Faculty of Shipbuilding and Power Engineering | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Faculty of Shipbuilding and Power Engineering

Founded in 1944 the Faculty is one of the largest and most rapidly developing in the University. The Faculty offers full-time, evening, external programs as well as abbreviated courses. It has modern laboratory facilities and includes 6 departments.

The Shipbuilding Department trains marine engineers in Shipbuilding. Graduates are qualified to design vessels, to plan, organize and control the process of shipbuilding and ship repair. The Department also carries out significant research in their extensive facilities including small and big towing tanks, flow channel, laboratories for ship statistics, welding and training facilities in the rural settlement Rybachiy on Curonian Spit.

Department of Structural Mechanics of Ships and Strength of Materials (non-graduating) also trains marine engineers in Shipbuilding and carries out research work. Members of the Department study technical evaluation of the fleet, reducing damage rate of a hull, upgrading computation methods for exhausted and damaged hulls.

Department of Shipboard Power Plants and Thermal Power trains engineers in Operation of Shipboard Power Plants and Thermal Power Stations. Graduates of this Department operate, repair, test and adjust thermal and power equipment of thermal power stations and shipboard power plants as well as heat and energy supply systems for cities. The Department has extensive laboratory facilities, carries out research work in the areas connected with thermal energy, stationary energy as well as energy balance and energy safety of the region.

Department of Electrical Equipment of Ships and Electrical Power Engineering. Graduates of the Department are involved in the operation of main and auxiliary equipment of power stations, electrical networks and systems; they can deal with equipment assembling and adjustment at power industry enterprises. They can also work as marine electrical equipment engineers on seagoing and river vessels and ship repair shops. Research is carried out in energy saving, quality of electrical energy, safety of electrical equipment and windpower engineering.

Construction Subfaculty

Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation offers training in the field of development of operation of heat systems, ventilation, heat and gas supply, air conditioning in individual buildings and structures; solving environmental problems, heat saving and using alternative sources of energy. Active research work is carried out in the field of power saving in heat, ventilation and air conditioning systems. There are modern facilities and equipment for laboratory-based work.

Department of Civil Engineering graduates deal with calculation and designing of bearing and enclosing structures, control of the construction and assembly works quality, development of construction and complex mechanization projects. They can work at construction sites, design organizations and companies, research institutions. Large research activity is being carried out on steel concrete characteristics.