Mechanics and Technology Faculty | Kaliningrad State Technical University
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Mechanics and Technology Faculty

Has been training specialists in food production technology and machinery since 1930 and in 1997 it started a new course in renovation of production means. Graduate students work at food enterprises, related to production of foods of animal and plant origin, scientific research institutes, educational institutions in the capacity of masters, shop and department managers, factory managers, research associates and lecturers. The Faculty consists of 5 departments.

Department of Food Products Technology was historically one of the first departments of the University. It gives the graduate an opportunity to work at any food processing enterprise in capacity of qualified food engineers. So far, the Department has graduated over 5 000 students. Almost every graduate finds employment within the specialty. Apart from all mentioned the Department carries out active research work using extensive research laboratory.

Department of Food and Refrigerating Machinery trains specialists to work in design bureaus, research institutions, industrial enterprises in the capacities from senior machine engineers to chief engineers and directors of small enterprises. Postgraduate students can also take teaching positions in higher educational institutions. Year over year this Department brings fame to KSTU by inventions and patent work. Two small innovative enterprises were established by common efforts of its staff.

Department of Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts provides a glimpse of modern engineering systems basics in terms of their structure, design baselines and principles.
The Department offers overall engineering training of future technicians- engineers for 14 university occupations. Educational process is closely connected with research. There are several research laboratories available.

Department of Engineering Graphics offers such general professional courses as Descriptive Geometry, Machine Drawing, Computer Graphics. Knowledge obtained within this Department is necessary for future professional activity and aids in studying other disciplines.

Since 2004 Department of Food Biotechnology has been training specialists (engineers) in “Food biotechnology”. The Department also holds two master’s programs: “New food products for sensible and complete nutrition” and “Food of animal origin biotechnology”. All the graduates find employment within the specialty. The Department is equipped with advanced laboratories and carries out research in the framework of government programs and using grants. It has established stable international relationships with the universities of Europe and Latin America.