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KSTU NEWS №31 (2013)

Earth and Mathematical Sciences

Altschul B.A.Subtraction form of accounting dissipated losses at elasting systems oscillations (Abstract)
The article discusses subtraction form of accounting inner friction at oscillation of elastic systems, generalizing well known hysteretis and heredity hypotheses. Its adaptability to descrifing free and foreed oscillations of dissipation systems.
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Antipov Ju.N., Lurye I.G., Omarov T.E.The solution of the differential equation of heat conductivity for a wedge (Abstract)
The regional problem of heat conductivity for an infinite wedge is considered. The method of potential of a double layer is used
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Borkunov R.Ju., Bryukhanov V.V.The femtosecond ablation of copper and silver nanoparticles in water (Abstract)
The femtosecond ablation of copper and silver nanoparticles in water it was investigated. By methods of optical, photocorrelation spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy it has been established that formed nanoparticles have the spherical form and their sizes nonlinearly depend on energy of laser exposure.
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Vorotnikov B.Yu., Kovaleva I.P.Scientific knowledge of the structure and evolution of technology of natural raw materials (Abstract)
Discusses the technology trends of natural raw materials and their structure. The core technology is a natural evolution of the scientific knowledge of classical and non-classical postnonclassical research paradigms. It is concluded that the dominant role of universities in the preservation and transmission of knowledge and technological development of the society.
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Vyalova A.V.Psevdotensor of curvature of the group connection on the plane surface (Abstract)
In many projective space the plane surface as a manifold of planes is considered. The group connection is given in associated principal bundle.The expressions for the curvature object and differential comparisons for the components of this object are found. It is proved, that the object of curvature of group connection in a principal bundle associated with the plane surface is psevdotensor.
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Grafova E.N., Bobarykin N.D., Smertin V.M.Development of management system of groundwater level based on the controller of the Octagon the three-dimensional model of polder systems (Abstract)
Сontinued on the development of a new approach to solving the problem of automatic control system for the maintenance of a level of subsoil waters (GWL), which is organized on the base of industrial controller Octagon [3] with the use of invariant Nonstationary three-dimensional mathematical model of polder systems (IP) as a tool for monitoring parameters. However, the mathematical model of the PS does not count [1] soil temperature, which may affect the moisture transport processes in the drained filter coefficients through the array, moisture permeability are put, and so on, so the main objective of this work is to develop an effective algorithm for calculating the temperature regime of the soil in the drained area and some clarification of the controller software. The temperature of the soil is described by the equation of the effective thermal conductivity.
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Eliseeva N.A.Holonomicity of the main structural sub bundles of m-strip distribution of the projective space (Abstract)
In the projective space we study m-strip distribution, equipped with a field of hyperplanes. The analytical signs of reciprocity of the main structural subbundles and adjoint systems distributions are found. Analytical signs of holonomicity of the main structural subbundles are elucidated and their geometric interpretations are provided.
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Naumov V.A., Agievich N.A.Numerical decision of the boundary problem on balance of a spherical body on cables in a homogeneous stream (Abstract)
Mathematical statement of a boundary problem about balance of a spherical body with two flexible cables is formulated. The differential equations and boundary conditions are led to the dimensionless form. Possibility of the shooting method use for the numerical decision of the boundary problem on balance of the spherical body fixed by two cables at the bottom in a homogeneous stream is shown. Results of a control example calculation in the MathCad environment are presented.
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Pahnutov I.A.Differentiation of grid functions (Abstract)
Methodology of derivatives estimations is considered for functions given on a finite mesh of real line. Local and mesh estimates compared from computational point of view. Iterative method of simultaneous estimation of all necessary derivatives is discussed. Examples show some preferences of considered approaches compared to local difference formulas.
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Rudachenko S.V., Rudachenko T.V.Perfecting of descriptive geometry learning of technical specialties students (Abstract)
The article is devoted to using and development of modern learning methods in studying of descriptive geometry and engineer graphic.
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Slezhkin V.A., Nefedova N.P.Micro hardness and embrittlement of the carbon steel in consequence of its cathode hydrogen charge in sulfuric acid solution in the presence of saccharin (Abstract)
The change of embrittlement of U10A steel and microhardness of 65G steel due to the cathodic polarization in 0.1N H2SO4 solution in the presence of saccharin has been investigated at current densities within the range from 5 to 60 мА/см2 . It is established that at the densities of current 5 and 10 мА/см2 and concentration up to 0,1 g / l saccharin acts as an inhibitor of steel hydrogen charge. It is shown that saccharin at concentrations more than 0.1 g / L H2SO4 in the solution acts as a stimulant steel hydrogen charge U10A for all investigated current densities. Нydrogen charge of the 65G steel due to cathodic polarization in 0.1N H2SO4 in the presence of saccharin will causes as a rule to essential reduction of microhardness.
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Stepanov A.V.Conditional distributions of record values (Abstract)
Conditional distribution functions of record values given maximum are studied in the paper. The result can be further used for obtaining characterizations based on records.
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Funtikov V.A., Danjshin E.V.The differential thermal analysis of polymeric modifications of sulfur and alloys of a pseudo binary system on the basis of rhombic and rhombohedra sulfur (Abstract)
The differential thermal analysis of sulfur of different modifications is conducted from room temperature up to 400 0С at warming and cooling: rhombic sulfur, rhombohedral sulfur, alloys of rhombic and rhombohedral sulfur, plastic sulfurand several sorts of polymeric sulfur. The method of obtaining nonspecified in the literature of modification of polymeric crystalline sulfur of black colour essentially distinguished from filamentary sulfur, is offered. The dynamics of changing a state of rhombic, rhombohedral, plastic, filamentary and black chain modifications of sulfur in four-ten series cycles “heat - cooling” is researched. The outcomes of research testify to saving key features of frame of melts of the studied modifications of sulfur, that indicates a block structure of their melts. The research by a method DТА of melts of mixtures of rhombic and rhombohedral sulfur at heating and cooling has shown, that in limits of identical conditions the transition from one form of sulfur to another happens practically monotonically, that testifies to their mutual solubility in metastable melted and crystalline states and about saving individuality of appropriate nanoparticles.
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Yurova A.A., Yurov A.V., Belyaev V.K.Derivation of the eos leading to the crossing of the phantom divide (Abstract)
Application of the EoS method allows to describe all kinds of equations of state leading to four types of singularities at nonzero value of the scale factor. In this paper, we consider the effect of crossing the phantom divide and raised the question of the form of the corresponding equation of state. It is shown that the point of crossing the phantom divide linked to a branch point of the equation of state.
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Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Sciences

Antsiferova O.A., Turlo Ya.P.The yield formula of winter rye on soils of different degree of erosion (Abstract)
The results of studying of biometric indexes of biologic yield of winter rye on field with development water erosion are presented. The intensive change for the worse all indexes productivity of rye observed on eroded soil middle and strong degree.
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Bedareva O.M., Muracheva L.S., Matyukha A.V.The adaptive-landscape approach of the estimation of plants (Abstract)
In article results of long-term researches of soil-botanical conditions of territory SOL"Otradnoe" are stated. Diagnostics of soils is carried out, conformity edafotopic conditions to needs of analyzed flora is revealed.
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Bernikov L.R.Lead-induced moderate biological stress of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings (Abstract)
Action of moderate Pb2+ concentrations on physiology-biochemical values of the 1 st true leaves of wheat (Triticumaestivum L.) seedlings using markers of general use was explored. Stress changings from 0,03 mg/l Pb2+ concentration and the switching of stress phases were demonstrated. Phenomena of predominance of anti-stress processes over toxic pollutant action, of stress answer without changes of photosynthetic pigments levels and of activation of some processes at minimal Pb2+ concentrations were found. Observed processes are discussing concerning with advisability of approaches for further researches of the lead-induced biological stress.
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Grigorovich L.M., Murzahanova I.V.Implementation of the dutch technology elements in the process of potato cultivation (Solanum tuberosum L.) at the peasant farm enterprise «Zarechye» in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
There has been inculcated the new potato cultivation technology at the peasant farm enterprise “Zarechye” in Slavskiy district of Kaliningrad region which contains the elements of the Dutch one. The above mentioned technology includes the following intensive technics: potato tubers disinfection with insect fungicide, ridge tillage after planting of potatoes, weed control spraying of soil prior to tuber sprouting, program of fungicide protection against potato blight, optimized system of plant nutrition, applying of special equipment. Efficiency of potato cultivation has increased: tuber yield has grown 1,5-fold and reached the amount of 45 tons per ha. Economic evaluation has testified that these new technological methods have covered the expenses 2,9-fold, and 1,5-fold when using the standard technics.
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Gurevich A.S.Some morph physiological mechanisms of winter hardiness of climbing rose variety Rosarium Vetersen (Abstract)
Studied influence of leaves mesophyll structure and the maintenance of lipochromes in leaves on winter hardiness of two versions of climbing roses with the colored (red) and uncolored (white) nimbus. It is shown that roses with the colored nimbus are more winter-hardy, possess higher rates of leaves mesophyll structure and the raised maintenance of lipochromes in leaves. The role of lipochromes and leaves mesophyll structure in resistance increase is discussed.
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Kalinina E.A.Elements of the technology of cultivation of Dracocephalum moldavica L. in the conditions of the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
We studied Bio ecological and ecological features of the Dracocephalum moldavica L. and impact of growth regulator - Appin-Extra on the features of germination of seeds of this plant. Shows the possibility of application in the conditions of the region growing technology Dracocephalum moldavica L. The conformity was revealed the soil and climatic conditions of the Kaliningrad region and the bio ecological features of the Dracocephalum moldavica L. It is concluded the possibility of applying in the region at the technology of growing Dracocephalum moldavica L., which recommended for its cultivation in the non-chernozem zone of Russia..
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Korshikova N.G., Balunets N.B.Bioecological features of some varieties of fennel odorous (Anethum graveolens L.) as a basis for «the green conveyor» (Abstract)
Experimental data about bio ecological features of six varieties of fennel odorous are given (Anethum graveolens L.) Morphological and phonological parameters were tested. Efficiency of varieties is determined and optimum terms of crop of seeds in the certain sequence of varieties are established with the purpose of reception of green production of fennel in an open ground since June till October.
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Krasnoperov A.G., Buyankin N.I.To development of adaptive and landscape system of agriculture Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Design of Basic Elements of adaptive and landscape system of agriculture of the Kaliningrad region is developed taking into account soil climatic conditions of concrete agricultural producers. For development of modern page / x. productions introduction of the crop rotations answering to local natural and economic and ecological conditions with inclusion of sredoobrazuyushchy bean and sidereal cultures is necessary. The system of processing of the soil has to combine alternation of cultural plowing with a layer turn on depth of an arable layer (20-22 cm) with minimum (on 8-12 cm) processing (up to zero for grain crops) and loosening (сhizel processing of the soil) of the soil on depth of 12-18 cm. The system of fertilizers calculates under productivity taking into account security of soils with elements of a mineral food available to plants, site class of the soil. The system of protection of plants is developed proceeding from results of field researches, concrete types of chemical means of protection are corrected according to lists of the pesticides allowed for use.
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Naumov V.A., Kovalev V.P., Puntusov V.G.The mathematical modeling application for perfection of polder systems design calculations (Abstract)
The mathematical model of a polder system is generated. By means of experimental researches and mathematical modeling the close nonlinear interrelation between parameters of the elements making polder system is shown: a drainage, channels of a spending network and pump station. The engineering method of working out of the project linear polder system is offered.
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Panasin V.I., Rymarenko D.A.Soil and agrochemical aspects of microelements distribution in agroceonosis (Abstract)
The soils of the region are specified by contents of mobile microelement compounds. There are stated dependencies of contents of mobile microelement compounds on pH rate, content of humic substances and granulometric composition of soils.
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Parakshin Yu.P.Some ways of evolution of solonetzic soils in Kazakhstan (Abstract)
In article on the basis of an actual material of the author and literary data is solved such is not enough investigated a question in soil science as evolution separate of soils in time.
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Reyter A.J.The effect of CCC and modes on the stem growth and drowning of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants (Abstract)
The effect of retardants CCC and Moddus on stem growth and drowning of winter wheat plants in soil and climatic conditions of the Kaliningrad region was studied. It was shown that both pesticides stimulate these processes, significantly reduced stem length, increased its thickness and dry mass, Thus, plant drowning was reduced by both retardants. Combined treatment by CCC and Moddus was the most effective. It was concluded that this type of treatment may be recommended for conditions of Kaliningrad region.
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Ronzhina E.S.The ontogeny of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) leaf structure (Abstract)
The mesophyll ant minor vein structure of pumpkin leaves during their development was tested. It was concluded that connections between mesophyll and phloem cells during leaf growth and development provide assimilate synthesis phloem loading and, thus, source activity of leaves in plant sink-source system.
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Sergeeva N.T., Lempert O.T., Stepantsova G.E., Nizhnikova E.V., Nefedova N.P.The study of nourishing value of stern flower got from waste of processing squid (Squid flower) in ration of agricultural animals, fowl and fish (Abstract)
The possibility of using stern flower got from waste of processing squid (squid flower) in ration of agricultural animals, fowl and fish has been studied.
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Tereshenko S.A., Sidacheva E.A.The effect of foliar application of Fertigreyn Foliar on corn (Zea mays L.) plants (Abstract)
Results of implementation research foliar application of Foliar Fertigreyn on biometrics and the onset of the main phenological phases of maize hybrids grown for silage, with minimum soil cultivation containin the article.
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Yakupova A.V.Efficiency of fungicides to seed dressing of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the conditions Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The production experience, held during 2011/12, 2012/13 in CSC "Zalesskoye milk" at Polesski district of Kaliningrad region revealed a positive effect of fungicides – protectants on plants of winter wheat. It was established that seed dressing had a positive influence on the phytosanitary condition, growth and development of plants. In embodiments with using a of fungicides – protectants plants are better survived the winter period. Thus, the experimental use of seed dressers showed a positive effect on plants in agro-climatic conditions of the region and helped to improve crop yields by a third, which proved the need for their use in plant protection system.
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