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KSTU NEWS №29 (2013)


Food production Techniques and Technology

Panfilov V.A.Encychlopedia«Food technology» as the initial stage of designing technologies of the future (Abstract)
Encychlopedia “Food technologies” with the field orientation is being developed in this countryfor the first time. It brings into system scientific and engineering knowledge dealing with organizing machineproduction of basic food products or the man of the 21st century. The paper aims at giving impetusto the efforts of specialists in developing food machinery and technologies of new generations.
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Fatychov Ju.A., Shumanov V.A., Zarudny V.A.Development of mathematical model for co-extrusion of food masses process (Abstract)
The process of co-extrusion of food masses has been discussed. The equations of movement oftwo viscous fluids touching each other cylindrical tube have been determined. Constant coefficients ofequations depending on the process parameters and constructive size of co-extrusion checker work havebeen determined.
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Fedorov S.V., Sereda N.A.Tribological research of the lever mechanism of the manipulator for handling piece goods (Abstract)
Results of the application of quantitative sings of natural machines, with a structural and poweranalysis of the manipulator’s mechanisms for handling piece goods are presented. Power analysis of linkagewith given values of the coefficients of friction, set on the stage of the structural analysis of a mechanismthat allowed to expand the concept of natural machines.
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Eydeyus A.I., Nikishin M.Y., Koshelev V.L.Boiling refrigerant heat transfer in coil-type air coolers (Abstract)
Comparative study of correlations for heat transfer coefficient at full evaporation of refrigerantR22 in tubes of air coolers is made. The low accuracy of the well-known equations is shown. Briefdescription of the six generalized correlations for local heat transfer coefficients is given. An error of useturbulent regime equation for calculating Nusselt number at Reynolds numbers Re<10000 in threemethods is spotted. It is recommended in practice use four methods of foreign authors.
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Fatychov Ju.A., Ageev O.V.Developing of models of closed aquaculture system (Abstract)
Parameters affecting the livelihoods of fish in closed aquaculture facility is offered. Ways toautomate the processes of aquaculture is showed. Block diagram model of closed aquaculture system isoffered. The basic function of the automatic control of fish farming unit is considered. Measured andcontrolled process parameters of growing fish isanalyzed.
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Kozlovich R.A. Increase in process efficiency of the brick drying (Abstract)
The way of efficiency increase of drying process on the basis of an electro osmosis taking into account features of technological process is considered.
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Zvaigzne G., Karklina D.Some biochemical characteristics of orange juice (Abstract)
Citrus fruit rank first in the world with respect to production among fruits. They are grown commercially in more than 50 countries around the world. Orange juice is dominant among the various citrus juices. Initial product quality is dependent on the conditions of processing and variables associated with the biochemistry of the fruit. One of the most popular orange varieties for juice production is «Valencia», therefore biological characteristics of orange juice variety «Valencia» was studied with time. The orange juice was tested during two month. Studies have carried out at the Greece “BIOFRESH” laboratory, Sparta. In orange juice like pulp, sugars, organic acids, ratio and essential oil are observed during two month.
The study results show that on May orange NFC «Valencia» has minimum sugars - 8.59 ˚Brix and on June orange NFC «Valencia» has 12,28 ˚Brix. The acid decreased from 1,03g 100g-1 on May to 0,79g 100g-1 on June. On May, orange juice has 10,58 Ratio, but on June «Valencia» orange juice has maximum Ratio 13,86 The pulp parameter was stable during both months. The essential oil concentration in orange juice was from 272 ppm to 340 ppm.
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Kozlova S.L., Lebskaya T.K.Computer design of compounding composition of stuffing’s ready-to-cook foods made of aquatic organisms (Abstract)
The recipe of semi-prepared products of high biological value made of aquatic organisms waselaborated by means of the created information database, the system of linear equations of balance, majorand additional limitations of mathematical model.
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Leiumaa E.A., Mezenova O.J.Nutritional value of fish preserves with antihypertensive properties from the Baltic sprat (Abstract)
There is justified the urgency of the development of fish preserves with antihypertensiveproperties from the Baltic sprat by replacing table salt for prophylactic table salt in the recipe with theaddition of antihypertensive herb extracts. There are determined the amounts of vitamin C and flavonoidsin the extracts causing antioxidant and preservative effects respectively. There are shown taste and aromaprofilograms of the developed preserves. There are obtained the indicators of nutritional and biologicalvalues of experimental of preserves samples (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates), data on the content ofvitamins, micro and macronutrients, the amino acid composition of proteins. There are recommendationson the use of data preserves.
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Baydalinova L.S., Andronova S.V.Prospects of use of vegetable antioxidants for stabilization of hydrolytic and oxidizing processes in preparations of polynonsaturated fatty acids (Abstract)
Influence of natural antioxidants of the bioflavonoid nature on processes of hydrolysis andoxidation of fraction of the no saturated lipids received from waste from cutting of a salmon isinvestigated.
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Avdieieva L.Yu., Chunikhin A.Yu. Modeling of phospholipid vesicular nanostructure formation process (Abstract)
This paper presents the results of mathematical modeling of the formation of vesicular structuresfrom phospholipids under influence of mechanisms of discrete pulsed introduction of energy. The hybridfunctional Petri net was used in the modeling process. It allows to combine the original conditions of theprocess (temperature, concentration of material, etc.) and features of the processing equipment (such asDIVE-activator rotor revolution frequency, etc.) in the mathematical model.
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Titov I.I., Kazimirchenko O.V.Evaluation of quality stability of salted herring depending on a water activity (Abstract)
In operation conducted organoleptic and microbiological quality assessment of salted herringwas determined, a water activity during storage in a moderate positive temperature was determined.Revealed that the qualitative composition of micro flora of herring are spoilage bacteria generaAcinetobacter and Flavobacterium, whose number varied depending on the time of storage of samplesobtained, time of organoleptic spoilage, salt concentration and temperature of cultivation of crops.
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Klyuchko N.Yu., Tashina E.V.Improving the combined processed cheese with a roe perch (Abstract)
The possibilities of improving the technology of cheese by introduction of its members spawnwalleye. With the help of mathematical planning of the experiment installed Lena optimal technologicalparameters of preparation enriched cheese. Determined the basic parameters of quality of the finishedproduct.
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Melnikova V.A.Research of influence drying method for the organoleptic properties of coffee substitutes from topinambur (Abstract)
There was the possibility of using Jerusalem artichoke as a raw material for a coffee substitute.The product contains no caffeine and has high organoleptic characteristics. The results of studies of theeffect of the two most preferred method of drying on the organoleptic properties of a coffee substitutemade from raw materials of regional origin. In the beverage defined taste, aroma, color and solidscontent.
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Kronberga M.A., Karklina D.J., Straunite E.A.Healthy sweet – Jerusalem artichoke marmalade (Abstract)
One of the causes the obesity problem in the world is a high consumption of sweets, that containsugar and fat. Marmalade is not contain fat. Results of research present 20-40% Jerusalem artichoke(Helianthus tuberosus L.) syrups could be used as sugar substitute for production a new healthy marmalade.
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Serpunina L.T.Accumulation of histamine in convenience scad at different stages of processing (Abstract)
Deviation from the technological instructions on thawing and salting operations leads to the accumulationof histamine in process and finished canned goods to levels unacceptable in some countries.
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Baydalinova L.S., Roina A.S.Juice drinks on the basis of serum (Abstract)
Prospects of processing serum are considered. Rationality of enrichment of serum is shown. Themethod of mathematical modeling determined an optimum compounding of drink. The assessment oforganoleptic properties of a product is given.
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Ship Building, Machinery and Power-Engineering

Nachaev Yu.I.The modern catastrophe theory within the framework of «Intelligent technologies of XXI century» problem (Abstract)
The article formulates conceptual basis of “intelligent technologies of xxi century” problem. Itdiscusses some physics-philosophical aspects connected with research at developing modern catastrophetheory. Some aspects of the problem have been touched upon and analogies in solving the tasks of interpretingthe processes in complex dynamic environments have been discussed. The analysis has been performedwith the use of papers [1]-[18] on the basis of achievements in the field of intelligent technologiesand highly efficient devices within the framework of paradigm of processing information in a multiprocessorcomputer [10]. The article is an abridged variant of investigation presented at an international forum “World Forum 2013” in Cambridge.
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Tryaskin V.N., Kniazev L.A., Dudal A.Y.Determination of ice load parameters using strain gage measurements (Abstract)
The present work proposes a method for recovery of ice load and determination of real locationof a contact zone. Deflection/stresses in structure are supposed to be measured by strain gages fitted onflanges of frames in several points of a side grillage. The method is based on solution of amultiparametric optimization problem. A goal function and constraints are determined with the use ofexperimental design method.
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Ivanov V.P., Kurdiukov S.G.About fishing vessels of wet-type for domestic fishery (Abstract)
Considering questions of formation of the concept of domestic fishing vessels of wet - type forcoastal and oceanic fishery.
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Burakovskiy E.P., Burakovskiy P.E., Dmitrovskiy V.A.To the problem of assessment of risk of getting the ship aground (Abstract)
Mathematical models of getting the ship on shelf stones at changing environment characteristicswhere the ship operates have been developed.
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Osnyach A.A.The analysis of wear reserve for the ship hull structures (Abstract)
On the basis of probabilistic conceptions is considered the structure of the strong size of a shiphull member under action repeated loadings and at presence of random wear. It is shown, that the accountspecified can essentially change a ratio between “power” and “wear” components of the strong size ofmember for a new ship in comparison with the determined conceptions.
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Kiper A.V., Stankevich T.S.The system for the determination of the shortest evacuation route of passengers ship in distress (Abstract)
The basic aspects of the decision support system for the determination of the evacuation route ofpersons from the passenger ship are addressed. The Floyd–Warshall algorithm was used to determine theshortest evacuation route. The data-base, which ensures efficient data storage and use of data in thesystem, were developed. The reliability of the results of the determination of the optimal evacuation routewas implemented.
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Djatchenko S.V., Ivanov A.P., Tananykin S.V., Shabanov V.A.Forecasting of vibrating characteristics of ship superstructures (Abstract)
The theoretical position of the vibration characteristics of the prediction of ship superstructures.
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Zasluzennaya N.V., Zinoviev V.N., Zakharov V.F.The experimental research of short-term resistance of composite eccentrically loaded reinforced concrete bars with high-strength reinforcement (Abstract)
The experimental research results of deforming and short-carrying capacity of concretecompound bars with high-tensile reinforcement are given. The effect of short-term loading on load carrying capacity of columns under eccentric compression is investigated.
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Odintsov V.I., Sapozhnikov E.V., Glazkov D.Yu. Experimental research the process forming of the soot in exhaust gases of the diesel engines on the mode loading characteristic (Abstract)
Important problem of the present time is the problem of ecological. Decision present problemsearch in reduction of the influence human factors and decrease toxicity exhaust gases of the dieselengines.Harmful components finding in atmosphere with the composition of the exhaust gases is theparticles of the soot.Nowadays there is no universal model that takes into account the impact of design andoperational factors on the formation of soot. Therefore, there were conducted experimental studies on theengine 6CHN18/22 (with volume-film air-fuel mixing) and on the engine of the company MAN D2866LXE, installed at UPS "Kruzenshtern" in the diesel laboratory of the Ship Power Plants Department of theBFFSA.
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Kovalchuk L.I., Alekseev I.L.Calculation of heat restrictive strength characteristics marine diesels (Abstract)
The article describes the method of calculation of the restrictive characteristics of thermal stress onthe components of diesel engines indirect parameters. Formulated theoretical principles to, based on theengine test bench to calculate the bounding response in each case. The example of calculation restrictivecharacteristics of the particular engine.
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Klyus O.V., Klyus I.O., Motornyi A.V.Experimental research of drops distribution in fuel jet by its preliminary processing in atomizers of diesel engines (Abstract)
Results of research show that preliminary processing of fuel in nozzle, irrespective of itscomposition, positively influences on distribution of drops in a fuel jet. Due to it values of the maximumtemperature and pressure of a cycle decrease.
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Filonov A.G., Yurkov V.S.Research of efficiency of the horizontal steam separator with the different number of half waves in plates (Abstract)
The article describes a technique for experimental studies of efficiency of horizontal louverseparators with different numbers of half-waves in plates with barbotage evaporation of salt water and thevapor pressure of 0,0199 MPa. The analysis of the experimental data.
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Blaginin V.A., Kazhekin I.E., Lozovenko V.I.Test equipment protective earth neutral in ship electric power system (Abstract)
The article is devoted to testing the protective earthing device, made in the ship power systemexisting the ship. The paper presents the results of registration phase fault current and arc voltage surgeoccurring in electrical systems with different modes of neutral. The advantage of the electrical systemwith an ineffective neutral ground in comparison with the isolated system.
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Alexandrov I.S., Gerasimov A.A.Thermodynamic properties of technically important hydrocarbons. Normal nonane (Abstract)
The modern fundamental equations of state are analyzed together for calculating the thermodynamicproperties of technically important substances. The fundamental equation of state is obtained fornormal nonane, which is a technically important organic working substance. The uncertainties of propertiescalculated using the equation (with the exception of the critical region 0.98 ≤ τ ≤ 1.05 and 0.7 ≤ δ ≤1.3) are as follows: density of the single phase: 0.1 – 0.3 %; saturated vapor pressure: 0.2 – 0.8 %; heatcapacity: 0.6 – 0.8 % and speed of sound: 0.2 – 0.3 %.
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Zhukov D.A.Reliability analysis of high voltage substations that supply electricity objects fishing industry Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
In article the analysis the age structure of the substations and 110 kV transformers, which are themost important elements of the power system of Kaliningrad region. Describes results the analysis ofmethods for calculating the reliability of transformer substations 110 kV that supply electricity objectsfishing industry.
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Leschinskiy M.B., Leschinskaya G.I.Design and manufacturing facilities for work flame (Abstract)
To obtain the desired technical effect on the device for gas-flame works contained burner trap,electrolyzer for hydrogen and oxygen to produce oxyhydrogen gas, power and control, the pipeline isproposed to perform electrolysis of a battery made up of cans exhaust the resource iron-alkaline batteries,connected in the current, the banks provide the outlet fitting to remove the resulting detonating gasassociated with flow lines connected to the trap, and the bubbler water seal to provide for the enrichmentof detonating gas hydrocarbon compounds and dryer gas mixture.
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Borisov B.P., Pravdin J.F., Michaylov S.S.The pattern of forming amber on the specialized polishing machines (Abstract)
Geometrical pattern of operational wedge-like clearance of the specialized polishing machines has been presented. Methods for forming spherical amber surface have been determined. Necessary machine movements have been established. Certain kinematic characteristics at transposition of work piece in the wedge-like clearance have been classified. Variants of wedge-like clearances have been discussed. The influence of cutting distance on the efficiency of polishing amber balls have been determined.
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