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KSTU NEWS №30 (2013)


Economy and Management

Sukharev O.S.Surpuls, maximum efficiency and exchange: new treatment in economic theory (Abstract)
The problem of maximum efficiency, surplus and exchange in economic science. The author argues that confirm the need for information, the conditions of maximum efficiency of the institutions, the impact of a given function in the economic system to put the system with decreasing on increasing returns. The article also defines the conditions of exchange between the two agents.
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Ivanov A.V., Korneeva A.V., Volkov V.V.The role of universities in regional innovation system (RIS) (Abstract)
The importance of the knowledge-based economic sectors is growing constantly. Science and innovations are becoming the key factors for sustainable national and regional development in many advanced countries. Development success of a given region under modern conditions of global economy depends nowadays on its ability to transform constantly and smoothly from less efficient technological paradigms to some new more efficient ones. In order to reach this goal, it is necessary for regions to create and develop their own regional innovation systems (RIS). Triple Helix “University – Business - Government” is a universal concept of RIS, which can provide an efficient interaction between all the main actors as well as supply and demand balance in the field of innovations in the region.
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Chaplygin V.G.Theoretical aspects of internationalization of the currency mechanism (Abstract)
The article is devoted to theoretical aspects of internationalization of the currency mechanism. Provisions of the theory of optimum currency areas, economic integration, coordination, cooperation are analyzed.
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Lukyanova L.M.Automation of analysis and synthesis of goal-achieving system in industrial complexes (Abstract)
A problem of inconsistent and incomprehensive decisions in industrial complexes is considered. A program means of forming consistent and comprehensive decisions and correcting their inconsistent and incomprehensive are discussed.
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Arunyantz G.G., Badeyan A.R.To the question of effiency of risk management of the credit organizations (Abstract)
In the article are analyzed the features of the functioning of the credit organization in the conditions of uncertainty and risks. The main problem of the identification and assessment of risks are presented. The main problems of credit risk management are considered. The tasks and conditions of risk management are defined as an independent subsystem.
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Volostnykh V.V., Ivankovich A.V.Recourses consumption in shipbuilding (Abstract)
It is known that the reason of the low level of competitiveness o the Russian shipbuilding is the high cost of sales niveau. The common opinion of this situation is that the great part of the costs is not adjustable. In the authors’ opinion this viewpoint is correct until considering time value of money. Unfortunately methods of resource efficiency are not widely used in management as far as for their application are required managerial competences.
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Stepanenko D.M.Institute of the code as a factor of innovation development of economy and society (Abstract)
Article is devoted to research of a place and a role of institute of the code in institutional system of innovation development of the country. Interrelations of institute of the code with other formal institutes, promoting development of national economy on an innovation basis, are revealed. Provisions of codes of the Russian Federation, devoted to regulation and support of innovation activity, are analyzed.
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Sberegaev N.A.Russian index pedagogical citation (Abstract)
The results of sdudies on the development of national information-analytical system of teachersof Russian universities to prepare educational and instructional materials, texsbooks, manuals. The possibilityand the need such a system based onassessments of the officials are not high school, and teachers ofRussia.
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Radionova E.S., Ulyankin P.N.Benchmarking as a tool for territory management (Abstract)
The article investigates practices of benchmarking tools for the effective management ofterritories. Analyzed methodology and identified the advantages of a campaign for use in state andmunicipal government.
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Sanin V.F.Investor behavior in different conditions of investment climate (Abstract)
The paper presents investment process as interaction between an investor and investment climate(nature) within the matrix game in compliance with the prudence principle and all the ensuing decisions.
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Kafidov Vyatch.V.Return on investments in product quality (Abstract)
Quality of products is conditioned by investing in him. A profitableness of firm is investigationof the rational investing. Rationality of investing in turn is conditioned by balance between the riskinessof investment in new products and providing of demand on her. In modern terms an investor must clearlytie up investments in quality of products of 9как at times, so on a size) with the life cycle of this products.
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Dolgaya A.A.Methodology of Kaliningrad region fishery economic complex competitiveness development (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the methodology of regional fishery economic complex competitiveness(FEC) development as an aggregate of interconnected public and private companies and institutions.Author had offered the algorithm of competitiveness program development based on the research of FECmembers linkages and transactions, key operators identification and public-private dialog establishment.According to author linkages analysis has to be implemented in cooperation between all the executives ofFEC members in order to build up common development program. And subsequent public-private dialogwill create the basis for correct industrial policy supporting the competitiveness growth programexecution.
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Ryabtsew S.V., Milenkiy V.I.Refinancing of transport companies accounts receivable in condition of cash deficit (Abstract)
The article discusses use of commercial loans and discounts. in the case of payment in aspecified period, as management tools manage of transport companies accounts receivable trucking inKaliningrad region. Justified necessity of the application of these tools in the current activity to improvethe efficiency of transport companies in a highly competitive market and lack of financing workingcapital.
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Kharin A.G.On the use of the concept of value in the management development of fishing industry (Abstract)
The modern economy is based on the use of natural capital. For the sustainable development ofits industries need to balance public and private interests. This paper proposes an approach that combinesideas and methods of value management companies, and the theory of sustainable economic development.The article describes the main problems in this approach, as well as possible and especially its applicationto the management of the fishing industry.
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Khoudyakov K.I., Gusarova T.A.Econometrical analysis of trade relationship between Russia and Ukraine in 1995-2012 years. Interdependence of countries and profitability of markets (Abstract)
This report describes trade relationship between Russia and Ukraine using econometrics. The interdependenceof countries is explained via gravity modeling, whereby it was found that Russian GDP has negativeinfluence on the trade flow. Considering the economical rationality of trade, it is concluded that Ukrainianmarket is not the most profitable one for Russian goods.
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Shishkaneva V.D.Identification of the regional housing market (Abstract)
The presence of the classification of residential real estate is essential to identify the structure ofa regional or local housing market, which allows solving a number of problems.
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Moroz V.N.The role of the public private partnership in the territorial innovation development in the conditions of sixth technological structure (Abstract)
The article focuses its attention upon the features and forms of public private partnership (PPP)and its role in the innovation development of territories and creating of the territory of innovationdevelopment in the context of sixth technological structure. The special attention is given to theperspectives of using of particular PPP mechanisms.
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Vasilyev I.V.International experience of financing investment in reproduction of educational capital (Abstract)
On the example of the United States and Australia analyzed the experience of financial supportto citizens who wish to graduate and post-graduate education. Examines the key sources and forms offinancing. It is concluded about the possibility of introducing some form of financing in the Russianpractice.
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Mikhailov A.S.Towards the issue of terminology development in cluster concept (Abstract)
The conducted analysis on the current economic approaches towards cluster definition asfundamental notion of the cluster concept is aimed at identification of the key changes in the trends of thiseconomic category. A special attention was given to the modification of the innovation cluster insights asthe perspective tool in reaching regional innovation development. Authors’ definitions on cluster andinnovations cluster categories are formulated.
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Makeeva M.Yu.Transport management in a system of greening the economy in region (the example of the Kaliningrad region) (Abstract)
The article deals with aspects of the transport sector in the context of the green economy in theregion, expanded the concept of "greening the economy". A characteristic of the present state of thetransportation component of the region to assess the impact of transport on the environment and providerecommendations to reduce human impact.
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Abaev A.P.Monetary theory: theoretical aspects and the main problems (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the theoretical aspects of monetary theory. Provisions of the quantitytheory of money, monetarist, Keynesian theory, and identified the main problems of monetary theory areanalyzed.
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Evstafiev K.A.Practical implementation the responsibility center management in U.S.A. public universities (Abstract)
The article is devoted to review of different models of RCM (Responsibility CenterManagement) in public universities in U.S.A. The benefits and drawbacks of responsibility devolution todown levels in educational institutions are analyzed.
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Andronyuk N.V.Goal-setting in strategic planning of development of the sphere of tourism of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
In article methodological aspects of development of strategy of turistko-recreational sector areconsidered. The multilevelness of the purposes, their mnogovektornost, internal complexity anddiscrepancy is designated. Criteria by which there is a selection of target reference points of developmentof this sector are defined.
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Mikhailova L.R.The influence of intraholding outsourcing on the effectiveness of construction business companies cooperation (Abstract)
The author studies the idea of intraholding outsourcing as an effective form of the constructionbusiness participants’ cooperation. The basic stages of the construction organization transformation intothe holding structure are defined, the general efficiency dynamics of the organization functioningthroughout transformation process is reflected, and the main factors influencing a choice of developmentstrategy of holding are presented in this article.
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