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International relations of the University

Main international activities of the University include perfection of the specialists training, perfection of the research, development of cooperation with foreign countries, participation in the international funds and programs.

Primary areas for cooperation are the following:

KSTU has been admitting foreign students for over 60 years. A lot of our graduates are overseas students from Africa, Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

Training at the University is conducted in Russian, so every foreign student takes a one-year preparatory course mastering the Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

A modern methodology of teaching Russian allows overseas students to continue their studies at the appropriate faculty of the University.

KSTU students have the possibility to take one-semester or even a year course at partner universities in the framework of exchange programs.

Participation in various international programs enables graduate and post-graduate students as well as academic staff to refine their knowledge abroad, to upgrade their qualifications and to improve their language skills.

Every year the University participates in a number of international projects and programs, conferences and seminars, practical training, training of lecturers, graduate and post-graduate students. Today there are a lot of foreign students in the University.

Academic and scientific contacts have been established with European, Asian, American and Australian universities. Active cooperation with the Baltic States such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and England promotes good neighborly relationship and cultural ties between the countries.