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13 July 1913 is widely known as the birth day of the future University. On this day the last emperor of Russia Nicholas II endorsed the law about “Foundation of fishlore department in Moscow Agricultural Institute”. The draft law was developed by the foremost expert in fishery - professor V. Brazhnikov in reliance on the assessment of the artisanal fishery in Russia, economically reasonable necessity of its industrialization and training of qualified specialists in breeding, fishing and processing.

The head of Fishlore Department was Associate Member, Doctor of Zoology, professor N. Kulagin. The first professors of the Department were future members of the Academy L. Berg, S. Zernov, D. Prianishnikov, V. Viliams, V. Pozdiunin and other leading scientists.

In 1923 Fishlore Department was transformed into Commercial Fishery Faculty of Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. To become students young proletariats had to enter “worker’s faculty” where they would get the minimum of essential knowledge.

In 1930 in order to implement the instructions of All-Union Communist Part, USSR People’s Commissariat for Trade adopted a resolution about the establishment of a special Institute for Fishery Industry as part of Commercial Fishery Faculty of Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. M. Nepriakhin became its first director.

From 1938 Moscow Technical Institute for Fishery Industry initiated training of academic and teaching staff and gained the right to hold thesis defenses.

Under the difficult conditions of World War II the Institute continued specialists training for implementation of the plan of fish industry recovery and its further development in the liberated areas. Many graduates of early post-war years became distinguished scholars and branch executives.

In 1958 the USSR government made a decision to relocate the Institute from Moscow to Kaliningrad. The process of relocation was finished by 1 September 1959. The Institute got a new name - Kaliningrad Technical Institute for Fishery Industry (KTI).

In 1994 Kaliningrad Technical Institute, being at that time Russian’s oldest educational institution in fish industry, was transformed into Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU). It became a worthy successor to KTI reputation.

Since 2013 Kaliningrad State Technical University has grown into a big multi-level educational complex. Apart from the University it includes Baltic State Academy of Fishing Fleet, Kaliningrad Marine college and St.Petersburg Sea Fishing College (a KSTU branch in the city located on the Neva river).