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KSTU NEWS №34 (2014)

Biology, ecology and fishing industry

Dubishchuk M.M.Efficiency evaluation of the modern methods of fishing conditions forecasting in the Central-Eastern Atlantic (Abstract)
The issues of evaluating the quality of new commercial forecasting methods based on the environment satellite-based measurement data are considered in the article. The forecasts of fishing conditions prepared for the fishing industry enterprises within the period preliminary to new methods introduction (2009), and within the period of their usage (2013) were used. The success rate is used as the measure of forecasting ef-fectiveness, as the measure of adequacy the predicted and really recorded values. On the basis of the given forecasts with the results of real commercial fishery activities the evaluation of the forecast effectiveness prepared according to new and previously used methods of forecasting is made. Main economical and administrative factors influencing sufficiently on estimating the forecast success rate in modern conditions are presented. The conclusion about the effectiveness of using new forecasting methods is made on the basis of the received estimation of the forecast success rate. New approaches to forecasting demonstrate increasing the forecast success rate on the average by 10% and en-sure a more stable level of the forecast success rate as a whole.
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Luneva E.V.Assessment of Russian nuclear power plants on ecosystems cooling pond (Abstract)
The article describes a general impact of nuclear power plants (NPP) on ecosystems of cooling water-bodies. It is considered main impact factor and potential effect for certain components of water ecosystems. Most important factors which cause damage are thermal and chemical pollution.
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Katser M.A., Shibaev S.V., Shultz N., Shtrelow G.V.Recreational fishing of herring (Clupeaharengus L.) in Germany (ICES subarea 22 and 24) (Abstract)
The article provides the results of a study of recreational fishing of herring in Germany in 22 and 24 subareas ICES of the Baltic Sea. Recreational fishermen are catched about 19% of the total catch of fishers.
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Sokolov A.N., Chubarenko B.V.Sensitivity analysis for wave regime in wave deformation zone in the South-Eastern Baltic in a view of possible climate changes (Abstract)
The two-dimensional spectral numerical model was used for a simulation of wind waves. The modeling domain included the central part of the Baltic Proper, all boundaries were closed. Wind uniform in space and varying in time was the only forcing in the model. The correlation coefficient higher than 0.8 was obtained by the previously made model calibration versus field measurements of waves conducted at the Lubiatowo field station in 2006. The task of the study was to simulate the influence of a possible cli-mate changes on wave parameters in the nearshore zone of the Kaliningrad region. Four scenarios for the background sea level in the modeling domain were used to simulate wave fields in the nearshore zone (0-10 m of depth) under the real wind forcing, which took place during the storm on 12-14 January 2012: nowadays level, +50…+200 cm, according to different possible climate change scenarios. The results of the simulations showed that wave parameters seaward the first wave breaker and in the area between the shoreline and the last wave breaker are almost the same in all used scenarios and depend on the local wa-ter depth only. At the same time, the width of the wave transformation zone for scenarios of higher water level became narrow in 1.5-2 times in comparison with nowadays conditions. Narrowing of the wave transformation zone leads to increasing of the longshore current speed. This fact is very likely leads to increasing of the bottom erosion and the integral sediment transport.
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Gerb M.A., Lange E.K., Lyatun M.V., Polunina Yu.Yu., Ezhova E.E., Chibisova N.V.Evaluation of the ecological state of the Chajka Lake (Curonian Spit) by hydrobiologycal and hydrochemical characteristics (Abstract)
The results of the complex researches of the modern environmental status of the Chajka lake on the Curonian spit by hydrobiological and hydrochemical characteristics are performed. The results of the studies in 2009 and 2012 show a slight increase of anthropogenic pollution. There was a high load of organic substances and heavy metal pollution, bloom water. The negatively effect of the biodiversity of aquatic organisms was marked.
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Bugranova O.S.The first results of phytoplankton of the lower part of the Neman River (Abstract)
In this article are the first data on the taxonomic composition, ecological and geographical char-acteristics and the abundance of the phytoplankton of the lower part of the Neman river (Kaliningrad re-gion).
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Industrial Fisheries

Ben-Yami M.Of the question of fisheries management science (Abstract)
The main scientific paradigm of fisheries management science is: 1- that it can assess the state of the stock of a single commercial species; 2– that it can predict the share of that stock that a fishery can remove, while maintaining optimum stock size; 3 - that fishing is the predominant factor affecting the assessed fish population; 4 - fish stocks can be fully managed by controlling separately the fishing rate of single-species.
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Levchenko S.V., Rozenshtein M.M., Belykh A.V.Hybrid model for prediction catch of blue whiting by midwater trawls in North-East Atlantic (Abstract)
The purpose of this work is the determination of the values of expectations of random behavioral characteristics: the range reaction, the speed of care and density accumulations fished for blue whiting in the NEA (Northeast Atlantic). Using these data the hybrid model describing the process of catching blue whiting by midwater trawls in the NEA is built.
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Naumov V.A., Agievich N.A.The hydrodynamic drag coefficient of a flat netting for longitudinal flow in transition zone (Abstract)
The published experimental data on the hydrodynamic drag of flat fishing netting in the longitu-dinal flow are analyzed. It is shown that traditionally used formula can lead to significant errors in the calculation of hydrodynamic drag. The empirical formula for the drag coefficient of flat netting for longi-tudinal flow in transition range is proposed.
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Nedostup A.A., Razhev A.O.Creating of the computer simulator of wing seine dynamic in a variable water flow (Abstract)
The article provides the description of the computer program of modeling the dynamic processes of a floating led trap seine in the variable velocity flow, placed perpendicularly to the water flow.
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Simkin L.M.Dependences og the average weighed values of characteristics nets parts of a ground trawl from the location of plates (Abstract)
In article the method of construction of dependences of the relation of diameter of a thread to a step mesh, twine and a step mesh from a place arrangements nets plates of a ground trawl is offered. Dependences intend for the analysis nets parts of ground trawls and a substantiation of characteristics and the sizes сnets plates projected nets parts of ground trawls.
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Food Production Techniques and Technology

Ageev O.V., Fatychov Ju.A.Developing videocomputer module of mechatronical complex of primary fish processing (Abstract)

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Potapova V.A., Mezenova O.Ya.Prospects of using fish by-products for production dried snacks (Abstract)
Prospects of dried fish snack production are proved. The technology of dried snack from salmon’s mincemeat and Jerusalem artichoke production is developed. Organoleptic research of finish product is conducted.
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Pylenok M.A., Mezenova O.Ya.Technology of rolls with atlantic herring and chitosan (Abstract)
In the article “The technology of the high biological value rolls using Atlantic herring and chitosan” the segment of the gastronomy, namely Japanese, and the variant of expanding the assortment and adaptation of the receipt to native raw materials are considered. Rolls produced with the standard receipt have a number of disadvantages, namely short expiry date, they don’t have a functional orientation, have a fragile con-sistency, and also there’s a necessity of substituting utilized salmon in the roll stuff. These disadvantages are eliminated by introducing chitosan into the receipt and also by enriching rice with ground kelp and using Atlantic herring as a stuff. The chemical con-sistency of stuff used in the receipt of rolls is analized: the comparison of herring and salmon chemical consistencies. The advantages of chitosan while its usage in the receipt as a biologically active stuff, preserving and structure-forming agent are presented. In the article the relevance of the Japanese cuisine in Kaliningrad region is shown. The technology of "Marianna" rolls production containing Atlantic herring, round grain rice, laminaria, apple vinegar, sugar, salt and chitosan is developed. The receipt of rolls is developed, the vitaminic, mineral and chemical content of the finished product is stud-ied. The recommendations of using the product are offered.
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Baydalinova L.S., Melnikova V.A.Study of influence long damp fermentation on formation of key substances in powder coffee substitute from jerusalem artichoke (Abstract)
The perspective of using wet fermentation of Jerusalem artichoke for production of a coffee substitute has been considered. The results of the experimental work on the measurement of the quantitative content of inulin and melanoidins products in the developed coffee substitutes are presented.
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Roina A.S., Baydalinova L.S.Research of foam-forming properties of whey for creation of oxygen cocktail (Abstract)
In article prospects of use of whey in production of foodstuff, the composition of whey is de-scribed, waste-free processing of whey by creation on its basis of oxygen cocktail is recommended. Re-sults of research of foam-forming properties of whey and stabilizing properties of pectin are presented.
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Parshilkina A.A.Choice of the method of purification of sewage of the fish processing enterprise (Abstract)
The analysis of methods of water purification is carried out, methods effective for sewage treat-ment of fish-processing productions are revealed, these inspections of the enterprise of fishing industry on the basis of what are given the generalized scheme of treatment facilities is made.
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Agriculture and Nature Management

Lyubimov V.Yu.,Kreslavski V.D., Shirshikova G.N., Kosobryukhov A.A.Regulation of prooxidant-antioxidant potential by irradiation of plant leaves with phytocrome-activating light (Abstract)
In green leaves of plants, in addition to a number of others, two signal-regulatory systems operate – light-dependent phytochromic and oxidative – operating, first of all, on the basis of the ROS. The latter of them, depending on the absolute value of the pool of O2- and H2O2 and its dynamics, can also run the oxidative metabolism of carbon compounds and synthesis enzymes of the antioxidant defense. In this work, in experiments on seedlings of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana, ecotype Columbia-0) we studied the possibility of the interaction between these two systems. It is shown that under the increasing dose of the RL from 0,6 up to 3.6 kJ m-2 a slight decrease in the activity of catalase and two-phase changes in the ac-tivity of general and ascorbate peroxidase occur. The dependence of H2O2 pool on RL-dose is mirrored in relation to the activity of peroxidase, and the participation in these processes of phytochrome-B is confirmed by the fact that FRL-irradiation significantly reduces the RL-induced change of prooxidant-antioxidant potential. UV-A irradiation of lettuce led to a twofold decrease of activity PS-2, probably as a result of the oxidative stress and the oxidative damage of photosystem membranes. Preillumination by RL sig-nificantly prevented this inhibition, possibly by reducing the oxidative stress on the pho-tosynthetic apparatus. The same was experimentally observed with the aid of the inte-gral process – photosynthetic CO2 assimilation. Moreover, the inhibition by UV and the protective role of phytochromic systems were found with the net assimilation of carbon dioxide only, but almost not touched on stomatal conductance. Thus, the obtained re-sults can be interpreted as the presence of regulation of prooxidant-antioxidant potential by the phytochromic system. This process significantly depends on the dose of RL-irradiation and, at the optimal dosage it is a mechanism that protects the photosynthetic apparatus against the damage from the oxidative stress.
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Ponomareva A.A., Rakhmatullina D.F., Gazizova N.I., Minibayeva F.V.Dynamic transformations of mitovhondria induced by mitochondrial poisons (Abstract)
Functional activity of mitochondria is important not only for the energy supply of cells, but also for maintaining the homeostasis, work of signaling pathways, activation and control of various types of the programmed cell death. The use of inhibitors of the electron transport chain (ETC) of mitochondria is a classic method for studying the functional activity of mitochondria as in vitro, and in vivo. Inhibition of complexes I and III of the ETC induced the dissipation of the mitochondrial transmembrane potential, the changes in the rate of respiration and morphological transformation of mitochondria with the formation of megamitochondria.
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Kazantseva V.V., Fesenko A.N., Shirokova A.V., Zagoshkina N.V.Buckweat seedlings which have different ploidy level and accumulation of phenolic compounds (Abstract)
Studied the morphological and physiological characteristics of diploid (Deviatka) and tetraploid (Bolshevik 4) varieties of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) of the Russian selection in the early stages of their ontogeny, and the accumulation of total soluble phenolic compounds in hypocotyls and cotyledons of seedlings. Determined that seedlings of diploid varieties grown faster as compared to tetraploid. In the leaves of the diploid varieties content of phenolic compounds was higher. All this points to a more rapid development of diploid varieties of buckwheat seedlings, accompanied by the accumulation of phenolic compounds in the leaves, compared with tetraploid.
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Kaznina N.M., Titov A.V., Batova Y.V., Laidinen G.F.The content of nonproteinthiols in SetariaViridis to cadmium action (Abstract)
In vegetation conditions the effect of cadmium (100 mcM) on the growth of green foxtail (Setaria viridis L. (Beauv.))and also on the content of non-protein thiols in root and leaf cells were studied. The concentration of metal in bodies of plants was defined. The researches revealed high resistance of a foxtail to cadmium, inhibiting the effect of metal concerning accumulation by plants of biomass wasn't observed, the stability index was equal 0.91. Thus the content of cadmium in plant organs was relatively high, and not only in a root, but also in a leaf. Plants resistance to metal provided by cellular detoxification mechanisms, in particular, the binding of toxic ions by non-protein thiols. We have found the decrease of the reduced glutathione (GSH) level and at the same time the sharp increase in the amount of phytochelatins. The most clearly changes marked in a leaf despite the minimal content of cadmium. It is assumed that the high level of the phytochelatins in the leaves is an important mechanism of plant tolerance to cadmium, with the protect of mesofyll cells from the toxic ions and allows to support work of the photosynthesis apparatus at a high level.
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Ship Building, Machinery and Power-Engineering

Titov V.A., Lavrenko I.G., Lavrinenkov A.D., Koval A.D.Parameters estimation of a parts surface quality post ultrasound burnishing with use of metal-containing lubricants (Abstract)
The research results of surface plastic deformation of parts made of titanium alloys VT22 and VT23 by ultrasound burnishing with the use of metal-containing lubricants are presented. It was found that the application of these lubricants extends the technological process capability in managing the pro-cessing speed and force, and also provides parameters of surface layer. The finite element simulation of the process of burnishing was carried out in order to obtain the residual stress-strain state of the surface layer of parts and to compare theirs with experimental data.
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Alexandrov I.S., Gerasimov A.A.Thermal conductivity of n-nonane in temperature range from triple point to 700 K at preassure up to 100 MPa (Abstract)
The modern equations are analyzed together for calculating the thermal conductivity of techni-cally important substances. The new equation for calculating the thermal conductivity of technically im-portant hydrocarbon – n-nonane has been developed. The functional form of the equations was deter-mined by a nonlinear optimization procedure, based on the method of random search. The estimated un-certainties of thermal conductivity calculated using the new equation is 1.5-3.0 %.
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Klyus O.V., Behrendt C., Rajewski P., Klyus I.O., Motornyj A.V., Puhov V.V., Minko A.A., Filonov A.G.Results of the research on reduction the toxic emission of fishing fleet diesel engines (Abstract)
The article presents the results of tests of medium and high speed diesel engines used in fishing boats and vessels. The reduction of unit fuel consumption and exhausts toxic emission was possible by implementing preliminary fuel treatment that takes place directly in the fuel injector containing catalytic material.
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Volkova L.Yu., Tugushev G.V. Definition for diesel effective flow section sprayer by calculation and experiment and its changes during the formation of coke (Abstract)
The methods of calculations and the nomogram for determining the effective flow section of diesel injection nozzles are presented. It is shown that while coking the flow section of diesel injection nozzles decreases and the duration of the spray gun injection increases. The methodology and the scheme of the stand for the experimental determination of the sprayer flow section is given.
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Blaginin V.A., Kazkekin I.E.The study of arc over-voltage based on the grounding arc stability analysis (Abstract)
The article presents the results of the grounding arc stability studies and its influence on the limit values of arc over-voltage. The studies can justify the border areas of application of arc over-voltage theories. The stability analysis performed by the method of Hurwitz has shown that the critical arc resistance increases with decreasing phase of the electrical system capacity. Increasing the critical arc resistance leads to the fact that its attenuation occurs after quenching of the free component of current single-phase circuit. Using the highest values of free amplitude component of the current single-phase circuit, the dependences of the limit values for the neutral displacement voltage of the constant potential of the network phase capacity, confirming the previously established experimental correlation between these variables were built.
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Economy and Management

Lukyanova L.M.Base procedures of automated systems analysis technology for regional fisheries complex (Abstract)
Procedures of structure of goals creating, which results are foundation in systems analysis tech-nology for objects that class named as regional fisheries complex are considered.
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Mnatsakanian A.G., Korneeva O.V.Strategic focus of Kaliningrad fish processing companies (Abstract)
Article is devoted to solving the problem of weak strategic orientation of Kaliningrad fish pro-cessing companies’ activities. It’s shown that in the modern market conditions absence of clear strategic position reduces the effectiveness of the regional fish processing companies, endangers their stagnation and bankruptcy. The authors propose to use in Kaliningrad fish processing sector a Balanced Scorecard approach as a strategic planning and management system. It aligns business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improves internal and external communications, and monitors organization performance against strategic goals. Therefore the using a Balanced Scorecard approach in region fish processing companies leads to the strategic performance management.
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Mnatsakanian R.А.The approaches to the organization of the financial partnership of the state and business in the projects of developing the fishery complex in the regions of Russia (Abstract)
The peculiar properties of the financial relationship organization within the framework of the state-proprietary partnership and their particularity in the case of the realization the projects of developing the fishery complex are investigated. The advantages and disadvantages of different forms and methods of organizing financing are accentuated and offers of their adaptation to the field conditions are given.
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Sberegaev N.A.Informational base of the Russian index pedagogical citation (Abstract)
The results of studies of the data bank determination of the Russian index pedagogical citation are presented. The necessity to use as the main source of information for the RIPC the designated Russian teacher, for determining the impact-factor of the pedagogical staff (IF PS) using the INTERNET for in-formation about text books, manuals, educational – methodical works, authors of which refer to works of a Russian university teacher is established.
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Lazukova A.A., Mezenova O.Ya.Kaliningrad market research sports nutrition (Abstract)
Sociological research of demand for sports nutrition among Kaliningrad sportsman and other consumers are carried out. The most popular sports supplements is proteins, among them the greatest preference is given to whey protein isolates is defined. Demanded by the production of sports nutrition is Optimum nutrition (USA). The deficits and the urgency of the development of national natural special-ized products for sportsman is Identified.
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