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Commercial Fishery Faculty

Was founded in 1931 within Moscow Technical Institute for Fishery Industry. The basis of the Faculty was the Commercial Fishery Department founded in 1915 by Professor F. Baranov.

Commercial Fishery was first specialization created in Russia that provide training of unique specialists able to provide operation of fishing gears, and control processes of seafood harvesting. The Faculty is admitted to be at the top of Russian sectorial educational institutions. National educational standards, curriculum and text books are worked out here. Today the Faculty offers the following educational programs:

Commercial Fishery Department trains bachelors, engineers, masters and postgraduates in the field of designing and operation of fishing gear and aquaculture, organization and management of fishing industry. Large research is carried out in the Department. With the findings in physical modeling and mathematical simulation of fishing gears members of the Department represent Russia internationally. Close relationships with foreign educational institutions of Japan, South Korea, Australia and Norway are based on that. Many research results are successfully implemented into the teaching process. The Department has a number of laboratories. Educational program of this Department is among Russian best programs.

Department of Hydrologic systems and Water Management trains bachelors in Environmental Engineering and Water management. Graduates can work in enterprises dealing with analysis, design and construction; operation of melioration, water and conservation systems and facilities; in municipal infrastructure, to manage water resources and recover ecological state of rivers and lakes. Today there are several laboratories in the Department: laboratory of hydrologic systems with flow channel allowing students to study open flow dynamics, laboratory of hydraulics with flow benches, geological laboratory as well as mobile laboratories for natural waters quality control.

Life Safety Department trains bachelors in Technosphere Safety to take positions in work safety services of state and private enterprises, institutions and organizations, special supervision authorities, developing agencies, audit and insurance companies. Educational process in the Department is always developing through the research work. The Department has established partner relationships with European and American institutions.