fishing.
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Minko V.M.On the improvement of investigation and discovering the causes of accidents in fishing (Abstract)
Offers on improvement of an order of investigations of accidents with members of ship teams are presented at work with fishing gear. Concrete data which are necessary for revealing during investigations are listed. The accounting of the brought offers allows to receive a basis for development of programs of decrease in a professional traumatism in fishery.
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Shehovtsev L.N.Approaches to modeling of multifactorial catching systems (Abstract)
In article the system approach to modelling of multifactorial catching systems of extraction of fish is offered. The system approach consists that it is offered to project tools лова is not isolated, and in system «a vessel - the tool fishing - object fishing - means of operating influence for object fishing». On the basis of formulated before the concept in which J. Kornai and G.B.Klejnera's paradigm is used, the parametres of catching system set by spatial borders and duration of functioning of system are defined. The variant of multifactorial modelling of the catching system which criterion function is the volume вылова for a trade cycle is offered. As factors parametres of tools fishing, a trade vessel, environment, including behavioural aspects of objects fishing, operating influences on object fishing (influence physical influence) are considered. As the basic example the matrix model of fishing systems with passive and active tools fishing, the using light sources located onboard a vessel and on the tool fishing is considered.
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Nedostup A.A.Criteria and scales of dynamic similarity of physical processes in fisheries (Abstract)
The article describes the scales of the physical modeling on fishing.
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Rozenshtein M.M.About aim prompting midwater of the trawl on the fish congestions (Abstract)
In article on a craft from aim prompting midwater trawl the transition reasons are specified in jambs of fishes to fishing operation a water vertical slice in which are fishing jambs. The method of calculation of the vertical size of the sheet of water is offered, which trawl will be fishing with the set probability.
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Korotkov V.K., Maniachin A.M.Loss of quality of raw fish in trawl fisheries (Abstract)
The paper presents data on the loss of quality of raw fish in the fishery in the North-East Atlantic, depending on the duration of trawling and the time spent by her in the bunker, before freezing.
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Bojarinova N.A.Calculation Algorithm for hydrodynamical resistance forces of fishing network at a cross-section flow (Abstract)
In article the structure of algorithm and all formulas for definition of hydro dynamical forces, the realizations of stochastic function received by f technique is brought.
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