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Professor Donna Strickland (Canada) won the Nobel Prize for inventions in the field of laser physics, using, among other things, the scientific heritage of her Russian colleagues. Currently, Professor V.V. Bryukhanov is an academic advisor of the research papers in the field of Interaction of laser radiation with matter. Micro- and nanotechnologies, performed by his students - PhD I.G. Samusev, A.M. Ivanov, N.A. Myslitskaya, A.V. Tsibulnikova, working both in KSTU and in I.Kant BFU. Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry V.A. Slezhkin works in this direction too. Their research results are published in leading national and international scientific journals.
In the framework of preparation for the XXIX Winter Universiade, which Krasnoyarsk will host in 2019, a vivid ceremony is taking place in the country - the Torch Relay. Today it came to Kaliningrad. Despite the strong gusty wind and rain, schoolchildren, students and cadets from all over the city gathered to support the participants. In particular, several hundred representatives of KSTU, BFFSA and KMFС came to see the ceremony which was opened by KSTU rector Vladimir Volkogon.
A team headed by a KSTU postgraduate student Andrey Zadorozhniy came second and won the coveted silver medals in the International Marathon Race for electric cars "Tallshinki-Monte Carlo 2018". Together with a postgraduate student from Baltic Federal University Maxim Novikov, they represented the Kaliningrad region and our two leading universities. The coveted cup for their second place was awarded by the Formula One World champion Nico Rosberg.
On September 3, VI International Baltic Maritime Forum started in the assembly hall of KSTU. This is an annual large-scale international scientific and practical event that unites under its aegis a number of scientific conferences, round tables and master classes devoted to the development of science and education in the marine industry, production sector and agriculture of the Baltic region. KSTU rector V.A. Volkogon and representatives of the Government of the Kaliningrad region, as well as the Kaliningrad Amber Combine gave their welcoming speeches at the opening of the Forum.
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