Fundamental Training Faculty | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Fundamental Training Faculty

Almost every KSTU student passes through its 4 departments. Faculty members offer 30 general and special courses, carry out a lot of laboratory and practical classes in all the main areas of physics, chemistry, mathematics and IT. Full attention is given to forming among students task solution skills using modern IT.

Department of Higher Mathematics has trained about 30 000 students, future industrial fishermen, shipbuilders, economists, technologists and other specialists. The main activity of the Department includes not only adaptation of yesterday pupils to the modern technical university demand, but math culture development and brain building as well. Scientists of the Department carry out research work on solving technical problems using mathematical methods and in different areas of mathematics.

Department of Applied Mathematics delivers lectures on different areas of mathematics and IT. Members of the Department carry out research work. Today the main research topics deal with mathematical simulation in all spheres of life.

Department of Physics delivers lectures on physics and conducts research work on teaching at higher educational institutions. The Department has its own school of thought. The scientists carry out research on interaction of radiation and substance in the up-to-date laboratory. The Department offers PhD courses as well.

Department of Chemistry has the laboratories of general, inorganic, analytical, biological, organic, physical and colloidal chemistry. Almost all KSTU students are given training in chemistry there. Apart from teaching activities member of the Department carry out research works.