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KSTU NEWS №36 (2015)

Biology, ecology and fishing industry

Tkachenko G.M., Grudniewska J., Kurgalyuk N.N.Effects of vaccination against furunculosis on oxidative stress biomarkers and antioxidant defense in gills of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchusmykiss) (Abstract)
It is generally accepted that successful fish farming depends on the use of vaccination particularly when pathogen eradication is unlikely to be successful. Despite the importance and success of vaccination, little is known about the mechanisms of biochemical ways in tissues of fish during vaccination. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of vaccination against furunculosis on responses of oxidative stress and antioxidant defenses in gills of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. The oxidative stress markers (TBARS and carbonyl derivatives of protein oxidative destruction levels) and antioxidant defenses (superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), glutathione reductase (GR), glutathione peroxidase (GPx)) and total antioxidant capacity (TAC) were measured. The decrease of aldehydic and ketonic derivatives of protein damage was observed. However, the post-treatment level of lipid peroxidation biomarker (TBARS level) was increased. Higher level of lipid peroxidation in gills of vaccinated fish could be induced by respiratory burst through activation of phagocytic cells. Our study reveals that vaccinated trout showed alteration in antioxidant defenses. Glutathione-dependent enzymes and catalase activity were decreased in vaccinated trout. Correlations between ketonic derivatives of protein damage, CAT and GPx activity confirm the assumption that carbonyl derivatives of oxidatively modified protein could inhibit the antioxidant defenses.
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Molchanova K.A., Khrustalyov E.I.Features of breeding of the second generation trout broodstock in recirculating aquaculture systems (Abstract)
In the article issues of increasing efficiency of functioning of an industrial piscicultural enterprise by changing the monocyclic scheme of fish farming to the polycyclic one. Application of this technology will allow to supply industrial piscicultural enterprises with qualitative planting material in any terms in line with seasonal or technogenic factors. It will cut the terms of growing trade fish and will increase its size-weight standards. It will put up efficiency of recreative fish-farming and will make it perennial. The object of the study was trout cultivated in LLC “Baltptizeprom”. The investigations were held form February to June 2013 in the piscicultural shop of LLC “KMP Aqua” and fom July 2013 to May 2014 in the piscicultural shop of LLC “TPC Baltptizeprom”. Evaluation of piscicultural-biological particularities of generation of uterine herds of trout, evaluation of growth speed in the size of weight factor of accumulation. The peculiarities of maturation of spawners immanent to natural fish stock and also to the one grown up in natural water terms, when species of one generation mature in different time may appear in fish grown up in specific conditions of RAS. In our case the possibility of trout broodstock appears to different terms of getting generation of trout during a year which allows to proceed to the polycyclic technology of fish planting material farming and trade fish.
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Dubravin V.F.Longtime variability of hydrometeorological fields and fishing of pelagic fish in the Baltic sea (Abstract)
Literature sources and climatic data from the Atlas [1] were used as material for obtaining temporal variability of hydro-meteorological parameters with resource dynamics and fishing of herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea from [2] have been done within 1974-2011 years interval. Long-term variability was investigated with dispersive, correlation and spectral analyses.
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Industrial fisheries

Naumov V.A., Akhmedova N.R., Akhmedov I.M.The analysis results of the polymer materials of 3-strand ropes strength testing (Abstract)
The study of the strength of ropes made from polymeric materials, which are currently widely used in commercial fishing, is of great interest. The permissible tension force of the rope is calculated by dividing the breaking force on the factor of safety, which is set by normative documents, then how to identify disruptive force testing the strength of the ropes is required. During the several recent years, companies producing and selling synthetic ropes publish the results of testing the durability of their products to attract potential buyers. The statistical treatment of test results of 3-strand twisted ropes of companies LANEX, "Agni-Progress", "Sevzapkanat", "Maritime logistics" are performed in the article. The empirical relationships of breaking forces and coefficient of relative strength versus diameter of synthetic ropes are obtained. It is shown that the coefficient of the relative strength of the rope is directly proportional breaking stress. The experimental data have shown that relative effective area of the section of 3- strandtwisted ropes does not depend on their diameter. The different manufacturers results of these ropes strength testing are not beyond the confidence intervals.
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Rozenshtein M.M.The algorithm of the decision of a problem of constructive characteristics optimization of trawls (Abstract)
Earlier statement of a problem of optimization of constructive characteristics (the average weighed values of landing factor and a cutting cycle) rope-net parts ofmidwater and ground trawls has been carried out. It is shown, that criterion of optimization is force of resistance of rope-nets parts which should be minimized. The criterion function representing dependence of force of resistance of rope-nets of a part from optimized parameters is made. On their values the restrictions connected with pressure, operating on rope-nets cover, and with directive values of vertical and horizontal disclosing of a mouth of trawls are imposed [1]. In the subsequent article [2] results of experimental check of influence of landing factors on the meridian of a midwater form a trawl are resulted, in the result of which it is established that landing factors practically do not influence the meridian form. This fact allows not to impose restrictions on values of landing factors. In the present article on the basis of results of research of criterion functions and restrictions the statement of a problem of constructive characteristics optimization of rope-net parts of trawls is definitively formulated. The results of research of dependence of resistance of rope-net parts on the average weighed cycle of its cutting are presented; therefore, the area of values of cycles of the cutting is established, practically not influencing the value of resistance of rope-net parts. Because the value of one of optimized parameters (a cutting cycle) can be appointed by the results of dependence research, the optimum value of the second variable (landing factor) can be found by criterion function research on a minimum. Thereupon, the algorithm of the decision of a problem of constructive characteristics optimization of trawls is developed and its block diagram is made.
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Sokolova E.V.Results of the experimental studies of tension in the lake beach seine’s wire with no mechanical hauling (Abstract)
The paper deals with studying of lake beach seine’s mechanics. Beach seining is the oldest fishing technique in Russia and it has still been used widely in inland fisheries in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers and seashores. The essential part of the beach seine’s mechanics is the determination of the tension in the wire while hauling of the seine. Choosing the mechanization depends on the wire’s tension. Choosing the mechanization, depending on acting forces, makes possible utilizing of fishing equipment withoutsurplus capacities and decreasing costs. Full-scale and model experiments have found application for solving the problems of mechanics in industrial fishing. Full-scale experiments have been rarely used, compared with the model experiments as a result of economic and technical limitations. But full-scale experiments are capable of considering a fishing gear in its operating conditions, which is very significant. The experiment for measuring the wire’s tension of the natural equiwinged beach seine with bag while its hauling without mechanization (with hand towing) is described in the paper. The experiment was carried out in the Kaliningrad Bay, near village Shosseinoe, in June and September 2014. The tension measurement technique is described; its merits and shortcomings are shown. The characteristics of used measure gears have also been given. Statistical treatment of the experimental data was made with the methods of the estimation of error in the results of direct measurements. The method of the statistical treatment with Student’s coefficients and Kornfeld’s method have been used for treatment of the experimental data.
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Food production techniques and technology

Naumenko E.A., Anokhina O.N., Titova I.M.Gluten-free breaded and influence investigation of change in physical-chemical indicators in cold storage of semi-finished fish (Abstract)
The necessity of achieving fish gluten-free products is considered. Gluten presence in food of people with the diagnosis Gees disease causes inflammation and atrophy of small intestine mucous membrane with formation of diseased intestine absorption syndrome. With such diagnosis it is necessary for sure to follow gluten-free diet. For people with Gees disease even small additives of “latent gluten” are dangerous including fish breaded semis. At the Russian market the stock of gluten-free products is presented mainly by products of imported production and the demand to these products is constantly growing. Therefore, development and supply of sick people with qualitative and not expensive, comparing to imported ones, gluten-free products of Russian production, including fish semis braded with gluten-free raw materials. The research objects are experimental samples of fish semis made from cod fillet using gluten-free vegetable raw materials for breaded. Experimental samples of fish breaded semis were frozen and sent to cold storage with the temperature minus 180С. When food usage 100 gr portion of fish semis breaded with wheaten flour and rusks a person gets a portion of gluten equal 1.56 gr. When changing wheaten flour to rice one and wheaten rusks to parsley or celery root or beans gluten-free fish breaded semis may be obtained. Physical-chemical indicators of experimental samples quality in the process of cold storage are investigated. The results of investigations give evidence of the same speed of physicalchemical changes in fish semis in the process of cold storage not depending on the type of breaded. Thus, it is possible to speak about absence of negative influence of gluten-free ingredients on storability of fish semis. Gluten-free raw materials may be used as breaded for fish frozen semis, and also for expanding the assortment of fish products, including ones for people suffering from Gees disease.
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Budchenko N.S., Dolgiy N.A.Automation of heat treatment process for the emulsified meat products (Abstract)
The most important operations in emulsified meat sausage production is their heat treatment, steam and electricity consuming. Developed automatic control system (ACS) of sausages heat treatment process reduces the cost of raw materials and energy, and improve the quality and reliability of the process. Prosess transfer function is obtained on a control channel. As a control law positioner is selected that provides the necessary accuracy and time control. The block diagram model of thermal cameras with position control is presented. With the help of using the application package «VisSim» the object transient characteristic is built on thecontrol path, quality indicators of regulation are defined, the control law is justified, regulator settings are defined in accordance with the requirements of quality control . ACS made on the basis of the modern SIMATIC S7-1200 controller of SIEMENS company , allowing to provide the necessary operating modes of thermal cameras with high quality . Developed thermal camera automation system for thermal treatment of emulsified sausages can significantly improve the performance of process equipment, product quality, save material and energy resources, and improve the conditions and safety.
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Agriculture and nature management

Andriichuk A.V., Tkachenko H.M., Kurgalyuk N.N., Tkachova I.V., Grudniewska J., Vartovnyk M.S.The resistance of erythrocytes to hydrogen peroxide and oxidative stress markers in the blood of ukranian warm blood horses during exercises (Abstract)
The chronic exposure of regular training seems to improve the ability to adaptation and to increase an antioxidant defense. However, the intense physical training imposed on equine athletes may lead to overtraining associated with an oxidative stress. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of moderate exercises on oxidative stress biomarkers, as well as the resistance of erythrocytes to hemolytic agent in well-trained Ukrainian warmblood horses. Eighteen Ukrainian warmblood horses (6 females and 12 males), 6-12 years old, involved in jumping, eventing and dressage were used. Oxidative stress biomarkers (2-hiobarbituric acid reactive substrates level, the carbonyl derivatives content of protein oxidative modification), and resistance of erythrocytes to hydrogen peroxide were assessed. No significant differences in the intensity of peroxide resistance of erythrocytes in the blood of sport horses were shown. Our results suggest that exercise training session results in different consequences on oxidative stress biomarkers in blood, plasma, and erythrocytes of horses. Training session results in decrease of the TBARS level in erythrocytes while in blood and plasma does not. This difference in the TBARS level between rest and training periods most likely is a consequence of differing levels of oxidative stress occurring in the tissues and erythrocytes. Significant decreases in the values of the aldehyde derivatives of the protein oxidation in the plasma after training was observed. Decrease of aldehyde derivatives of the protein oxidation in the plasma is the result of exercise-induced adaptation.
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Stupko V.Yu., Zobova N.V., Gajewski N.A.Influence of stress factors on soft spring wheat callus cultures photosynthetic activity dynamic during their proliferation (Abstract)
Callus culture of soft spring wheat varieties selected in Krasnoyarsk research institute of agriculture was involved in research. The common methods of callus cultivation with some author`s changes were applied. The changes of photosynthetic activity (PA) of wheat calluses cultured on selective media (drought, salinity, low pH) were observed. Electron transport rate (ETR) through the photosystem 2 (PS2) recorded under the “light curve” mode was chosen as the PA characteristic. The decrease of PA during the first three days of cultivation, its increase by the sixth day and further decrease wereobserved. The dynamic curve characteristics showed the period needed for selective factor influence to become significantly (6-7 days of cultivation on proliferation medium). The possibility of ETR combined with selective proliferation media usage for estimation of varieties tolerance to drought, soil salinity, but not acidity, was evaluated. The level of PA may become a criterion for morphogenic callus selection, so the effectiveness of in vitro selection will increase because of early elimination of not perspective samples. The investigation of the reasons of fast callus PA decrease is aimed to prolong the active callus culture morphogenesis. If the hypothesis of atmosphere composition changes influence on callus PA will be proved, than culture tube ventilation under sterile conditions can be used for active photosynthesis maintaining for longer period of time. If however the PA decrease is the result of changes in nutrient medium composition, than the period between passages should be reduced.
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Chikov V.I., Batasheva S.N., Khamidullina L.A.Management of plant production process through the changes in apoplasticinvertase activity (Abstract)
Based on the properties of apoplasticinvertase (high activity under only acidic pH conditions), a method was proposed of inhibiting invertase activity through a change in pH of the leaf extracellular fluid by absorption of the complexes of zinc and copper ions with ammonia (ammoniates) on the surfaces of leaf cell walls. It was shown that injection of ammoniates into the shoot apoplast or spraying native plants with ammoniates led to relatively increased carbohydrate synthesis during 14CO2 photosynthesis and the labeled sucrose to hexoses ratio with concurrent decrease of the glycolate pathway products radioactivity. Enhancement of 14C distribution to malateand glycerate indicated activation of nitrate transport from roots to leaves. In a number of species an increase in growth processes and productivity by ammoniate spraying in concentrations 10-5 - 10 -5M was shown. The efficiency of ammoniate treatment for increasing plant productivity was higher under a lower level of planting nitrogen fertilization. Enhanced sugar outflow from leaves treated with solutions of ammoniates increases the supply of photosynthetic products to roots. As a result, there is an increase in the mass of roots and food supply to soil microbial community, which leads to increased additional nitrogen in the soil due to nitrogen fixation from the air. Enhancement of assimilate export from leaves to roots under ammoniate treatment is used by the plant according to its own strategy. The treatment of grain crops with ammoniates on the early stages of ontogenesis increases non-productive shoot formation which does not result in increased yields.
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Muslimova Z.G., Azizov I.V.The effect of Na, K, Fe humats on activity of antioxidant systemγ-irradiatedwheat seedings (Abstract)
The activity of the antioxidant system of seedlings, seed germination and seedling growth dynamics obtained from a prior treated humate sodium, potassium and iron, and γ-irradiation exposed wheat seeds. Humates of potassium, sodium and iron by treating the starting materials – of peat respectively 3% solutions of potassium hydroxide andsodium salts were obtained. Iron humate was synthesized by the addition of ferrous sulfate solution with ascorbic acid to a solution of humate. For the study of the radioprotective properties of humates, seeds were treated for 15 hours in 0.001% solutions of humates of potassium, sodium and iron. Lipid peroxidation is an indicator reaction of cell membranes damaging. It was found that irradiation of seeds in high doses increases the content of hydrogen peroxide, superoxide and hydroxyl radicals and, thus, enables lipid peroxidation. Changes in the dynamics of accumulation of secondary products of lipid peroxidation in a wheat tissue culture after the action of gamma radiation were detected clearly. For thorough understanding the effects of radiation on a plant tissue, we also studied the dynamics of plant growth and seed germination. High doses of ionizing radiation reduced seed germination and stimulated lipid peroxidation in one-week seedlings. After two and three weeks reduction of speed of lipid peroxidation in seedlings treated with Na humate was observed. In the further development of seedlings, differences in the growth and activity of the antioxidant system were evened. The resulting metal humic complexes (Na humate, K humate and Fe humate) reduced the damaging effects of ionizing radiation on plants. While studying seed germination processing with potassium humate gave the best result, and in relation to the dynamics of growth the best result was observed in processing with iron humate.
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Muromtsev A.B., Zaitseva A.A.Recovering energy of sport horses using carbohydrate feeds in the diet (Abstract)
The article provides a rationale for feeding performance horses during periods of intense exercise, taking into account the sources of energy in the muscle activity. In the process of sports training and competition horses are under heavily neuromuscular stress that takes considerable energy costs. Therefore, the diet should be individualized, balanced and provide the horse with all the necessary nutrients, macro- and microelements, vitamins. It is impossible to evaluate nutritious feed according to one indicator. So nowadays complex evaluation of nutritive value of feeds and diets is applied, which includesenergy density, the content in feed rations and proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals (macro- and micronutrients), vitamins. In normal equine feed a large part of the energy is inherent in carbohydrates connecting carbon, water and oxygen in the ratio 1: 2: 1. The main feed carbohydrates are monosaccharides, glucose, fructose, galactose, pentose, which form polysaccharides in various combinations. With proper feeding the energy balance will persist in the body – expended and consumed energy with feed. Horses are responsive to regular feeding, as well as humans, and, therefore, this factor is a part of an overall program of feeding. In feeding performance horses ration of hay and oats is usually applied, which, in most cases, provides a high demand for energy and nutrients. The accumulation of energy in cells is due to the intake of energy-valuable products of animal and vegetable origin. At that carbohydrates provide 60%, fat - 25%, protein - 15% of the energy needed to perform the work.
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Ship building, machinery and power-engineering

Burakovskiy P.E.The nonlinear effect record while plastic deformation of locally loaded vessel’s body beams (Abstract)
In the article the developed by the author methods of calculating locally loaded vessels’ structures beams reinforced by cross connections and superadjacent on the elastoplastic foundation with the consequent stiffnesses inclusion are presented. Itallows describing the process of deformation more correctly because of the increase of the stiffnesses number of the beam basement used for the record for buoyant forces from the binding plates. For determination of the pointed stiffnesses the composition and approximation of the dependence of the force-deflection of the plate beam-strip which is loaded in the middle of the sweep with the concentrated force is executed with intercepts, at that, the elastoplastic stage of deformation with the usage of decisions received within the framework of the hypothesis “about instantaneous disclosure of plastic hinges” is considered. The same hypothesis is used for describing the process of vessels’ overlays beams deformation under the effect of intensive locally distributed loads which are the main cause of the damageability of sea vessels’ bodies. While constructing the method of calculation the apparatus of the naval structural mechanics is applied, namely, the theory of beams bending superadjacent on the sheeted resilient foundation. The author received a number of auxiliary functions used in the three moments method equation while the disclosure of the beam static indeterminateness superadjacent on the multi-layer elastoplastic foundation and supported with elastic beam hangers the role of which is executed by cross connections. Modeling the process of the vessel’s body beam deformation under the effect of the local load for different variants of approximating the curve of the interaction of the set beam with planking plates is fulfilled using the computer.. The increase of the stiffnesses number allowed putting up the calculation precision of locally loaded vessels’ body beams, which is necessary for evaluating the technical condition of vessels’ bodies and developing effective reinforcement schemes.
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Ivanov A.V., Maslyuk E.V.The history of the development of the Russian fishing fleet (Abstract)
This article covers historical aspects of the development of commercial shipbuilding, ship classification and standardization, approaches of the development of the size series lines of the national fleet, optimization of its main characteristics and dimensions. It is noted that since ancient times in different regions of the country and the world shipbuilding was developed on the basis of the standard ship and boat hulls testedfor several centuries in different regions and under different conditions. They have special form and hull construction, main dimensions and hull fullness form standardized within given exploitation conditions that provide a ship with guaranteed navigability, exploitation characteristics and robustness. Historically shipbuilding of the ancient Slavic people embodied the evolution of the handicraft industries, when the most efficient forms, ship hull constrictions, ship facilities, and, one of the most important aspect demanding design perception from the ancient craftsmen, the choice of the optimal correlation of the main dimensions, fullness coefficients and hull forms resulting in minimization of water resistance to the ship moving and optimization of its navigational and exploitation characteristics were selected by trials and errors. The team of the Research laboratory of the navigational ship characteristics of the Kaliningrad technical fishery institute discovered the effect of the existence of optimal main dimension correlations and fullness coefficients thanks to systematic model hull tests of the small Vietnamese, Japanese fishing ships and small Russian commercial ships with different level of the simplifying of the ship hulls in the second half of the ХХ century. The effect of the ship movement water resistance increase was observed if there were any deviations from the optimal parameter values of the hull form.
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Pritykin A.I., Emelianov K.N.To structural norms for the castellated beams deflections (Abstract)
Castellated beams made from rolled steel I-sections with hexagonal or circular web openings are being extensively used in structural applications such as building floor systems, wide roof or hall covering systems, pedestrian bridges, where bending is the main design consideration. The Material economy in combination with an aesthetic design and a higher load carrying capacity, reached due to increasing of a beam heightapproximately 1.5 times in comparison with the initial size, make these structures very attractive for builders. In Russian Structural Norms and in Eurocode 3 one of the main demands to perforated beams is restriction of ratio deflection to their length. Presence of openings in web leads to reducing of its shear rigidity and hence to increasing of deflections. For simply supported beams this increasing can reach 60% and for fixed beams even 2-2.5 times in comparison with solid web beams of the same dimensions. In the work calculations of castellated beams deflections obtained using A.Pritykin formula and the finite element method were compared. This formula is based on the theory of composed bars. Models of castellated beams were made in two software packages Robot Structural Analysis (RSA) and ANSYS using Solid and Shell elements. The relative width of web-posts was varied from 0.3 to 1 and the relative height of opening was constant and equal to 0.667 of the full beam’s height. The results obtained using the FEM confirmed the high accuracy of A.I. Pritykin formula which can be applied in the building regulations for design of castellated beams.
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Leschinskiy M.B., Leschinskaya G.I., Zagatskiy V.R.The question of design power supply of an electrolysis water generator (Abstract)
Workshops of fishing vessels must necessarily be equipped to carry out repair welding processes. Herewith, the technologies are applied, which involve the use of arc and gas welding. For gas welding traditional gas equipment is used, which is cumbersome, requires periodic updating with expenditure of gases, requires special accommodation and storage (outside the shops). Flame treatment can be carried out using a hydrogen-oxygen flame generated in the electrolytic water generator used now instead of gas. Such substitution would eliminate the costly, cumbersome, awkward balloon economy. An important fact to be considered is reducing pollution of the environment, as the end product of the combustion of hydrogen-oxygen mixture is water vapor. This technology belongs to the category of energy-saving technologies, which also determines its relevance. Industrial installations of water electrolysis in the process of which hydrogen and oxygen are produced have low efficiency. In this regard, one of the most pressing problems in the hydrogen energy is to find ways to improve the efficiency of electrolysis plants. To solve this problem only by traditional methods - the development of new electrolytes, increased current density due to heating and stirring the solution, and etc. - is not possible. The electrolyzer and the source of its power should be considered as a single electrochemical system in which compulsory and natural is to improve both ends, that is, both an electrolyzer with the electrolyte, and the power supply. This article explains the possibility to use for manual arc welding piece electrodes and for supply of the electrolytic water generator one and the same adapted to the set tasks the inverter power source is used. Such a solution expands the functionality of the entire device.
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Earth and mathematical sciences

Vasilieva E.A., Buzdin A.A.Sharp estimate for the norm of the iteration operator of tangential decomposition (Abstract)
In this paper, we present estimates for the norm of the iteration operator of the tangential decomposition method. This method is one of the methods of the incomplete block decomposition for block tridiagonal matrices. Earlier estimates didn’t depend on the number of blocks of the system matrix, that was leading to essential differences in their values from their real ones when the number of blocks was not big. Also man couldn’t use previous estimates if not all blocks of the system matrix were positive definite matrices. Newestimates don’t have such drawbacks.
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Myslitskaya N.A., Ivanov A.M., Bryukhanov V.V.ZnO nanoparticles synthesis by liquid-phase laser ablation technique in different solvents (Abstract)
The laser ablation of solid targets in a liquid is a promising method for the production of solutions of nanoparticles and quantum dots without additional impurities, unlike the methods of chemical synthesis. ZnO nanoparticles were obtained by laser ablation technique of metallic zinc in the liquid solution in water, ethanol and toluene. The luminescence properties of the resulting zinc oxide nanoparticle solutions were studied. The excitation of luminescence occurred in the UV region of the spectrum with a maximum at 250 nm in ethanol solution, 290 nm in water, and 310 nm in toluene. A solution of particles in water has a bright blue luminescence with a peak at wavelength of410 nm, ethanol and toluene solutions shows bright luminescence in the UV with maxima at wavelengths of 310 and 360 nm, respectively. Further, less intense luminescence was detected from ZnO nanoparticles, dissolved in ethanol, in the visible spectrum with a peak wavelength of 610 nm. Registered luminescence is associated with transitions between the donor and acceptor energy levels associated with defects in the crystal structure of nanoparticles. Differences in the fluorescent properties speak about the different structure of the crystal lattice of the resulting particles. The size of the resulting nanoparticles was defined by photon correlation spectroscopy method. The nanoparticles radius ranges from 50 to 100 nm depending on the mode of ablation. Nanoparticles of ZnO, obtained by laser ablation in a liquid, are biocompatible, exhibit bright luminescence and can be used as luminescent markers in the study of different biological objects.
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Pakhnutov I.A.Approximate computation of counter Cauchy-type integrals (Abstract)
The paper deals with construction of integration formulas in the complex plane for singular integrals of Cauchy type existing in the sense of principal value. The linear, i.e. nonsingular, part of the integrand is supposed to be at least partially twice differentiable, compared to traditional being of a Hölder class, which warrants an order of exactness of formulas. That isn't substantial restriction in general for one use of a finite set of integrand values on the contour mesh. That results in rather compact finite difference formulas applicable to approximate solution of linear singular integral equations. The traditional polynomial approach to obtain smooth solutions requires computation of polynomial coefficients that is equivalent to construction of finite difference formulas. With the help of standard collocation methods these formulas are applicable in case of a certain nonlinear integral equations. The final set of solution values may be easily restored to needed smoothness by means of the polynomials orsplines. The construction of the finite difference formulas naturally depends on singular kernel properties. Some examples of the corresponding finite difference representation are given for integrals of the classical elasticity theory.
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Kolesnikov A.V., Merkulov A.A.Situation center VSM Cenose (Abstract)
The description of the platform "The Situational Centre «VSM Cenose», aimed for configuring and operating of a situational center in the organizational structures of various forms of ownership and activities. Main functions: display of internal and external environment due to specialized multi-dimensional and multi-factor graphical interface; display of forecasting information; combining different ways of description; presentation of information in accordance with the principles "from the general to the specific," "top-down"; invariance with the respect to changes in the way of accounting methods, forms of business organization due to complex organization based on the basis ideas of technetics and organizational cybernetics; expanding the functionality of the complex during the operation due to the migration process templates, both between levels of the organizational structure and the different systems due to meeting the principles of recursion, self-similarity and fractal; interchange of data with third-party program developers. The main feature is the technology «VSM Cenose», which makes the situational center «VSM Cenose» a universal platform for replicability of situational centers.
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Economy and Management

Murov V.M.The business processes of regional companies in the fisheries complex (Abstract)
In the framework of this article, the task was to describe the business-processes of regional fishing companies engaged in coastal and ocean catch of aquatic bioresources to show their essence and significance for the design of logistic schemes.
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