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KSTU NEWS №32 (2014)

Biology, ecology and fishing industry

Shibaev S.V., Sokolov A.V.Structure of demersal fishes community in Vistytis Lake in Kaliningrad oblast (Abstract)
The article gives a characteristic of demersal fish community in LakeVistytis of Kaliningrad region: species composition, length structure and spatial distribution. Proposed and tested method of estimating fishing stock biomass by means of gill net catches. Methods of interpretation of the results is discussed.
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Vasyura O.L.Feeding behavior of young sterlets Acipenserruthenus (Acipenseridae) at pond and basin rearing in artificial conditions (Abstract)
It is shown that the level of information richness of the environment in which the juvenile fish were raised at early stages of ontogenesis is one of the determining factors for the development of the most important adaptive patterns of behavior. Minimal values of fullness index, lower body weight, and shorter length, along with a feeding spectrum strongly differing from that in natural conditions, are characteristics of juvenile fish kept preliminarily in the hatchery. The food of this group of fish is dominated by organisms of epibenthos, which may have been detected by the fish using gustatory and tactile receptors. At the same time, the proportion of infaunal invertebrates, the detection of which is only possible using olfaction and electric reception, is minimal. The prolonged development of juvenile fish under conditions of sensory deprivations leads to inadequate behavioral skills, making the process of conventionally reflective “switching” upon the release of such juvenile fish in the wild more difficult.
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Baranovskiy P.N.Age and length structure of perch from small waterbodies of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Age and length structure of 20 small waterbodies of Kaliningrad region were analyzed. The classifications of perch population in accordance with their age and length structure of catches were produced. Typical values of structural parameters for each type of population were calculated. Also age dynamics of mortality were investigated.
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Polunina Ju.Ju.The seasonal cycle of zooplankton in the lower Pregolja River flow (Abstract)
109 species and groups of zooplankton recorded in the lower Pregolja River flow in period 1996-2007. The group of Copepoda was predominant in the zooplankton abundance and biomass. The seasonal variation of the zooplankton abundance was characterized by a maximum in July (130 ± 110 thousand ind .m-3), which was formed by the mass development of rotifers. The peak of the zooplankton biomass recorded in August (958 ± 788 mg m-3), where the main contribution belonged planktonic crustaceans (Clsadocera, Copepoda). The high volume of zooplankton biomass depended on the crustaceans Eurytemora affinis and Acartia spp. from the Vistula Lagoon in autumn. These crustaceans appeared in the River with surge from Vistula Lagoon.
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Markyanova M.F.Species structure of chironomidtaxocenosis in the Vistula Lagoon (Abstract)
The Vistula Lagoon, excluding its littoral zone, is inhabited by four chironomid species only: Procladius ferrugineus, Microchironomus tener, Chironomus balatonicus, Cryptochironomus defectus. Species structure of taxocenosis is follows: the dominant species – C. balatonicus (80%); subdominant species – P. ferrugineus (17%), accompanying species – M. tener (2%), C. defectus (1%). Taxocenosis structure by trophic guilds is follows: filter-feeders (C. balatonicus, M. tener) – 82%; predators-grabbers (P. ferrugineus, C. defectus) – 18%.
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Masyutkina E.A., Shibaeva M.N., Matveeva E.P.Harlequin flies of family Chironomidae as an indicator of water quality small water bodies in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
In this article describes the fauna of chironomids larvae of family Chironomidae for 14 water bodies in Kaliningrad region. Also authors describes their role in the structure of zoobenthos of the lakes. In this article authors given the results of comparative assessment of water quality using the indication properties of chironomids and saprobiological method. The main concludes is that chironomids gives an adequate assessment of water quality for most small water bodies in Kaliningrad region.
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Luneva E.V., Sindalovskiy L.N., Rumynin V.G.Forecast thermal effect of sewage Baltic NPP during the operation on the basis of the numerical hydrodynamic model River Neman (Abstract)
In the present article a forecast of the heat effect of sewage Baltic NPP during the operation on the basis of the numerical hydrodynamic model river Neman. The studies concluded that the scattering reset ensures efficient mixing natural (river) and industrial water is near overflow, reducing the potential (negative) consequences of a thermal barrier.
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Bernikova T.A., Nagornova N.N., Tsoupikova N.A.Some results of hydrodynamical studies of watercourses in the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The paper presents some results of long-term research of watercourses in the Kaliningrad Region, and an overview of hydroecological condition of the main watercourses.
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Delmuchametov A.B., Pianov D.S.Growth of various pike-perch generations reared in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) (Abstract)
Investigating of fish growth is the important part of the development of fish farming biotechnology. We researched the growth features of third pike-perch generation reared in recirculating aquaculture systems and compared it with growth features of first pike-perch generation.
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Shibaev S.V., Shpokaite E.V.Biological parameters of sprawning stock of white fish (Coregonuslavaretus L.) in the Curonian Lagoon (Abstract)
The article give description of biological parameters of brood stock of white-fish in the Curonian lagoon of the Baltic Sea: length and sex structure and abudance. It is analyzed annual dynamics of parameters of stock. The results can be used for organization of artificial breeding.
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Shibaev S.V., Sokolov A.V., Anuryeva A.S., Novozhilov O.A., Luneva E.V.Biological parameters of smelt in Neman River during spawning period in 2011-2013 (Abstract)
The article provides the main structural-biological parameters of smelt in Neman River during spawning period in 2011-2013. Duration of spawning period in downstream of Neman River (4-10 km from estuary) is nearby 20-30 days, duration of mass migration is nearby 10 days. Time of the first entrance of smelt in the river influences on population parameters of spawning smelt. Earlier entrance of smelt in the river promotes higher catches of smelt and longer spawning migration.
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Krivopuskova E.V., Masyutkina E.A., Sokolov A.V., Shibaeva M.N.Characteristics of vendace diet composition (Coregonusalbula L) in the Vistynetskoe Lake (Kaliningrad region) in current conditions (Abstract)
Based on available data provides an analysis of the current state of the diet of vendace of the lake Vishtynetskoe. In this article were identified the main components of dietofvendace in this lake. Comparative analysis of diet composition of vendace in the Vishtynetskoelake other lakes shows a similar composition of food for different populations in waters north-west of Europe.Also the favorite food objects for vendace are same for all water bodies. They are Bythotrepheslongimanusbalticus (Leydig,1860) and Leptodorakindtii (Focke, 1844).
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Novozhilov O.A.Spatial description and species structure of larva of fish in downstream migration in River Neman in 2013 year (Abstract)
Shows the influence of the coefficient of catchability zakidnogo seine for accuracy forecasting fish population in the delta. Volga. For research, use zakidnoy seine, the construction meets the requirements of the principle of a search and exploration of natural resources.
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Dubravin V.F.The evolution of sea level and fishing herring in the Baltic Sea (Abstract)
Literature sources and climatic data from the Atlas (Feistel et al., 2008) were used as material for obtaining temporal variability components of the Baltic Sea level with resource dynamics and fishing of herring in the Baltic Sea from [ICES, 2010] have been done within 1974-2006 years interval. Long- and short-term variability was investigated with harmonic, dispersive, correlation and spectral analyses (Bruks, Caruzers, 1963).
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Navrotskaya S.E., Chubarenko B.V.Climate trends of sea water level near the shore of Kaliningrad oblast (Abstract)
In this work the variations of mean annual water levels were obtained by data from the long-term observations at the hydroposts Pionerskiy (Baltic Sea), Baltiysk (Vistula Lagoon) and Klaipeda (Curonian Lagoon), a steady positive linear trends were found, their size changes depending on the examined period. On the whole, rates of growth of mean water level for the last 100 years in lagoons and sea (1.3-1.8 mm/year) near to growth of water level of the World Ocean for the same period. Speed-up growth of water level in lagoons, leaving growth of level of the World Ocean, is observed from the 2th half of XX century – to 3.2-3.6 mm/year (1960-2003), and especially in his end - to 4.2-11.7 mm/year (1993-2003). It is show of the increasing influence of regional klimatic factors, determining the regime of winds and precipitations in a catchment.
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Ezhova E.E., Kocheshkova O.V.Distribution and seasonal dynamics of macrozoobenthos density and biomass in the lower and middle reach of the Pregolya River (Abstract)
It was shown, distribution of species richness along the river reach is uneven. In direction to the river mouth substantial impoverishment of species composition occurs. Oligochaets contribute most part to a total density of zoobenthos along the whole studied part of the river. Bivalves, mostly species of Unio, Dreissena, Viviparus and Valvata genera, also several limneid, sfereid and pisidiid species contribute 50-97% of the total biomass, depending on biotope and the part of the river reach. Seasonal course of benthos density and biomass changing is rather different in the different parts of the river reach. Differences were defined by a life cycle peculiarities of benthobionts, inhabiting the area, wind-surging currents and by a presence of oxygen deficient zones, typical for second part of summer.
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Lange E.K.Evaluation of phytoplankton productivity in the lower reach of Pregolya River (Abstract)
The current status of late summer phytoplankton community of the lower reaches of the Pregolya (Kaliningrad Oblast) has been made. In 2011, potentially toxic cyanobacteria Planktothrix agardhii and genus Microcystis dominated in phytoplankton along with diatoms and algae cryptophytes. This fact has not been registered before. Quantitative development of microalgae at the present stage as compared with the end of the 1990 season decreased by 4 times, which could be the result of reducing the load of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) on the Pregolya ecosystem. At the end of the 1990s primary production of phytoplankton of the Pregolya River upstream of Kaliningrad was 800 kcal/m2/year and corresponded to the upper boundary of mesotrophic level.
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Gerb M.A.Ecological analysis of aquatic flora of the lower reaches Pregolya River (Abstract)
56 species of aquatic flora (7-seaweeds, 1-1, Bryophyta-Equisetophyta, 47-Magnoliophyta) were recorded in the lower reaches of Pregolya River. Among the indicators species of trophic state 45% of the macrophytes belong to mesotrophic and 23% to meso-eutrophic. Between indicators species if saprobity 53 % of species are β-mesosaprobic, 21% o-β-mesosaprobic, 11% eurysaprobic and 11 % – ß-α-mezosaprobic.
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Molchanova N.S.100 years of anthropogenic pollution of the Pregolya River (Abstract)
The analysis of anthropogenic pollution sources of the Pregolya River during different historical periods is done. the Middle Ages, before the WWII, after the WWII and contemporary. Data on the ecological state and pollution of the river in the German period, including archive documents, are given. For every stage main factors, influencing the water quality are divided.
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Chibisova N.V., Lyatun M.V.The content of heavy-metal ions in water of the lower reaches of Pregolya River in the 2000-s (Abstract)
Summarized data of the heavy-metal ions content in the water of the lower reaches of Pregolya river in 2004, 2006, 2009-2011. Observed excess of maximum permissible concentrations of ions of chromium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese. The greatest concentrations of toxic metal ions registered at the mouth of the river Pregolya.
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Shumak V.V.Modeling of growth of the fingerling of the breeding carp (Abstract)
Growth of fingerlings of a breeding carp in 2012, SPS "Izobelino", the Minsk region, Republic of Belarus was studied. The new formula of calculations of growth on the technological periods, according to control catch is applied. And also, the formula of calculation of coefficient of decrease in level of exchange processes depending on temperature of the environment of cultivation is developed and applied. Cultivation of a breeding fingerling of a carp on the basis of strictly control and observance of technology of cultivation locates. Potential of the maximum value of average weight of a fingerling carp in the 2nd zone of fish breeding corresponded 60 g and more. Average weight of fingerling of carp must to achievement of 165 g at cultivation in the conditions of ensuring comfortable values of temperature.
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Burukovskiy R.N., Pekarskaite V.V.Food composition of Sicyonialancifer (Oliver, 1811) (Decapoda, Sicyonidae) from NhaTrang Bay (South Vietnam) (Abstract)
Food composition of the wide distributed Indo-West Pacific shrimps Sicyonia lancifer from Nha Trang bay has been described. Stomachs of 45 shrimps with the body length from 21 to 53 mm have been studied. S. lancifer is a benthophage and a predator-collector. The common food objects of shrimps are decapoda crustaceans and mollusks.
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Gouschin O.A., Kulakova V.V., Stont Zh.I.Meteorological monitoring wind numerical modeling and transfer impurities in the atmosphere (Abstract)
Wind is the important component of meteorological supervision of ecological monitoring of sea oil extracting. Use of data AHMS, established directly on an oil-extracting platform, at the analysis of meteorological parameters enables to receive new representations about variability of a wind per 2006-2012. Distinctions between coastal and sea measurements of a wind, both in a direction, and on speed are shown. Characteristics of a wind are used for numerical modeling of the transport of substances in an atmosphere. The model is under construction on the basis of the decision of the advective diffusion equation. The finite elements method was applied to the decision. Dependence of the decision on parameters of advection and diffusion is illustrated.
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Esiukova E.E., Stont Zh.I.Assessing of the impact of meteorological conditions on coastal processes of the coast in North-East part of the Vistula Lagoon during 2011-2013 (Abstract)
The purpose of this paper is the estimation the impact of meteorological conditions to coastal processes in a north-east part of the Vistula Lagoon, to determine the properties of the dynamics of the coast, the variability of the level of the Vistula Lagoon for the period of regular observations in 2011-2013.
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Minin A.E., Postnov D.I., Vandysheva V.V., Minina L.M.Stages of fisheries development and prospects for the fishing optimization on the Gorky Reservoir (Abstract)
Patterns of commercial fisheries formation and organization were investigated on the Gorky Reservoir for all time its existence. The dynamics of fishing gears, regulatory framework and their impact on fisheries were studied. Eight specific periods of fisheries development were allocated. Influence of regulatory framework on the reservoir fisheries progress is shown. Recommendations on changes in the existing fishing regulations for optimal exploitation of the total allowable catch and rational fishing management on a reservoir
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Industrial fisheries

Korotkov V.K.Features trawl orientation depending on the distribution and behavior of fishing targets (Abstract)
In this paper, on the example of a perch in the Irminger Sea and mackerel in the Norwegian Sea, are considered tactical features used for efficiency fishing biological objects.
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Minko V.M.To the development of new rules for labour safety in fish farming and fishing in inland waters (Abstract)
The need of the development of new rules for labour safety in fish farming and fishing in inland waters is provided. The general requirement to this document is indicated.
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Naumov V.A., Agievich N.A.The empirical formula for hydrodynamic drag coefficient of a flat fishing net at a longitudinal flow in automodelling area (Abstract)
The published experimental data about hydrodynamic drag of a flat fishing net at a longitudinal flow are analysed. The automodelling area in which hydrodynamic drag does not depend on Reynolds's numbers is allocated. The empirical formula of hydrodynamic drag coefficient of a flat netting in the specified area dependence from the relative area of threads and the relation of a thread diameter to a netting length is offered.
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Nedostup A.A., Razhev A.O.In the calculation traction-speed characteristics of the mechanism of the friction type (Abstract)
This article describes a mathematical model of the interaction of the friction drum-type rope making, determines the behavior of the system dynamics with the possibility of slipping rope making on the drum. The differential equations of movement and entry conditions to them are formulated.
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Novozhilov E.P.Effect of the coefficient of catchability fishing gear on the accuracy of the state of stocks of aquatic organisms (Abstract)
Shows the influence of the coefficient of catchability zakidnogo seine for accuracy forecasting fish population in the delta. Volga. For research, use zakidnoy seine, the construction meets the requirements of the principle of a search and exploration of natural resources.
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Rozenshtein M.M.Algorithm of calculating of the form of a cable of a ground trawl (Abstract)
The method and algorithm of calculation of geometrical and power characteristics of a cable of a ground trawl with the account of forces of its weight in water and hydrodynamic forces are stated. It is shown, that the developed method of calculation allows to raise essentially accuracy of calculation of the specified characteristics of a cable.
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Frantsev M.E., Frantsev I.M.The numerical methods are used for the realization of the problem of parametric design of the fishing vessel for coastal fishing from composites (Abstract)
The topic of the article refers to marine applications , namely the design of fishing vessels of composites. The use of numerical methods in the realization of the problem of parametric design to determine the basic characteristics of a fishing vessel in the early stages of development can improve the design process. The article presents the results of calculations using the PC scheme parametric design of fishing vessels from composites.
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