FAQ Frequently asked questions

What is the language of academic process?

The majority of programs are provided in the Russian language. The programs available in the English language are the ones taught at the Russian Language preparatory department.

Can I study Russian in Kaliningrad?

Yes, KSTU runs Russian pre-university courses, after the courses students mostly stay to study at KSTU. For more info click the link

How can I apply for studies at KSTU?

For more details on application process, please, click here

What is included in the tuition fee?

The tuition fee includes only educational services. Medical insurance and medical care, dormitory, food expenses and everyday expenses are defrayed by students themselves.

What is the application deadline?

You can apply from April 25 till July 20 for the academic year that starts in September. No applications are admitted after the deadline.

How can I speed up the visa process?

There is no way to speed up the visa process.

What are the entry dates for those who have successfully enrolled?

The enrolled students are to come to Kaliningrad from September 1 till September 30. The entry deadline is September 30.

Will I get a place at KSTU dorm?

It is our standard practice that all foreign students get a place at the dorm. Normally, our students live in twos or threes. Facilities (kitchen, bathroom, restrooms) are shared.

What is the cost of the dorm living?

It costs 700 rubles a month

Health insurance certificate (health insurance policy): do I really need it?

Medical insurance (health insurance certificate or policy) is required for the whole period of your studies in Russia. Otherwise, you will have problems with medical first aid and scheduled medical assistance. Health insurance certificate should be renewed every year. For more details, pls, click here

How can I get health insurance policy?

You can choose any insurance company upon your preferences and pay for the policy.

If I feel unwell, what shall I do?

If the case is quite serious you might need to call ambulance by dialing 112.
If the problem is no so acute, pls, get to your health insurance policy papers and find there the info on a contact person or a phone number of company’s hotline. Insurance company specialist will guide you on your further steps.