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KSTU NEWS №33 (2014)

Biology, ecology and fishing industry

Kurbatova I.N.Activity of transamination enzyme and some blood biochemical parameters of carp (cyprinuscaprio L.) under the influence of xenomiotics complex (Abstract)
It is clear from research inhibitory effect of waste water livestock enterprises on the reactions of tissue respiration, which leads to activation of anaerobic glycolysis in cells associated with increased activity of LDH, and decreased activity of alkaline phosphatase in the blood of fish.
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Ayrapetyan V.T.The ecology and biological features of red fox vulpes (V.) vulpes Linnaeus, 1758 in ecology and fauna of Nagorno-Karabakh (Abstract)
For the first time the data is provided on the spreading of Red fox (vulpe) in the fauna of Nagor-no-Karabakh’s Red fox , their ecology, biology, changes in feed ration according to the seasons, features of their reproduction and the degree of contamination by external and internal parasites.
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Krainov K.N., Kurmanskaya A.V.Bioecological spectra components of meadow in Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
Studies of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of meadow plants species enable the analysis of natural flora of the meadows. When analyzing the life forms of meadow plants we were sticking to classification by I.G. Serebryakov. The prevalence of many years plants, leading among which are heterogeneous roots, has been demonstrated.
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Industrial Fisheries

Naumov V.A., Agievich N.A.Calculation of strips equilibrium of bottom netting in the self-drag area (Abstract)
Rectangular bottom balance bars netting in a homogeneous flow is considered. It is shown that the calculation on traditional formulas in the self-drag area can lead to appreciable errors. Improved model allows correct account of local hydrodynamic drag force acting on the netting in the self-drag area the influence of various parameters on the shape and magnitude of effort is considered. Boundary value problem of equilibrium netting strips fixed nets is simply solved by numerical method in the Mathcad medium. Calculation results do not contradict the physical sense.
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Rozenshtein M.M.Statement of the task for optimizing constructive characteristics of ropes-nets trawl parts (Abstract)
The article states a task for optimizing the average weighed values of landing factors and cutting cycles of ropes-nets parts of pelagic and ground trawls. The substantiation of criterion function in the form of dependence of dragging force of trawl ropes-nets parts on optimized parameters and the restrictions imposed on values of landing factors and cycles of cutting has been performed.
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Nedostup A.A., Razhev A.O.The mathematical modeling of dynamic processes wing of the fixed seines changing during (Abstract)
The article provides a method of calculating the wing seine in a variable velocity of flow, placed perpendicular to the water flow.
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Velikanov N.L.Internal efforts and deflections of the coupling wire rope (Abstract)
Schemes of definition of strength characteristics of the steel ropes used as coupling wire rope are considered. Settlement dependences for definition of internal efforts and deflections are presented.
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Food Production Techniques and Technology

Panfilov V.A.Agricultural food technologies – A step to effective food production (Abstract)
Three types of technological systems making up a system complex “Agricultural-food technolo-gy” is discussed. Problems solved by agricultural-food technologies are formulated. Necessity for training specialists with a combined agricultural and food profiles is demonstrated.
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Fatychov Ju.A., Ageev O.V.The structure of automatic control system by mechatronical complex for portioning food products (Abstract)
Necessity of using modern mechatronical food equipment in fishing industry is demonstrated. The use of pneumatic drive for mechatronical complex for portioning food products is substantiated. The advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic drive are analysed. The structure of automatic control system by mechatronical complex is discussed. The aims and functions of automatic control system are analysed.
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Mironchuk Yu.A.Choosing the values of parameters environment in designing the refrigerators (Abstract)
For determining the project value the input heat flow across the fence of refrigerator compartment is necessary to consider the temperature of the air and the amplitude of its diurnal variation, speed and direction of the wind at the surface fence, the amount and direction of solar radiation. When choosing their design values must be take into account the thermal inertia of fence and the selective properties of its outer surface in the radiative heat transfer.
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Tomsone L.Z., Kruma Z.J.Comparison of different extraction methods and solvents for isolation of phenolic compounds from lovage (Levisticumofficinale L.) seeds (Abstract)
Lovage (Levisticum officinale L.) is a perennial herb belonging to the Umbelliferae family, with a characteristic earthy, celery-like flavour and it contains biologically active substances. For isolation of biologically active substances several solvents and extraction methods can be applied. Dried lovage seeds were extracted with six different solvents using different extraction methods. For all extracts, total phenolic, flavonoid content and DPPH˙, ABTS radical scavenging activity, and reducing power were determined using a spectrophotometric method. As the best extraction method for isolation of phenolic compounds and preventive inhibitor of lovage seeds ultrasound-assisted, but for antioxidants Soxhlet extraction can be chosen. While the best solvent for isolation of phenolic compounds and preventive inhibitor ethanol, but for antioxidants ethanol / water / acetic acid mixture can be chosen. Lovage seeds extracts have strong antioxidant activity, comparable to synthetic antioxidant.
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Augspole I., Rakcejeva T., Cinkmanis I., Dukalska L.Investigation of colour intensity and sugars content changes in shredded carrots treated with hydrogen peroxide during storage (Abstract)
The increasing popularity of minimally processed vegetables has been attributed to the health benefits associated with fresh produce as well as to the consumers’ demand for convenience provided by ready-to-eat products. Fresh shredded carrots, treated by immersion during 30±1 seconds with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide water solution, packaged in DuniForm PP trays (138x114x53 mm) and hermetically sealed by breathing polymer film BOPP PropafilmTM P2GAF, cellulose based biodegradable NatureFlex NVS. Polilactid BIO-PLA containers were used as well. Samples were stored at temperature +4±1 °C for 8 days. The object of this research is to study the effect of the treatment method with H2O2 on the quality evolution, during the storage period. To study the possible effects on the quality - colour intensity and sugars. As a control samples, non-processed carrots packaged in mentioned packaging materials were tested.
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Naumenko E.A., Anokhina O.N.Development of the fish semi-finished product with use of breadings from vegetable raw materials (Abstract)
Need of receiving a fish product of a functional purpose is investigated in the paper. The compounding of a fish semi-finished product from a cod with use of breadings from vegetable raw materials is developed.Organoleptic, physical and chemical, microbiological indicators of quality of an experimental product are investigated.
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Leiumaa E.A., Mezenova O.J.Quality and safety indicators changing of sprat preserves with phytochemicals during storage (Abstract)
Quality and safety points dynamics of sprat preserves for the prevention of hypertension are obtained. Phytoextracts influence on the degree of maturation and shelf storage preserves is demonsyrated.
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Andronova S.V.Researches on stabilization of concentrates of polyunsatured fatty acids by rosemary CO2 extract (Abstract)
Stabilizing effect of CO2-extract of rosemary on a concentrate of polynonsaturated fatty acids of a salmon is investigated, physical and chemical and organoleptic properties of extract are studied and its dosage as a part of polynonsaturated fatty acids concentrate is proved.
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Mezenova N.Y. Baydalinova L.S.Biotechnology of gainer for sports nutrition (Abstract)
The technology of a bioadditive "SportBS" is developed for sports nutrition and consists of a hydrolyzate of fish scales, bee pollen, mint and L-carnitine amino acid. The demand is shown for natural products in the market of a sports food of the Kaliningrad area . The amino acids composition of proteins of fish scales and the general chemical composition of finished goods are investigated.
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Agriculture and Nature Management

Brysozovskiy I.I., Brysozovskiy V.I.Optimization of a food of winter wheat in the conditions of Germany and the Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The effect of nitrogen dressing in early spring in doses (0, 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 240 kg by active substance/ ha) on yield and quality of grain of winter in different regions is discussed.
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Gorodecka E.A.Electromagnetific influence on seeds of plants – a guarantee of excellent agricultural materials (Abstract)
Information about importance of power indexes of seed - germination and energy of germination, advantage of dielectric separators is shown on the stage of selection of seed to the category ‘premium’ and methods for the preseed revision of seed is discussed.
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Portnyagina V.I., Korshunova O.A., Zalukaeva O.I.Status and prospects of keeping dogs an Kaliningrad region ZCKS (Abstract)
The maim requirements to normative feeding and keeping dogs are established. The fodder that is used in zonal centre of cynological gervis has a disbalance of nutrient compounds. The change of fodder is recommended. The trend to increase bony index and decrease prolixity index in male dogs is established. The signs of laryc paw, high paw, increase of bony indexes are showen, and hypertrophy of dogs skeleton is observed. The trend to breed degeneration of German shepherd is also observed. In order to preserve the gene pool and reduce the cost of puppies it is recommended to rent out their males to mate with pedigreed female.
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Vorotnikov B.Yu., Muromtsev A.B., Goncharenko M.V., Efremov A.Yu.The role of effect Baltic amber’s terpenes and succinic ACID in veterinary medicine (Abstract)
In this paper we present the results of applying the ointment "Amber balm" for the treatment of wounds in small animals. These data suggest an immunological activity of terpenes, succinic acid and healing properties of Baltic amber.
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Muromtsev A.B.Testing a new home-made preparation «Flyblock» on the spot deer for fighting with the blood-sucking insects (Abstract)
A preparation Flyblok was tested on the spot deer. The research gave evidence that Flyblok is an effective preparation against flood suching insekts.
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Ship Building, Machinery and Power-Engineering

Burakovskiy P.E.Forecasting deflections of plates in case of perception of transient operational loads (Abstract)
The main ideas of the plate deformation character which make it possible to take into consideration the history of the loading of the resulting deflection and also the results of modeling accumulation process of residual deflections at the application of transient operational loads are formulated in this paper.
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Kiper A.V., Stankevich T.S.Market analysis of global and domestic simulation software in the field of firefighting training for ship officers (Abstract)
The article describes the domestic and global simulation software in the field of firefighting training for ship officers. In this article the authors considered the finest simulators, which are widespread in Russia and abroad. The analysis identified the main features of systems examined simulators. The authors formulated the main actions on development of simulators according to the latest trends in the development of virtual reality.
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Kazhekin I.E.Arc overvoltage in ship power system with resistive neutral grounding (Abstract)
In low-voltage shipboard power systems the use of neutral grounding resistor modeis allowed. However the known methods for the implementation of the grounding used in onshore net-works of medium voltage classes are not compatible with continuous monitoring of insulation resistance. Compatibility can be maintained by using separations capacitors. The developed method of neutral grounding for ship low-voltage electrical systems will limit the arc voltage while maintaining the possibility of continuous insulation resistance measurement of direct current.
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Nguyen Trung AnhImprovement in the checking of shipbuilding using optical-electronic devices (Abstract)
The article addresses issues related to the use of optical-electronic devices in resolving tasks of improving accuracy in shipbuilding checking. Specifically, analyzing the features and functions of Russian optical-electronic tacheometer 3Tа5Р6 and its measurement method. Illustration of a diagram of functions of the measuring system based on optical-electronic devices and theirs practical application in domestic shipyards is given.
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Earth and mathematical sciences

Merkulov A.A.Methods of synthesis of social organizations for situational centers based on universal pattern (Abstract)
The article is devoted to the methodological aspects of the synthesis of social organizations for the situational centers (SCs). The universal pattern for the modeling of social organizations is proposed.
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Vasilieva E.A., Buzdin A.A.Generalized tangential decomposition (Abstract)
In this paper, we present a method for solving large systems of linear equations, which is based on the incomplete block decomposition for block tridiagonal matrices This method generalizes methods developed by Buzdin and Wittum [1; 2]. Its convergence rate is so high, that it can be regarded as a direct method.
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Economy and Management

Ivanov A.V., Masliuk E.V.Razionalization of approaches to the design of fishing vessels (Abstract)
This article describes the possible approaches to the selection of optimal sizes of fishing vessels, depending on the techno-economic conditions of its exploitation.
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Volostnykh V.V., Ivankovich A.V.Topical issues of strategic management in shipbuilding (Abstract)
The weakness of strategic management has led the shipbuilding in Russia to system breakdown. Authors analyze the reasons of the crisis and the ways of strategic management improvement.
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Mnatsakanian A.G. Korneva O.V.Priority areas of development of fishery complex of Kaliningrad region (Abstract)
The regional fishery is one of the key industries of the Kaliningrad region and it plays a significant role in the population food supply. Market reforms of 1990s led to the destruction of the fishing industry enterprises and efficiency reduction. After the crisis regional fishery complex had positive changes, but the overall dynamics of catches and fish processing is not ideal. Therefore the questions associated with the search of the main directions of its development and growth are very important. There are a number of significant problems hindering the development of this strategically important sector of the economy, which can be solved through government and business agreed cooperation. Sustainable development of the Kaliningrad fishery complex will create conditions to increase the gross regional product and food security of the region and the country as a whole.
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Lukyanova L.M.Quality of systems analysis results in industrial organization and technical complexes (Abstract)
A problem of quality of systems analysis results in industrial organization-and-technical complexes is considered. A concretized system-and-goal approach and means to solving the problem are discussed.
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Tereshenko V.P., Kovaleva I.P., Titov I.I.Marketing research of consumer properties and motives for purchase of fish production in Kaliningrad (Abstract)
The Data of marketing research of fish production in the Kaliningrad region for 10 years is presented. The analysis is carried out in five areas: gender, age, providing financial and marital status.
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