The Humanities Faculty | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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The Humanities Faculty

The Faculty offers humanities and socioeconomic disciplines for all the students and postgraduates of the University. Research is carried out on purpose-orientated program “Man of industrial civilization in information society”. The Faculty includes 6 departments. Since 2012 it offers fundamental training for foreign students.

Department of History trains in “History”( compulsory course) as well as in “ History of the Kaliningrad Region” and “History of European Union” (elective courses). Members of the Department carry out research in Russian domestic and foreign policy. Students keen on history can attend fraternity house “CLIO”.

Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies trains in cultural studies, philosophy, ethics, philosophy of communication, philosophical issues of society development as well as in philosophy, methodology and history of science. The Department carries out research on “Traditions and Innovation in Philosophy and Science”. There is a philosophy club.

Department of Foreign Languages offers courses of English, German, Spanish and French to student and postgraduates of the University. Research work is carried out in linguistics and teaching methodology. The Department has established international relations.

Department of Physical Education offers postgraduate study. Student sport teams participate in interuniversity, city and region competitions. In the region university competitions of recent years the KSTU team comes first. There are several gyms including room for scuba-diving and sport clubs open for students and academic staff.

Department of Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Law offers 32 courses, including political science, sociology, law, pedagogy and psychology. Research work is carried out in social, political and legal problems of society. There is a sociological centre in the Department consisting of 2 subdivisions.